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The Last few years Aston Martin rushes from one extreme to the other, trying to the sports car manufacturer to turn into a seller's lifestyle. In search of new niches the brand announces the yachting and real estate development projects, shows the submersibles and for the first time in its history, jointly with the British firm releasing the Brough Superior motorcycle. However, it does not interfere with the core business: collection models come with surprising regularity, and now the company has broke crossovery fever. DBX, like the concept shown back in 2015, has evolved into a utilitarian SUV that is ready to compete with the Lamborghini Urus, the top versions of the Porsche Cayenne and daring Trofeo Maserati Levante with the "eight" Ferrari.

Fans of the Czech brand is respected for its practicality, others criticized for lack of creativity and too similar to each other model. The wave of criticism is not spared and the new generation Octavia, the joy that disappeared "four-eyed" optics gave way to discontent because of the reminiscent of the Superb design. Yes, the model is solved in the overall style. But Skoda can learn, it seems, with kilometers, and confusing with the. Or is it possible? Let's see if you can identify the model of Skoda and distinguish them from competitors?

If we consider the percentage of components, this car is more like a foreign car, even a brand with a rook emblem on the grille. From the original "vosmerik" components here door handles, windshield, and optics. But it's certainly not the best part of the Lada Samara T3. The best — oppozitnik the six-cylinder Porsche, Porsche all-wheel drive transmission brake system of the Porsche. Plus mid-engine layout, space frame and Kevlar panels that make it a rally monster similarities with civilian VAZ-2108. In short, a session of nostalgia for the very cool "chisel" of the nineties is now in session.

And as all well began! And how sad all over..., We sincerely believe that the initiative of showman Nikolai Fomenko, in 2007 decided to create Russian sports car brand will in fact become a reality. But 12 years later we can only regret the missed opportunities. Despite more than a solid budget, a high concentration of professional engineers, designers and constructors Marussia never took off... All we have left is the memories of the Russian automobile showroom of the brand in Monaco and very few supercars Marussia B1, which still have time to build. So what makes this car so interesting? The story in a new video!

In any country there are people endowed with the right to travel mod, even if they are not firemen, doctors or police. Not only in Russia, VIPs is based on the flashers, spetsnomera accompanying police cars and other symbols of authority. However, in the West as "chlenovoz" usually are basic sedans and SUVs and luxury models and luxury options uncommon. We have the same flashing beacons can be found on the sedans of the charged capacity of more than 600 horses, long special versions of SUVs and luxury armored limousines. We have collected the top 10 cars with spetssignalami that will amaze you with its luxury, power and price.

"Your grace" from now on you can refer to the BMW X6. It is now in the list of options there... grille with lights. So in the darkest night the owner will be able to convey to others: "Look, envy, I am the owner of Bavarian Motors!" The editor of "Motor" Vasily Kostin met in Munich with the most powerful version available now — BMW X6 M50i c 530-horsepower engine. And although technically she is not much different from the similar "IKS-fifth", the difference for the driver is still there. What? Watch our video!

In Las Vegas's hot right now. There began the main tuning show in the world — the exhibition Specialty Equipment Market Association, better known under the acronym SEMA. While famous and not-so workshops compete in the remake of the iconic muscle cars and more mundane modern pickups, we decided to look for the most interesting projects. There will not be hateful "SUPR" for the new version, changing the color and body kit, but there are restomod, German sports cars and hot rods. We will start, perhaps, with all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger, built on the basis of a police sedan.

In October, the Russian market has sold 152 057 new cars, which is 5.2% lower than a year earlier. From the beginning, the decline was 2.4 percent -- a total hard sold 1 423 449 vehicles. The worst things are from Lifan (sold 85 percent fewer cars), Honda (-73 per cent) and Nissan (-60 percent). The greatest growth was in Chinese -- Haval brand sales grew 323 percent. Market leaders are Lada, Kia and Hyundai. Which models are most popular among Russians can be seen in this gallery.

This story could be the expected scenario. Supposedly, Ford and McLaren more than ten years worked in the Formula 1, together won in the individual championship and in the Cup of designers, so we decided to celebrate a special version of the Ford Mustang. Which was sold only this year or devoted fans of the brand. But this is trivial — not about Ford Mustang McLaren M81. He came not because but in spite. And when it has appeared, was useless. "Motor" tells the story of a Mustang that was supposed to change the idea of the perfect muscle car. But, fortunately or unfortunately, did not.

We have found among the works of masters of photoshop-tuning things which it is better never to incarnate in the metal. They quietly undertake supercars, pickup trucks, rolls-Royce and classic JDM-"Lisowski". Yangtaymery side by side with the latest models. This time we gathered a small selection of models from the nineties. Cars from the days when turbines were not under every hood and the a / C was an option even for Honda Accord, got a refreshing dose of creativity. Under the distribution were very different machines from Fiat Multipla to a Bugatti EB 110.

Today charged "G-Wagen" seem to be something natural, although the legendary G 55 AMG for the first time crossed what seemed impossible to combine: the chassis of an old army vehicle and a compressor motor, which envied sports cars. Engineers decided the question "how?" before the customer has raised the question "why"? and he just dropped by itself. An important step on the way to the AMG monsters and today's G-Class with superpowers and became G 500 — the first "Gelandewagen" with a V8. It was about this car, we talk in a fresh video. Tuning from Brabus offer to consider a nice bonus and another sign of the era.

How to succeed in the automotive company in 2019? It is necessary to produce crossovers. A lot of crossovers. For this reason, the Lincoln model range now consists not only of sedans in the style of "only me and Michael Jackson", how many of the cars that are on the West are called SUV's. And the idea works, so much so that the current Continental — charismatic and quite distinct car will soon sink into oblivion. There is no demand for sedans — and that's it. In the 1980s the situation was otherwise then the sedans were on the rise. And the leaders of Ford supported the experiments with this type of body...

Normal Bavarian "the seven" is appropriate as a business sedan or the protagonist of the film about gangsters. But if you have to fight with hordes of zombies or at least carry tourists to places of the Kaluga region, it is better to spend some finishing! Meet BMW Valkyrie — big foot, better than any words symbolizing the friendship of the German and Russian caliper mallet. Based on a shortened chassis of the GAZ-66, top — extended body BMW 7-series E32. Already this fact alone is sufficient to confidently slide under the sofa, but hold on tight: the "Valkyrie" more lights from the tank, the sound of the boats and tires with lugs the size of a fist. And that's the kind of beast we have released on the road in the company of the new BMW X7... Want to know...

Who of us in childhood do not disassemble a toy car, knowing the world? Design models without the remote control it seems simple but each licensed copy of this car goes a long production cycle. The secrets of creating their scale models revealed the company Skoda. The production of toys somewhat similar to the process of creating full-sized vehicles: first, a computer simulation, then fabrication, painting and processing of necessary parts, Assembly. Unlike present conveyor with a maximum production automation, the production of the toy cars is unthinkable without manual Assembly. Therefore branded scale models are expensive and valued by collectors.

The General public remembers about rally-raids once a year, in winter, when there is a two week marathon "Dakar". While around the world in this discipline is a lot of competition — for example, we have more than twenty years there is a championship of Russia on rally-raids and is even multistage World Cup, established by the international automobile Federation FIA. And here's the final stage of the world Cup is suddenly the focus of everyone's attention — because in the rally of Morocco kicked off the two-time world champion Fernando Alonso! After last year's career in Formula 1, the Spaniard tried a long race, won the marathon "24 hours of Le Mans", and now switched to rally raids, and intends to start in the "Dakar". So we decided to tell what happened...