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Announce the prize of the contest "Hello, school!" Not so long ago started a new school year solemn events for pupils and come school time. Waiting for Your pictures to a new photo contest dedicated to this event! the Winner of the photo contest is waiting for a gift certificate with par value of 5,000 per natural cosmetics Baby Teva. This means that You can in the amount of 5000₽ to choose any goods in the online store contest Rules: 1. Each participant may submit 1 photo (collages are not accepted). If You have two or more children, then photos can be put equal to the number of kids! 2. The photo must fit the theme of the contest. 3. The photo must be yours and not from the Internet. All work will be checked. 4. The vote will be held in the...

Hello! Newcomers, welcome! Let's have a photo contest September about how our children went to school? moreover, this year we have a lot of first graders on the forum. And all mothers have something to show - there will always be a picture on this topic. while You prepare your photos and we will prepare to contest a place in the gallery and prizes. On the beginning of the contest will be announced later, but in a very short time, do not go far

Hi all! Girls can offer what you need to change on the forum? Could be awkward, uninteresting, outdated, interferes with, don't like? the autumn it's cold outside, back to their warm houses and our forum needs to be revived. please Give me ideas on how to upgrade?

We usually on any vacation, sent my grandmother to the country, but unfortunately, this year we grandmother suffered a stroke and there is no way her there with her grandson to send. It feels good now, thank God if nothing happened, but it most still need now to look and to leave her at the cottage with the child do not see the point... I don't know how to be in this situation?

At the end of my maternity leave, soon to go to work. Working in a prestigious firm, and you know, have to look your best, starting with a beautiful smile and ending with a neat appearance. With the latter I think I'll be all right, but the teeth there are problems. One tooth had to be removed, adjacent teeth begin to crumble. At the moment, sharply there was a question about prosthetics. My doctor was away for a couple months on this course, so I need to find a good clinic. Advise where to turn?

Health is all right, but I am now in the last 8 months, my legs began to swell. Advise good means of traditional or cream from this scourge. Of course I to work to run is not necessary, but desirable, and with such feet-even the shoes can not wear.

I am a young girl, working as a Manager, PE staff, i.e. 95% of their time sitting. Recently noticed that in the second half of the day I inflated belly, and there is a feeling of heaviness. now the same thing, ate it for lunch a salad with red beans, eggs and crab sticks in a couple of hours already inflated. What to do in this case? The treated? Can from beans to give?

What kind of stories better suited for this age group? Not quite baby and the baby was interesting and not to complicated. At this age she can advise "Sasha's Tales" of Alexander Borutzky, sold in every book: But I have a child already reread them a million times, knows every sentence by heart, need something new. What can you recommend? Read your kids at this age?

Child bitten by a tick, we noticed only on the 2nd day after returning from the country. The tick managed to extract, but the red spot still there and did not pass. Don't know what to think,because they carry any infection can pass the tests? I just don't know what to take?

...but where do you turn if the temperature of a child, etc.? We just have Peter sometimes does not wait for the doctor in a regular clinic....and while it will come 10 times for yourself will make the child to put his feet. That's interesting, how we should be, if anything? Just plan to go there soon to live for some time in Moscow. I think, if anything, where to go, who to call. I would like child and best protect themselves.

Is There anyone here who participated in the exhibitions? What good, besides customers, can bring to the exhibition? How do you think? Please share your experience. We are planning to participate in the exhibition of advertising technologies RIDEAU, she Expoforum will be held 18-20 October, but while there is doubt, discuss with colleagues.

The Horrors of motherhood, or Why I hate my baby the Author - Daria ROWENA Every mother gets tired and irritated. But why is some of it quickly and without consequences takes place, and the other turns into a persistent "hate my baby"? Opinion Catherine and Michael Burmistrov M. M. Sigarev, "Motherhood" (1998). what is the main problem of motherhood? At the end of February in the Internet appeared the article: the Happiness of motherhood or "I Want to go out the window." Very quickly it has become a topic of debate network. The article is not an article, rather a journalistic collection in LJ real and terrible stories of young mothers who share with "friends in misfortune" the pain of life and thoughts about all of this in one of the groups in "Contact...

Here there is a very interemno not a store, but a jewelry auction in the US. it is the largest online auction of elegant and quality jewelry , watches , accessories and Antiques in the United States, reputed to be the most profitable and attractive venues for the sale of jewelry all over the world. Here you will be able to purchase at a reduced up to 90-95% prices elegant jewelry of gold and silver, and also metal, precious stones, enamel, engraving, coating. Also sells watches and accessories of famous brands , a little designer handbags , scarves and shawls. At the auction are a variety of brands, designers and manufacturers of jewels: Faberge, Di Modolo, Gucci , Chanel, Carrera y Carrera , Valentino, Versace, Aquaswiss, 'autore...

On the occasion we bought the cottage, not too expensive. The house is about 15 years, everything is there, except that the decor inside is emptiness. The former owners made even sadrianna the kitchen. Wash - washed, painted, where it was necessary, in General, cosmetic remontik did. But I want comfort... Many people dumped on giving old furniture - at us such is not present, all desired and required. Relatives live far away from Moscow, the transportation used will cost a pretty penny, as the new price will be. So please advice - how to settle down, where I took the furniture, as children sleep in the country? How cheap is it to make children's Playground, kids really want something, but expensive if you buy all this... Yet only one bed found cheap, but...

You always take into account peculiarities of their appearance in the drawing closet? Scialali you that it is very important to know your color type? here's an example I think it's important not only to create clothing, but also when choosing paint for hair color. Otherwise, staining may be more than neudachnik. and the makeup too, for each girl needs to be picked up individually. In my view, each person is one of color characteristics is dominant. Only by defining self-cletop appearance, it is possible to find the optimal color of the clothes. To some it may seem that knowledge of the type of exterior excess and, if you buy clothes of good brands, it is not necessary to understand the characteristics of color, things will still look good on you. Attached...