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Few people know that well-heated room is much better than usual, even if at first don't think so. Such a room would cost only 10% more expensive, but nevertheless help save 50% on your utility bills every month. the Temperature in the apartment is of great importance. After all, in exactly the same buildings can be completely different (in the warm weather is good, and the second freezes down to mould), how not to make a mistake choosing an apartment?

As we all know, our square meters are considered to be almost the most expensive in the whole of Europe, which become the owner of the apartment is not in the power of every person. But, nevertheless, there is always a workaround.

Some people prefer to buy real estate in new buildings and often it turns out that they have to pay the amount in excess of the contract. For example: the estimated apartment would be more, and the new owner is obliged to pay a certain amount for extra square meters, or the apartment was smaller than was initially discussed and the developer returns the extra money. Everything is simple, but even there, everybody wants to deceive and to violate the rights of the owner. What main deceptions do developers:

Some people absolutely does not seem to evict even in court, let's look at these categories of citizens: Minors who are registered in gescartera. As we know, the rights of persons who have not attained the age of majority, in a special order protected by the state in the person of the guardianship authorities, Prosecutor's office or court. If a minor was registered at the request of parents and is not currently reaches 18 years, to evict him without the consent of both parents is impossible. Except perhaps that fictitious registration without moving. But even this fact sometimes not accepted by the court.

Deceptions, as we all know, in this business, as the property is not rare. And here it is necessary not only to check everything myself, but, as well, as wisely chosen people, because it is on their help You will have to further rely.

Real estate Market every year more and more gaining momentum and is developing rapidly. Some people try to solve their problems with housing, and others need money. the Deal of purchase-sale, pretty quick deal. One important thing to find money, and the other to prepare all the necessary documents. But unfortunately, in our country, without fraud nowhere and there are such situations when one of the parties to the transaction may be a scammer. Such scammers-estate every year invent something new and caught on his rod nothing innocent people.

Recent good relations with neighbours, in our country, became rare. We all perfectly know how to bitch at each other and spoil life. The noise at night, dirt and debris in the house, built in the courtyard. Problems may occur very much, but how to legally deal with them, if to solve the impossible?

Each of the sellers want to get more money from its sale and this is quite natural. Price mainly depends on its location and age of the building, status, communications and other factors. People who sell these apartments have often shown extreme inventiveness capital praising their goods as something very beautiful, and that is not impossible to find. For the account of, the performance and You will be able to raise the price of the apartment:

Many people mistakenly believe that the most difficult thing when you rent a home is to find the most appropriate. Yes, nobody argues, to find what You like, and at an attractive price, it is not easy. But nevertheless, when You find the same premises and are ready and willing to move, not to relax. After all in our country is a lot of liars and deceivers, and fall on their fishing tackle - not the most pleasant.

Let's take the example in fuller normal situation.: husband and wife have accumulated a sufficient amount to purchase the apartment to live in a rented so very tired and want something of his. And here they decided to arrange a mortgage, start looking their apartment and what's happening here? Here they and their money many dangers lurking. When buying an apartment there are many scams that only You and waiting. There are scammers are quite typical that immediately refuse, there is a hidden and dangerous.

Few people know that when purchasing a property, each of us can bring back some of their money back, that's called a tax deduction. This deduction may include not only buy, but also construction of any property, as well, as the costs related to the repayment of the loan. the Maximum deduction is 2 million rubles , but no more than the actual value of the property.

Many people, do not wait for the help from the state, and try to solve their problems with housing by new buildings new buildings. And which pose a problem for the introduction of such new buildings into operation and get her documents. Moreover, every year more and more rented apartments, rather than bought.

When buying an apartment in an unfinished house, the client can obtain from the owner of any concessions: such as a definite statement of a wall or two bathrooms. Yeah and plus apartment in the house that is only to be built, is relatively cheaper in difference from already existing buildings.

When You purchase any immovable property, You, as an owner, you are faced with the need to register their right to this property in the relevant bodies. This process is not that complicated, but nevertheless, knowing our country, requires nerves of steel and moral attitude. So, often, this procedure is accompanied necessary bribes to speed up the process. Well, it is unnecessary spending that can hurt Your wallet.

You need to go to another city for a few days? Of course, You will face the question of what to choose: a hotel or rent an apartment? Let's examine each option in order to facilitate Your choice.