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In December last year on the Russian market was purchased 175 240 new cars, which is almost six percent more than previously. For the entire 2018 purchased 1 800 591 car – 12.8 percent more than in 2017, the growth of the car market continued for 20 months. The most popular model Lada Vesta, which went to "Grant" only two thousand cars and 8 thousand – Kia Rio ranked third. Want to know what other machines in the list of the most popular cars in 2018? See our gallery.

We All hope that the new year will be better than the last, "beautiful far do not be cruel to us". But sometimes, judging by the concept cars, for the coming day should be treated with caution — it may not be as beautiful as you would like. The following 10 concept cars was created by automobile brands of the top echelon, but it does not prevent them to be strikingly ugly. If this is the future, we'll pass. We offer you to look at these design experiments and be happy that the production model they do not like.

Mitsubishi — the quiet pool that holds some horns. Perhaps, forever. We decided to remind you that the conservative crossovers and SUVs that Mitsubishi produces today, are the winners of the world rally Championship and the marathon "Paris-Dakar" and revolutionary technology. Anyway, for your age. This is a story about the history of all-wheel drive Mitsubishi — the overage of all that was created in Japan. Carefully, within the daily dose of Motorsport nostalgia.

The European organization Euro NCAP has published a list of the safest cars in 2018. In total during the year there were 23 crash test, of which the experts chose the cars with the best performance. In contrast to the 2017 Euro NCAP at this time included a number of test systems Autonomous emergency braking in urban environments, and decided to put extra points for the presence of various electronic assistants, for example, retaining strip. This time in the list of "standouts" got only three models, while in 2017 there were seven of them.

If you want to put a lap record or to participate in competitions, you can always buy an expensive road car that is very quickly overheat and refuse to work because it was never intended for racing, or for the same money to make a real monster from a tiny subcompact. Designers Studio Rc-workchop fantasize about what could look like a banal Chevrolet Aveo, Mitsubishi Colt or Fiat 126, if they altered the sport in a lighter and painted in racing livery

Hot news of the industry that we see under the spotlights on the catwalks of dealers have already lived a long life: four years of development, thousands of miles of testing under masks, so they won't see their appearance, but in the beginning of painful and difficult choice of a design project, which will form the basis of their exterior and interior, and several years later still would like the buyers to look something fresh and new. And looked like a rejected draft of famous cars? I think we found something...

The Mountain Jebel Hafeet, located on the border of UAE and Oman, is the real middle East pikes Peak. To get to the top and conquer the height of 1,250 meters, you need to overcome dozens of kilometers of twisted streamers with perfectly smooth asphalt. A sacred place for local lovers of speed! Electric crossover e-tron, the first ever serial Audi without the engine produces 408 forces, responds rapidly to gas and plays tricky moments on the axes, and a huge outdoor battery integrated into the power structure of the body, increases its stiffness and prevents the rolls. But instead of air suspension and hold down the attack turns, I include maximum recovery, and calmly roll down. Is that bad?

The Car is already more than a hundred and fifty years, and it seems to have everything you can imagine. Turbocharging, direct injection, active suspension, stability control, climate control, adaptive cruise, Keyless entry, monitoring "blind" zones, and rain and light sensors, heating of all seats and steering wheel... This and much more appeared no later than the mid-2000s, however, the imagination of engineers and worked on. We made the short-list of technologies and chips that are stuck in the car only in the current decade.

We continue the publication of the most unusual machines, acting in a parody of the racing series 24 Hours of LeMons — American marathon, which takes place in cars costing no more that $ 500. In this issue, the car driving backwards, the car-garage, a boat on four wheels, Doc Hudson cartoon Cars integrated in the engine compartment, the boiler for cooking and other crazy car game that you can only find in the garage finally went to the head mechanic. View — and more on the way of you nothing will surprise

We already know that the new Porsche 911 will be slightly longer than the previous one, it will have a retractable door handles with electric, night vision system and a new electronic dashboard. But a lot of modifications "nine hundred eleventh", which is famous for it's family, the Germans will release gradually in subsequent years. Want to look at them right now? View our gallery with the work of X-Tomi Design, the guys have already imagined how would look very different versions of the Porsche 911, and even added to the list of your crazy options

Magazine WardsAuto defines the list of the world's best car engines for 25 years, and this time in the finals of exotic options: three motors from pick-UPS, complex Assembly Infiniti with a variable compression ratio, hybrid and even propulsion of electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. By the way, a few years ago it looked more conservative: motors years was the development of a Ferrari V8, liter three-cylinder Ford runabouts and the like predictable options. So what else interesting presented the results of the competition WardsAuto this year and who now makes the best engines in the world?

During its existence, Rolls-Royce was raised even on bombers and armored cars, and the cars of the British brand have done all sorts of work, ranging from the role fuel tanker aircraft to the hearses. And all the same model line of the company remained incredibly conservative -- even a crossover of the British appeared only 14 years later after the debut of the Porsche Cayenne. So at least now we can dream up, it would look like a rolls-Royce pickup truck, hatchback, coupe, crossover, or even the Batmobile. How old is the British will need to decide on this?

Designer Kyzyl Salim from the UK works at Ghost Games, which is responsible for the new incarnations of Need for Speed. And for my own pleasure it creates visualization unthinkable car tuning and various styling. For example, these rendering — famous models, famous in the rally. But what if all these "Impreza", "Melusine" and "Delta" chased in the ring or driveway? The pictures turned out so spectacular and realistic that can provoke the imagination of any "petrolhead". We offer to your attention the most vivid and unexpected transformations.

The Budget of a Formula 1 team can go up to half a billion dollars, but we would like to recall a series of Le Mons-an American parody of the legendary marathon 24 hours of Le Mans, where the party can become a holder of old junk on wheels. The only limit in which to meet your "car", -- its real price should not exceed $ 500. In addition, the participants here strongly modify and rework their wreck, they looked as possible to the original. The result often exceeds all expectations. More precisely, the superior always!

In November 2018 in the Russian market have implemented 167 494 of the car, which is 10.1 percent more than in the past. Thus, sales of cars have been increasing for 19 consecutive months. In total since the beginning of year Russians bought more than 1.6 million vehicles, and a bestseller is the Lada Granta. Sedan managed to beat the leader of the previous months – "news" – the 3418 copies. The top five also included Kia and Hyundai. Who else managed to get the list of the 25 best-selling cars in Russia? See our gallery.