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Avtoblog about the life of cars and avtolyubitelyah: repair and maintenance.

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At the Frankfurt motor show, avtokompaniya Mercedes-Benz introduced the audience concept car Mercedes-Benz F 125. Letter F for the company Mercedes-Benz denotes the Future (the future), while the index of 125 refers to the fact that Karl Benz made his first car 125 years ago. In the design of Mercedes-Benz, you can find a lot of classics, but the first thing that catches your eye and you can return to the past, [...]

In recent years, in large cities marked increase in the incidence of chronic respiratory diseases: chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis. Environmental scientists and doctors associate it with a sharp increase in the number of vehicles. Car - the main source of contamination of the natural environment. It's even a child knows. Two million cars daily throw 32 thousand tons of harmful substances. But that environment... it seems that [...]

And immediately the Japanese machine relished car enthusiasts around the world. Within a year she was recognized as «the Best car in America, and in Europe sympathy confidently took the third position. First of all, customers loved the novelty after a relatively inexpensive price of the car and the cost of maintenance. Measure the engine was a small - 1.2 litres with a capacity of 56 horse [...]

Intensity of freight traffic on the territory of the Russian Federation, including Moscow, constantly rastet.Okazaniem data services is engaged in many companies. So not always you can find quality in service and reasonable prices with a rigid competition the company and ezhemgnovenno rising tariffs on gasoline. What, for the timely and reliable delivery needs to carefully choose a transport company. The organization [...]

To this day remember the only positive emotions to the choice of a driving school should proceed very carefully. As you may say often, young drivers douchivayutsya driving even after training on the city roads, as if endangers, as themselves, round score and others. So, how to choose a driving school to get a whole the necessary knowledge of theory and practical knowledge of driving? 1. no game worth the [...]

Steering is a very important part of the car. Even in the future without him I do not think whether you can do, and no matter who the good little driving: man or a computer. This is quite a difficult concept to overestimate the value of which is unrealizable, as it depends stability on the road. Even a subject of discussion in the road can lead to [...]

On Europe's largest exhibition of commercial transport COMTRANS-2013 Kama automobile plant feel at home. Political economy is experiencing a significant decline, prodlevayuschiysya already three quarters of the contract. In economic science is supposed to call a recession: investors reduce investment in fixed assets, reduced the piece and commercial trade turnovers, ceases to be valid the main driving factor in the construction industry [...]

Arrow-snake nature of our economy and the days that without the car - nowhere. But this comes their time and any car early't - not that late in need of repair. Here in the help you need a good woman, version) purchase of the required parts. Auto parts is a product of the chassis, and only competition at the moment is very large, although tyut 5 [...]

Despite the fact that the aggressiveness of the environment in the cabin of the car is much less than the outside, the firstfruits of automotive interior eventually wear out. Particularly noticeable damage on avtosideniyah. Eventually hold trim appear greasy smudges, streaks, scrapes, cuts and blasted a hole GRT cigarettes. Eating, Smoking in the cabin, non-observance of rules of hygiene at whatever was reflected on [...]

It was created by order of the Soviet secret police in the types of conduct special operations involving foreign agents. Most of the machinery GAS 31013 were in the garage of the 9th Department of Chekushka and were (types of escorting the first persons of the state, and (above for observation then foreigners. For outstanding technical characteristics, they called them dogonyalkami» and «naruzhkami». Number appearance [...]

Chevrolet proved that size is not the main thing in the car. Chevrolet Spark 2012 has a modern and aggressive design. Falshradiatornaya grid is divided by two wedges, logo Chevrolet. Adult elongated headlamps. The uninhabited desert. Ant. numerous large , but aesthetically nerazdrazhenniy spoiler. The car just shorter than the inside. As for the Spark of sympathy in the one. Adjusting steering column, [...]

Travel into the means of public transport, although it is a violation of the traffic rules, but is perceived by drivers is not very serious, such as drive into oncoming traffic. The number of allocated bands about public transport in cities is growing every year, although the rules prohibit the movement of unification of him. On the rights of the known route transport gun is a transport method, which carry the [...]

The more impossible to go in the end, if the failure of your iron horse was predictable. What exactly needed to be done before a long journey, in (order ayushki? would come to the ultimate goal in the allotted time? Make sure that some do not come to the appointed band replacement of technological liquids, but the essence, the engine oil. Not whether you need a replacement tetka consumables, [...]

The New model of 49 mm longer than the predecessor, but significantly lower and wider. Although in General the car looks similar to the model Rogue, Qashqai has a fairly sportiness and large tail lights, similar to the generalist Ford Focus. Interior design is similar to Rogue models and X-Trail. The company stated exactly attribute of materials and the Assembly is self-sufficient improved [...]

Enterprise disadvantageous was possible to track the flights and their volume, after all, check the accuracy of the provided report on the work done was shamelessly hitrostno. Therefore, many employees that could use, thus bringing losses to the enterprise. Henceforth. Ant. There is a possibility in any wait to know where it is or not this van, you can view quite its route, calculate the actual fuel consumption. [...]