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Seven years of automotive journalism of all kinds driving school and then passed me by. I enviously read about them colleagues, saw spectacular photos of frozen lakes, but every time he flew past. In the end I had no choice, how to learn to ride myself. Over time, this has become a hobby, so now I am often on race tracks and can even give a few tips on driving. So when I finally had the opportunity to go for two winter schools in Karelia, I did not give up and decided to act as auditor.

Flying machines humanity raves since the creation of the car, but every new ingenious concept terrifies sticking out, like a bat, with folding wings and a strange body shape. It seems our technology is simply not ready for such a radical solution to the problem of personal transport and humanity should just wait another century. And while French photographer Antoine Lacetti simply removed from the usual us racing cars of the wheel, and they go and fly over the special stages. Look at how unusual it looks

To Live without food, as tells us a medical book, it is absolutely impossible, and if she comes to our yard, it is especially nice. The concept of food truck were born in the United States in the 19th century, when farmers began to cook in a special horse-drawn carts, and in the age of motors, the role of the eateries on wheels easy to try on the cars. The competition in the market of "mobile food" grew larger and the owners of the food trucks started to decorate them to your taste and mood. So there was the machine, which does not just smell something tasty — the whole street turns around after them.

Eurasia — perhaps the only continent on which pickups are not particularly accustomed (maybe even Antarctica, but it's not exactly). In North America sales statistics from year to year heads Ford F-150, in South America as pies snapping Mitsubishi L200, and in Africa in full working Toyota Land Cruiser different generations in the body Double-Cab. What can we say about Australia, where they formed the cult of the unusual passenger pickups. There they are known as "Utah," and today we shed a little light on their history.

In the new Millennium, all the automakers wanted to enter with a revolutionary car. At the turn of the century to the production prepared, for example, "seven" BMW E65, Porsche Cayenne Renault Avantime, which was radically different from conventional cars. In the Audi decided to go one step further and shake up the compact MPV class of ultra-light, cutting-edge, ultra-low-cost novelty that was to become the model of the ideal urban car of the XXI century. Alas, not all of ingolstadts went according to plan. More precisely, the plan went almost everything. Remember the Audi A2 and trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

Traditionally, in Geneva, exhibited the most shocking and famous tuning firm, which are taken primarily for luxury cars. Characteristically, Mansory, Brabus, TechArt, and Startech for several years are located in the main pavilion directly opposite stands of the Mercedes-Benz and BMW. From the attention of the monsters tuning not escape anyone: there is always a dozen Gelendvagene, fresh Porsche and Bentley, also caught a rolls-Royce and even Bugatti. Inside the victims of plastic surgery — a separate conversation. Much more interesting would be to know what is in the mind of people who are willing to shell out crazy money for the make their new luxury cars... what you are now going to look at in our gallery.

Like a child who tries to copy the words and movements of parents, novice automakers are somehow trying to copy the masters. Sometimes this happens under the license, as in the case of Gorky automobile plant, sometimes in secret, "without noise and a dust". However, the secret always becomes clear, and companies like Landwind then are surprised that it is British from Land Rover did not like. However, we are not talking about the Chinese, and how developed the Korean Executive class, which is also not without furtive glances at the German gate segment.

Twenty-five years of history, is one of the best-selling Hyundai brand in the global market and more than 12 million vehicles sold around the ball. In short, the Elantra is a very important car for the South Korean company. But if not for the frame with the image of cars of all generations on the presentation of the updated "Elantra", then I would never have featured the car of the third generation, fourth or fifth, and was unable to identify them in the stream. Just because they remembered it was nothing special. But the latest incarnation of the model, it did not seem threatened — her appearance literally bites into the brain with their sharp edges. We met with the upgraded machine to find out it went in her favor or not.

In this gallery we've collected all the strange and unusual, for which clung to the eye at the motor show in Geneva – 2019. The benefit of this kind there is always enough. In Geneva taking its products to various body shops and aftermarket firms, hoping to catch a wealthy client. Many searchlights better not say: it is so bad that even good! Be sure to meet classic cars — and not simple, but with the most exotic biography. Certainly there is something which he does not expect: for example, as you "charged" a premium crossover from Vietnam? In General, there is something to open your mouth!

In this gallery we have collected all the concept cars presented at the Geneva motor show – 2019. They are all very different. Almost a third of them – almost stock cars, which have the status of a concept like a misunderstanding: after a few months they start to roll off the production line – such as crossover Cupra Formentor. Other concepts represent slightly more distant prospect – as the Alfa Romeo Tonale or Mitsubishi Engelberg: they predict the new model and show the direction that will design the philosophy of the companies. And in the minority – fancy cars, where the designers come off as they want and show the whole flight of thought capable of. View our gallery and see what fate awaits each of these kontspt cars!

Geneva motor show traditionally has a reputation as the most glamorous of the major auto show, and for good reason: supercars are usually a dime a dozen. After all, the motor show is almost home for the Italians, as a large and respected companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini, and small body shops. And of course, in Geneva always flocked all sorts of automotive start — UPS long before that word came into use. They always promise the highest speeds, high-capacity and crazy style solutions. Most of them you will not hear even after a year... But while the spotlights Shine, and the audience goes — enjoy the flight of design ideas!

In this gallery, we collected the main premieres of the Geneva motor show – 2019. Traditionally in Switzerland represent a lot of supercars, so we decided to allocate a special category, as well as concept cars and those and others we will show separately. But let's start with those models who will take to the road in the coming months. Characteristically, the serial electric vehicles are still in the minority. This is partly due to the demands of the market, partly with the fact that in Geneva represent a lot of premium and luxury models, which remain loyal to the gasoline, and the European small car, for which the transition to electric while a luxury.

Even today, the opening day of the 89th Geneva motor show when tape automotive media are full of news and photos from the stands, it's hard not to succumb to the feeling of nostalgia and not to recall those glorious days when the grass was greener, water — wetter, mechanics, cars have more and electronics less. We suggest you to make a time leap, and to remember the nine most bright premieres of the Geneva motor show, but twenty years ago. Believe it or not, some of his "effects" can be seen even today...

London. Private Studio with a discreet entrance and access regime. On a white, barely-lit cyclorama is crossover Nissan IMq, the concept car, which is prepared for the premiere at the Geneva motor show. Futuristic car already in the final stage, but it is still in progress. Cameras are welcome, but camera phones taped. Details — only under a subscription about nondisclosure, about the prospects — only hints. On the agenda — the future of one of the most popular crossovers in the world. And so, an embargo on the publication is finally up...

According to Wikipedia, pick-up is an activity aimed at the acquaintance with the aim of seduction, as well as the development of the necessary skills. But if you will be using for this car with a body pickup, the workhorse of farmers in the world of cars, which usually smells of hay and garden accessories, then your chances of success are great reduced. That, however, is not true of pickups from our gallery. Yes, in reality they do not yet exist, but from some angles they look better than the original models on which they were built. That is, drew.