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There are several ways to make the car agile: give it a microscopic wheelbase as the original Austin Mini, to make a "drift" eversion of wheels... And you can just make it so that turning all four wheels. You will not believe, but technology polnopravnym chassis for about a hundred years, and we follow her all the way. Moreover, now used by many companies – more and more new models of SUVs or sports cars can pull up in cornering to be more stable, more maneuverable and faster.

Recently finished the European series of Le Mans. Victory in the prestigious championship in a long race ahead of schedule won the Russian team G-Drive Racing and its drivers Roman Rusinov and Andrea Pizzitola. However, the emotional peak of the season was the marathon "24 hours of Le Mans." The most prestigious in the world long race has finally succumbed to the team G-Drive: Rusinova crew finished first with a lead of two laps of his nearest rival! This victory capped a seven-year efforts of the Russian racer after all, so many times he ever stopped in a step from "gold"... Alas, the G-Drive-Racing enjoyed the taste of victory only one day: the judge found that the refueling equipment is violating regulations — and the crew was disqualified. We received...

Fires in the United States have already become the most destructive in the history of California and the Governor of the state has urged trump to recognize the situation a disaster. Hundreds of thousands of people fleeing their homes to return to-empty the ashes, finding there skeletons of their homes. Burning celebrity mansions, burned the picturesque kinogorod Paramount Pictures in the style of the Wild West, burning thousands of cars, whom fate caught in the most bizarre situations. We have collected some scenic pictures of the four-wheeled victims of the fires — there is nothing sadder.

Movie Aston Martin were really lucky — in the book, James bond could easily choose a Jaguar, but stopped at less vypendrezha Aston Martin DB grey. From that moment the compartment of Gidona forever linked with the image of a British special agent 007, but now our hero, Aston Martin Vanquish S Ultimate, it's not easy to speak about it only a cliché. This is a limited edition, full carbon car for 26 million rubles, with lots of unusual details that will catch you off guard. You will find here the handbrake and the place where the key is inserted, surprised the arrows on the instrument panel, square steering wheel and sound atmospheric 600-horsepower motor. About all those unusual items we will cover in our new video. The car provided by the company Avilon...

In the world there are only two auction houses with such impenetrable reputation of Sotheby's and Christie's. But we are more interested in first, because that's what Sotheby's regularly throughout the year conducting a special trading vehicles. This time the eighth of December the event will be held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles and it will be possible to acquire a number of very interesting lots, from the Batmobile to the Director's chair, Steve McQueen, rare versions of Ferrari and cars of NASCAR. What from the list would buy yourself you?

Together with the G but this car, probably learns faster than any other model of Mercedes, and will cost 18 million rubles. If you don't want to buy even more cool carbon supervisio SLS AMG Black Series or the rare SLS tuning Brabus. In the latter case, your pocket will lose weight at 70 million rubles. Unfortunately, in the current model of the Mercedes-AMG GT, the Germans abandoned their famous doors — too difficult and expensive with "gull wings" to provide a comfortable fit in the beauty and reliable protection from side impact or the coup, but the more valuable the remaining instances of the model SLS AMG. So what are they still interesting? Watch the new video.

In October 2018 in first place among the most sold cars in Russia again took the Lada Vesta, which managed to beat "the Grant" became the leader of the September rating. The difference between the two models is small - about 400 sold copies. At the moment the Russian market has been growing for over 18 months: in October, purchased 160 425 cars, which is 8.2 percent more than previously. YTD sold 1 457 857 cars, which is 14.1% more than in the same period of 2017. Want to know what other machines, in addition to "West" and "Grants", there was demand in the last month? See our gallery.

The Current Tucson is very correct. As an example from a textbook. Promises too much, do not play with premium and does not allow competitors to have a clear advantage. The essence of it — the extremely rational "select calculator", and it is not suitable for the role of spontaneous, branding, emotional purchase. For instance, you knew that Toussaint was and there is a version with a turbo engine? The market almost unnoticed. Tucson — as the studious nerd in the background of the skater in the cap with flat visor — someone uninteresting, for someone invisible. This alignment is not changed by a facelift "mid-cycle", but to make the model more appealing, the developers have managed. And for those with a calculator, and for those who buy cars "love".

Presented this week hypercar McLaren Speedtail was so unusual, innovative and freakishly fast that we are ready to recognize in him the successor to the legendary F1. And even in triple cabin layout see the hint of a glorious ancestor. On acceleration from zero to 300 kilometers per hour Speedtail spends less than 13 seconds. Its seamless active aerodynamics is unparalleled in the industry. There are only a few hypercars can appear in the rear view mirrors of the incredible McLaren. And we have collected them in this gallery.

If the state of matter changes from atmospheric pressure and temperature, the price tag of the Bentley crossover is changed under pressure from the Configurator. Nearly 16 million rubles for you give Bentayga standard with a gasoline engine W12, then another 10 million more for exclusive Bentayga Silver Frost with factory Mulliner tuning, but this is not the limit. Paying 11 million, you will receive the car with the most expensive factory car option in the world. What is this option and why is all this worth the money? See our new video!

Another study from the American edition of Consumer Reports reminds: can you elaborate on the brand with a good reputation, but to choose her line of the most unreliable model — black sheep in a decent herd. So in this gallery we specify a car brand and its overall place in the reliability rating, and called it the problem model, in which 500 000 respondents Consumer Reports has having the highest number of complaints. Get the list of the 29 positions, but we removed from a brands unique to the North American market.

In September Sportage for the first time outpaced sales of the Toyota RAV4 and became the best-selling mid-size crossovers Russia even before the dealers upgraded machines. And after restyling the demand will probably be even higher, because good balanced Sportage lacked only more powerful atmosfernika and sound insulation. Quieter inside, alas, did not, but now you can add 110 thousand rubles and instead of a sickly two-liter engine to the 2.4 engine is rated at 184 strength. Went whether this Sportage fresher?

According to statistics, in the U.S. large luxury crossovers sold twice better than the sedans in this class and new BMW X7 among the most ambitious contenders for this segment. But why all customers have to put up with the fact that X7 is a single body, which should meet the needs of each client? After all, some will want more power and sportiness, another important ability to cross the road, and others will not abandon practical body truck. Russian designer Nikita Feldman painted several versions of the German giant, including the version 6x6.

Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Corvette -- legends, existing for several decades. During this time, each model had to go at least six generations (and in the case of "Civic" even ten), and many of us do not remember what were classic instances of these cars. Website Budget Direct has decided to gather seven legendary models and to remember how it looked each of the generations to see how varied the design of the machine during the last decades. What came out of it, see in our gallery.

Instagram Packed with cars. Spam type "girls, written for a manicure", the endless postcard views from someone's travels and even tanned, not quite dressed female bodies — all this can never push the machine, even first-line recommended. Whoever you were nationality, age, sex and income. But something unique rarely found among the Smoking tyres of the Challenger, hundredths of a repost of Gelika from Brabus and caught in Knightsbridge Lamborghini. The better good find. Japanese artist Takuji, senior page takupon0816 creates models of machines the most detailed entourage. And it's worth seeing!