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In the line of MINI, the first serial model with an electric propulsion system is a three-door Cooper SE technical stuffing borrowed from the BMW i3S, and body — normal Cooper S. Battery "Cooper" is unlikely to be a serious competition to such popular models as the Nissan Leaf, but will help the company to meet the current standards for emissions. The reason is the low reserve and lack of novelty. But next year we will have an abundance of electric models from Volkswagen, Honda and Mercedes-Benz — here they and will be the main head pain MINI.

Exactly 100 years ago, July 10, 1919, began the history of the British manufacturer of luxury cars Bentley. The company's founder, Walter Owen Bentley, even at the start said: "Our policy is simple — we want to make fast and high-quality machine, just the best in its class." With him in the brand launch was attended by Frank Burgess, founder of the Humber company which was engaged in manufacturing bicycles and motorcycles, as well as Gary Varley — the founder of the brand Vauxhall. Later, Bentley was joined by engineer and racer Clive gallop, who has been developing inline three-liter "fours". Bentley design can be infinitely to blame for the monotony and rare experiments, but to deny its importance to the global automotive industry can not be sure. To the...

In June, the Russians bought 151,1 thousand new cars and light commercial vehicles, 3.3 percent lower than a year earlier. In the first half of the year also recorded a fall in sales fell by 2.4 percent, the biggest "minus" the market has shown in may. A total of six months acquired 828 750 machines. In June, the most popular model in Russia is Lada Granta. For a month she has sold 11 609 copies — almost 2.5 thousand copies more than in June 2018. What other cars is among the best selling? See our gallery.

Off-road festival "Ladoga Trophy-2019" finished in St. Petersburg. More than five thousand people in 16 categories competed in overcoming extreme off-road — a spectacular dive their cars in the dirt and effective extraction. For eight days the crews had to cover 1400 miles, 330 of them on impassable terrain around lake Ladoga. Participants met loop on steep slopes with poor soil in an abandoned Putilkovskoe career, then deaf swamps and dense forests of Gati Veps. After this, the adventurers waited for timber gauge and wetland stages. On the fourth day the camp moved to Karelia, where crews went on the attack rocky ridges Himalso, and the next day, storming piece of Amaseia, maneuvering between the huge boulders and dangerous Brody, "rocky lake, trying for...

To create a spectacular show cars, automakers often turn to independent body shops. Especially popular this practice has been in the last century. And not because that third party repairers will charge less money for their work — just their design vision really feel fresh. In the 1960-ies on the track stood the bosses of Chrysler Corporation, which has entrusted the creation of the concept of third-party workshop. The result was a car that you know all the fans of toy cars Hot Wheels — Dodge Deora or as it was originally called XTAB.

BMW R7 is a motorcycle almost mystical. By itself, the prototype was quite a breakthrough for early thirties — for example, he became the first BMW with telescopic fork. He is very handsome and unusual — capaciously handsome in art Deco style and classic BMW black. Like the famous zeppelins, R7 had become symbols of the superiority of Germany. But... it never happened. The prototype was ready in 1934, and from the history books we know that soon after the premiere, the country was already need very different motorcycles.

The Last Friday of June — is not a reason to celebrate the end of the first summer month of our traditional selection of the best automotive videos. As before, we remembered all the cool videos with cars and about cars that have emerged over this time, added here is combined all in one material. So, in the June issue: Harold hides his pain in a Lamborghini, the deck enters the record Book, people are for some reason trying to drift on the front drive, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is struggling to prevent the people make the worst mistake of my life — to buy a electric car.

What do you think, what do a legendary race "24 hours Le-Mana" and Japdays festival, which takes place in the suburbs, and only the second time? And at Le Mans, and in the village of Orlovo, you can go to Parking lots like the Museum — meeting with rare, exotic and antique vehicles is provided. However, we dared to look beyond the Park and gathered for you a gallery of the most interesting machines in the style of JDM — that people in Tokyo are not ashamed to Park. The festival of Japanese car culture came more than 1,500 crews, so we provide only a brief squeeze.

A Few years ago the Russian office of Renault thought, why based on the proven platform of the Duster and Capture not to offer the buyer something very beautiful and fashionable? So the idea of a mass coupe-crossover called the Arkana. Then Renault decided that a bright car needs the appropriate driving and, therefore, Arkana has received more rigid body, the power steering is "hydraulics", a special suspension settings, and new variable — note — 150-HP turbo 1.33, developed together with Daimler. Well, the main thing in this whole story, of course, the prices. From 999 thousand to 1.5 million rubles! And see what happens.

If you thought that the coolest Toyota is a Land Cruiser 200 in a special series, then you were wrong. This Tundra not only put to shame the most advanced "Kruzak", but will compete for coolness with the evil shestiklassniki Hennessey Velociraptor and Mercedes-AMG G 63 6x6. While it is cheaper, after all, designed and built in Russia! However, reasons to be proud owner of the "Tundra" will be enough without it and the V8 to 520 forces with the compressor, and a bunch of led chandeliers from the control unit, like a space ship and completely reconstructed area with a huge screen! In our new video we spoke in detail about the most interesting features of this unique machine.

If in the human world it was logical, tuning "rolls-Royce" in principle could not exist. Agree, it is strange to first sew on the removed measure suit on Savile row, and then to bring it in the House everyday and ask to replace the buttons on mother of pearl. It is the same with the car indposhiva: why is finished what initially made on an individual project? The lords of the Gypsy chic from Mansory each year exhibiting in Geneva the latest modified model of the English classics, but there is a certain duplicity: "Rolls" and Bentley obviously get them "plastic" only at change of the owner. Is it any wonder that more gold bars and ostrich leather the imagination of customers not coming? In our collection something radically different — here a mixture of...

For some reason the transport of Batman — a favorite theme of industrial designers and illustrators. And everyone has their own vision... However, it is very much common. All the machines are huge, angular and matte black. I wonder why Batman could not go on the blue, say, or a Golden car? To attract as much attention matte black armor, on the brink of which you can cut yourself, even if you wearing a vest? We have selected a few renders of the Batmobile (Batmobile) to your taste and found that to a dozen projects as something worthy of attention (one even looks like a tractor), there is only one machine for the Joker. But what!

The Chief philosophy of this nondescript bus: all the money — not outside the car and inside it. So he practically does not differ from the usual Mercedes V-Class for 5-6 million, but inside hides a luxury never dreamed of the most expensive Meibohm. Almost all the local amenities for rear passengers — handmade: if step, then it's a yacht tree, if the instrument dials, then they worked, a jeweler and a built-in set crystal glass, to quench their thirst, is at least 150 000 rubles. And such things here is a full van — all the most notable and we are told in this video.

4 Jun Ian Callum, design Director for Jaguar, said that he was leaving his office — a relevant post was published on his page in Instagram. A week later it became known that the designer was awarded the title of Commander of the order of the British Empire "for outstanding achievements in the industry." The Scot is not leaving the company altogether — it will remain as a consultant in the Department of design, Jaguar. The successor of Callum will be Julian Thompson, who developed the Jaguar F-Pace. And although Mr. Callum too early to write to the pensioners, we decided that a big change in his life — a good occasion to recall the most vivid of his projects. And such accumulated at least ten.

At a special event in Crewe UK, Bentley introduced the luxury sedan Flying Spur a new generation. The model became more and more vivid, have changed the platform and powerplant, has received a new interior and (for the first time in the history of the brand) polnopravnym chassis. In addition, the car got a new electronic assistants and safety systems, as well as the exclusive options for the interior trim. We attended a presentation chetyrehdverki and now tell the most important facts about the third generation of the Bentley Flying Spur that you need to know right now.