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How to build a house, dacha, garage, sauna, gazebo?

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Insulated paving will not only protect the Foundation from fallout, it will also help save a considerable part of the heat in the house, helping the heat to stay indoors. In this article we will consider some variants insulated blind area, the design for various foundations. Also advise what material to use for warming and what brand of concrete pour.

Grillage - part of the pile or pier Foundation, whose task is to transfer the load from the building on piles. The grillage can be made of concrete, metal, wood. The most common is the Foundation is made of concrete. In this article we will look at how the grillage, how to make a casing for it, what fittings to use and how to style it, why should it be warm and what is the difference between a tape and a grating-pile Foundation.

Currently, on the market there is a huge amount of construction and finishing materials, each of which has certain advantages. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the materials, which is recently gaining popularity, it wwcb Green Board. What is this plate, what is their advantage, what kinds there are, where they are used. All this you can read on our site.

At the stage of laying the Foundation do not forget about such an important moment as vents or how often they are called holes or vent. They needed to reduce humidity in the underground and basement. What does it do, what size should be the holes, how many vents you need we will cover in this article.

Waterproofing the basement and roof using liquid rubber, is the most modern type of protection from moisture. This modern material has many advantages and only one drawback - the price. This article will tell you about what is liquid rubber and what unique properties it possesses.

Screed allows to level the surface and prepare it for laying the finish of the floor covering. For the device of high-quality screed, currently use the ready mix. This article will look at what is semi-dry screed, how to make a coupler of a floor on their own, which mixes better for it to use, what type.

Currently there is a relatively new technology for the construction of strip Foundation with the help of EPS permanent formwork. This article will look at what is permanent formwork and what benefits it gives, and will touch upon the issues of reinforcement and waterproofing of the Foundation.

Expansion tank - one of the main elements of the heating system. In this article you will find answers to the questions "What the surge tank is suitable for gravitational or closed heating systems", "what is the difference between open and diaphragm expansion tank", "How to pick the expansion tank volume.

One of the issues that arises by private developers, is the choice of the heating system. In order to decide, you need to know which heating systems exist and how they are different. In this article, we will try to explain what is the difference between open and closed heating system, what is heating with natural circulation and forced.

Stretch ceilings are very popular, primarily because of its low cost and simplicity in installation. This ceiling can be installed independently, it is necessary to observe some rules. In this article we will explain what to look for before installation of stretch ceiling with his hands, which the lamps can be used and how to install them.

One of the basic stages of construction of the house is waterproofing of the Foundation and to approach the stage, with all the responsibility. Immediately raises questions "What materials are there to protect the Foundation from moisture?", "Which one to choose?". In this paper we consider the materials that are most often used for waterproofing of the Foundation, their advantages and applications.

Polystyrene concrete - universal energy-efficient building material, allowing in short terms to build a warm, light and relatively inexpensive houses and buildings. It is used in the form of pre-engineered or produced at the construction site, for example to fill the floor screed. This article will look at the components that are necessary for the production of polystyrene concrete with their hands.

During the construction of a frame house, one of the important components is the insulation of walls. In this article we will review the appropriate insulation for frame-houses, and also consider the structure of the walls of the house and will calculate the required thickness of the insulation.

The villas starts with the selection and laying the Foundation. For a small summer cottage there is no need to build a massive belt basis, and will fit in less time consuming and simple columnar. This article will look at how to build a Foundation for the summer of pantelho red brick.

One common interfloor overlapping, is the ceiling on the wooden beams. Its popularity it has gained at the expense of ease of installation, low weight and efficiency. In this article you will find answers to the questions "How wooden ceiling?", "How to install the beams?", "What sections should be in beams?"