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Supercar damaged suspension, wheel, interior and airbag a UK Resident Scott Nicholas to sue the government for 10 million pounds (12.5 thousand dollars) for damage to the vehicle, caught in pit road. As The Mirror reports, "Ferrari" Nicholas suffered on the road near the settlement of Afford.

Iconic sports cars of the rising sun the transformation of the Mitsubishi Eclipse in the crossover incites to brush away a nostalgic tear and remember the most famous Japanese sports cars of years gone by — they were bright, tech, organically looked in the city and on the racetrack. Want to indulge in the bright sadness with us?

Troy Grant said the use of phones while driving the Minister of police Australia Troy Grant has declared himself to the police and asked me to write him a ticket for using phone while driving. The Daily Mail reports That Grant took a photo on a smartphone, being in the driver's seat in a stationary car.

Plastic monument to the bold ideas of the BMW company unlike all previous concept cars of this column, this can not move on their own — perhaps with high hills. However, we believe it is our duty to recall the existence of Z1 Coupe, which showed that not only the Roadster can grow from a tiny compartment — sometimes the opposite happens process.

Tuned electric car was estimated at 180 thousand dollars On eBay there was an announcement about the sale of modified electrocreaser Tesla Model X. Built in the Studio by T Sportline car, as stated in the description, the salon was named Bentley Red. The cost of electric cars is 180 thousand dollars.

The Premiere of the film scheduled for November 2017 Warner Bros. Pictures published in the next YouTube movie trailer "the justice League", the premiere of which is scheduled for November 2017. In the video, among other things, was shown the new car of Batman.

The SUV received a new front design of the body the Company Nissan has published photos of the updated SUV X-Trail for the Chinese market — as it will look like the car in other markets. The design of the model almost exactly replicates the appearance of the American machine, which in the U.S. is sold under the name Rogue.

The coolest car video March Every month we collect for you the best car commercials. In the February issue of traditional stack machine is transformed into a Bob, toys to tow a car, cars set records, the girl is in the jacket and many more.

The terrible options of tuning cars Land Rover the Chief designer of Land Rover Gerry McGovern in a recent interview with Autocar said that he would like to get rid of all the tuning Studio, which interfere in the appearance of the cars of the British brand. Is it really all that bad? The answer will give us the following eight cars, the styling of which we have a couple of questions.

Stillborn racing cars We've gathered 14 stunning racing cars, which, due to various circumstances, was not destined to see the green starting lights. Nevertheless, they evoke admiration even in statics, and some of them can be witnessed even in our days.

Muscle car will get a system lock of the transmission for Dragovich starts Dodge Company has released a new teaser for the extreme version of the Challenger — SRT Demon — and revealed additional details about the oil-Kara. In particular, it became known that the novelty will become the world's first production car with transbrake.

The made in Dubai with a height of 264 meters , Bentley published a scaled image size of 57.7 billion pixels, which filmed the Flying Spur W12 sedan S. the Photo was taken at the harbour of Dubai with a height of 264 meters. In full close up you can see the label of the brand.

Crossover-transformer, which stood on the conveyor is completely different Recently we told you about the Mercedes VRC concept that could simultaneously be a coupe, a convertible and a pickup truck. Partially like him and the hero of today's story, Ford Freestyle FX, is shown in 2003. Alas, when Freestyle became repetitive, he has lost much of those trump cards that were vested in the concept.

Crossover specifically deprived of leather interior Company Ford has presented at auto show in Dallas a new version of Edge crossover, prepared for the inhabitants of hot cities, SEL Sport Appearance Package. "Sport" crossover specifically were equipped with leather seats.

Tuners "loaded" car with an engine capacity of 1.4 liters the German company Pogea Racing unveiled a comprehensive program of improvements of the hatchback Fiat 500. The company "charged" compact with a 1.4-liter engine and up to 404 horsepower. There will be produced five such machines.