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Is Now no surprise buggy c power reserve on a single charge a few hundred kilometers. Yes there are hundreds! Experiments show that the mark in 1000 miles for the production models is not so unattainable, the result is true, it will have to sacrifice comfort, speed and the most terrible nerves. To find out which of battery cars with long range, we remembered all of the latest electrical news and picked them real Champions for the effective use of energy — those that are already on sale or will be produced in the coming years. These machines have approached their "fossil" ancestors with ice, and some even exceeded.

This designer calls himself brad Bilds (Brad Builds). Least of all these words is similar to the real name, but that's not stopping brad to create a new visualization to the delight of his many followers on Artstation and Instagram. Style stanced and radical understatement — his business card as if their own cultural inquiry (well, not enough man extremely low cars in real life!). Under the distribution were not only sports cars, and even SUVs with crossovers. They are something we collected in this gallery.

Before becoming a model purely for the American market, the Mitsubishi Galant was one of the most expressive sedan made in Japan: shark muzzle coupled with weighted proportions seriously it stand out compared to other cars from the land of the rising sun. The model enjoyed great popularity in Europe. Recognizing this, Mitsubishi has decided to bring the Galant back to his roots — the new style specified by the tenth Lancer, contributed greatly to this. Alas, on one of the concept car it has not moved.

In April 2019, sales of new cars in Russia after a short growth fell again. Last month, Russians bought 148 296 cars, with 2.7 per cent (or 4129 samples) less than in the same period last year. For the first four months were implemented more 539,9 thousands of vehicles -- one percent less. In April, the leaders again had escaped Lada Granta, sales of which in comparison with 2018 has almost doubled -- to 12.6 thousand pieces. The top three short Lada Vesta and Kia Rio. Other models that ranked in the Top 25 most popular cars in the country, you can see from our gallery.

The Second stage of the touring series Blancpain GT Sprint held in England on the circuit of Brands Hatch. Legendary British track is fast and technical, and also has high elevation. Photographer Andrey Gushchin photographed for us the main moments of the race. In the Blancpain GT series Sprint are Russian pilots: Timur Boguslavsky for the team AKKA ASP the Mercedes-AMG GT3 with number 90 and Rinat Salikhov for Rinaldi Racing Ferrari 488 GT3 with the number 333. For both riders it was their first time on the track and in the racing series.

In the world of SUVs, the Suzuki Vitara has always been a sort of grey Eminence — stars in the sky are not enough, but assigned to him the task was done well. Simple, compact, tough and reliable — this model, by and large, have discovered the world of Suzuki, which to this day trying to be the keepers of the Japanese quality. The evolution of the Vitara will tell this small digression – perhaps you will discover new facets of this SUV, in a biography that was both light and dark days.

Famous designer Ryan Prisk (Prisk Rain) drawn with photoshop at the level of "master". Luckily, he has a rich imagination and a very interesting taste in cars. If our will, we would have converted half the cars in shuting breaks (shooting brake). In the meantime, the manufacturers do not spoil the market for something similar, work Raina allows us to imagine how to look for machines for very fast travel or carriage of surf (Christmas trees, ladders, stuffed giraffe, cardboard Buzova...) with photographic accuracy. He expressed gratitude on behalf of automotive enthusiasts with less well-developed imagination.

When in 2011 at the Frankfurt motor show was presented the concept car Jaguar C-X16, which became the forerunner of the F-Type, car community did not hide delight finally the iconic E-Type has received logical continuation. Strictly two-seat Roadster and coupe in the Jaguar range was not very long ago. But if the hero of the following story given the chance, history of the British brand could be completely different. We are talking about a Jaguar XJ Spider was a single concept car, which could start the rejuvenation of the British brand much earlier.

The Soviet "Lada", "Muscovites" and "Volga" (sometimes even with the right wheel!) quite adequately represented the Soviet Union abroad. It sounds surprising when you remember that machine in our country is still divided on domestic and foreign cars, like in second and first grade. However, the cars from the Union showed that in the West, Soviet culture beyond the MiG-29 and the Kalashnikov and also provided the Soviet Union proceeds in foreign currency — by the end of the eighties, the turnover of the Agency Avtoexport reached $ 6 billion. And while the workers celebrate the may holidays impact output (isn't this our greatest inheritance from the Soviet Union?), we decided to publish this selection from the archive of the Motor.

Talking about the forgotten concept cars, we often draw attention to models that were either to step away from serial production (but something went wrong), or offered some revolutionary technology. Outside of this format remains a lot of interesting cars that were not carrying nothing but an idea "and we can". One of such models — Toyota FXS, which was never intended for mass production, but which was just nice to see. Though to put it on the conveyor, in theory, was not so difficult.

Usually we talk about the forgotten concept cars — those that have not received production of the incarnation, even if it seemed that it's going to happen. Now recall the concepts that preceded several popular production models. They're like trailers grossing films, intrigued the audience. However, unlike movies, concept cars always promise more than they buyers will see in mass production. In any case, it was not until two thousand years and concepts like the infiniti FX 45, if going directly from the catwalk to the conveyor...

At the beginning of the XXI century acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour within 7 seconds was respected — it was an indicator of the car with a sporty character. Well, any maximum speed above 250 miles per hour was considered something close to the aerospace field. And today, 19 years later, these figures smash to smithereens huge pseudovadonia with a mass of under (or over) two tons. We have collected for you under one roof the fastest SUV to date. 20 years ago they would have accurately dubbed supercars.

Always a little sad when Museum exhibits are lots of auctions, but that's life. This time will go under the hammer exposition of The Tupelo Automobile Museum in Mississippi. It in the middle of the last century began to collect Frank Spain is one of the pioneers of telecommunication technologies in the United States. Being a big fan of cars, he almost all their earned money spent on a new four wheeled toy. Now it is time for these toys to find new owners. Only at auction will sell nearly 500 lots, including not only cars. We chose 15 the most interesting exhibits of the Museum closed.

Now about Saab's hard to remember without tears: the Chinese scoff at the old 9-3 in an attempt to make it modern and fully electric, and the former plant of the company is preparing to release a faceless subcompact electric cars for the city. Better look at the glorious past, in the mid-1980s — in the era when Saab was a great sale, advanced technology... and at a time when the Swedish company was pecking new purebred sports car. But the experiment — and we are talking about the concept EV-1, the Experimental Vehicle 1 was considered a failure. More precisely, inappropriate.

Jaguar is not just part of the territory charged a mid-size crossover Mercedes-AMG GLC 63, BMW X3/X4 M, Stelvio Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio and Porsche Macan Turbo, he breaks back with the most powerful, the big and the loud motor of the class! Compressor V8 produces 550 horses, that as much as 40 more than the nearest competitor. Plus retuned suspension, four-wheel drive with locking rear differential, baggy tires, plush seats, buckets in the cabin and aggressive appearance. Trying to recognize a brutal design and the thundering roar of the motor the true nature of this Jaguar. After all, if F-Pace SVR no faster than their famous rivals if he can offer something else?