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Manufacturers and countries are similar in that both ascribe to the stereotypes. Take Volvo: according to most of the inhabitants, each and every car of the Swedish brand is bound to be large, slow, brutal, and safe as a tank — only instead of a mechanic driver in the cabin should be moderately successful driver-dentist in a turtleneck. And the fact that Volvo cars can be extravagant, like 480, or as elegant as the P1800, few people remember. However, stereotypes are not born in a vacuum. And the concept of VCC is originally from 2003, embodies nearly all of the Association that arise at the mention of Volvo.

Even if Lada XCode will never become repetitive, for this machine have already been reserved a special place in the history of the brand. A very honorable place, by the way. It is the x-shaped style Xcode and many stylistic elements of this bright concept are already actively being fragmented into quotations serial Vesta, XRay and even restyled Granta. We drove to the design center of AVTOVAZ and got acquainted with the most important concept Togliatti last decade. Now you will learn how to look Patriotic crossovers, on which we have to travel the day after tomorrow.

The title dazzled the eyes, your legs, and you're ready to fall down: the best European car of the year, car of the year in Japan, best car for women, best car on the version of several authoritative foreign publications and even best car Ireland. It's all about the compact crossover Volvo XC40, which since its market launch in early 2018 has become a new bestselling Swedish brand. We decided to spend the month to figure out whether he's as good as they say. The campaign changing the diesel option in the luxury equipment on the petrol car in a more simple design.

In this gallery we have collected the most interesting and important concept cars Frankfurt motor show that or in the near future will appear in the series, or just show the capabilities of the manufacturers, their designs and vision of what cars will be in a few years. There are fancy Audi SUV with huge wheels and ground clearance, and an electric Mercedes-Benz, that can compete with Porsche Taycan, and even Chinese hypercar, eclipsing the Bugatti Chiron. In General, there is something to see and think about the future of each of these machines.

Frankfurt motor show in full swing: first press day, the producers held a major premiere, presenting its main trends. Traditionally, there are concept cars, and tuning large-scale projects, and even utter any game on four wheels that do not understand how they got into the pavilion. But with these cars we decided to make a separate gallery, and then collect only those models that soon will be produced and will be released on the public roads. Include sports cars, and electric cars, hybrids and conventional compact models.

Sales of new passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Russia continue to fall for the fourth consecutive month in August, sold 145 545 cars, which is 1.3 percent lower than a year earlier (in the first eight months, the drop was 2.3 percent). Newcomer of the ranking of the most popular models in our market was the crossover Renault Arkana for a month, has sold nearly two thousand copies. While the best-selling car Lada Granta, the model sold is 11.1 thousand pieces. What other cars were in the Top 25 of Russian bestsellers? See our gallery.

The Market share of SUVs is increasing rapidly: in the mass segment remained manufacturers who would not sell the model terrain. For example, almost 45 percent of new vehicles belong to the class of SUVs, and this figure continues to grow. In the evolution of a SUV lost its main trump — a solid ground clearance. As an example, we have selected ten crossovers, which are inferior in accessibility the most popular car of the Russians — VAZ "Grant" with a clearance of from 165 to 180 millimetres.

Mass hybridization of super - and hypercar — a forced step. If initially these cars because manufacturers have discovered the unexplored reserve of increase of power and improvement, now at Ferrari, Lamborghini and other pressure environmentalists and new legislative limits on CO₂ emissions. But new developments have brought the moment when you don't have to think about the weight of the hybrid appendage and computing power of computers to manage complex installation — that's why came to light carbon drop Speedtail and the first serial hybrid Lamborghini. In this collection we remembered the most interesting representatives of the world of superherodom and, of course, do not forget about the bonus — he's waiting for you at the end.

Niche branded housing firmly chosen members of the fashion industry. Particularly active in this market the Italians. Gucci, Fendi, Armani and Bulgari has launched its own line of interior, developed the concept of club houses and build a network of branded hotels worldwide. On their background, attempt the Bentley and Bugatti to be part of the philosophy of total living look slightly timid. But here, there's a revolution coming. It will be headed by Aston Martin, which together with a large American developer is building in Miami luxury residential complex and offers wealthy clients a service of design garage space.

24-hour race in Spa — perhaps the most important in the whole world the GT3 class. It is in the standings Blancpain GT series. As is often the case on the Belgian track of Spa-Francorchamps, the weather is not predicted, because it changes constantly and unpredictably. Training and qualifications held in 42 degree heat (this is the temperature record in Belgium!), and by the beginning of the race the temperature dropped to +11⁰S, the day was foggy, cloudy and rainy. For our gallery photographer Andrey Gushchin took the most spectacular shots of the 24-hour marathon, which was attended by Russian pilots.

If you thought that experimenting with flying machines over, then let me introduce you to twin-engine serial SkyRunner MK 3.2. The car is so amazing that for her, the law if there is no other definition except as a "light sport aircraft". However, for aircraft look very odd here controls a rudder, and for a vehicle, to put it mildly, unusual to see the navigational lights and means of communication with the dispatcher. On how this monster can fly, why are two motors, what is the maximum speed and what is the price of 7 million rubles, you can learn from the new video.

Last week in the United States introduced the fourth generation of "supercare" Audi RS6 Avant. The company from Ingolstadt is the twenty-first "wagon" that combine sporting characteristics with all-wheel drive and a capacity of a crossover. Alas, the title of the fastest production wagon today does not belong to Audi, and Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, Sport Turismo (3.4 seconds to "hundreds"!). However, charged, "Avanti" with the four rings will always be in a special account, because Audi has been a pioneer in the segment of "hot" doobjednat. In this gallery we've gathered the model perecherknula stereotypes about boring family wagons.

SUV Mercedes-Benz GLE new generation built on a modular platform MHA, revealed in September 2018, and now a year later the German brand reveals kupeobrazny version of the model together with its "charged" version with the index 53. The official premiere of the car will take place only next month at the Frankfurt motor show, but the "Motor" found out and now gathered together all the most important and interesting facts about the new product in a single material. So, what has changed in the big coupe-crossover from Stuttgart? Now explain!

Leading fashion houses, boutique furniture makers and luxury car brand have partnered for decades. They have created an exclusive version car play on the desires of consumers to emphasize their status, to Express commitment to a particular brand, and also to broadcast through lifestyle. That's why the salons for the Maserati Levante and the Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna creates and partner of Bugatti for nearly 100 years, is Hermès. We decided to recall the most interesting examples of collaboration with luxury brands, for example, the unique Pagani Huayra Hermès Edition set of Louis Vuitton Luggage for the hybrid BMW i8.

At the beginning of the last century Atelier Castagna Milano was a player of the same caliber as Zagato or Touring Superleggera in our days with him were considered, it was respected, and customers are lined up in a months-long queue to get a unique car with the mark on the back "made in Milan". But after the Second world war, the demand for unique body fell to a minimum, and in 1954, Castagna was forced to close its doors... to the early 1990s, reborn as Carrozzeria Castagna. Since it is impossible to go on alone, the past, the firm enlisted the support of big brother: bosses at Fiat really wanted to see what your new Castagna. And this is what came of it...