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Today typically is chosen between the so-called "Mobile Bearing" ("mobile bearing") and "Fixed Bearing" ("fixed bearing"). In the "Fixed Bearing" plastic sliding surface required to move, firmly attached with attached in the bone with metal. In the "mobile bearing" plastic surface remains independent. To choose a suitable prosthesis is necessary to consult with an experienced professional podiatrist. So, in case of large bone defects, unstable ligaments or weak muscles necessary implantation Fixed weapt to ensure good functionality of a stable, painless knee. With this prosthesis, however, is only possible flexor and extensor movements, rotational movements in the knee joint is limited. Depending on the age, occupation, habits, muscle strength and quality...

Girls, let us remember of our childhood games what was playing in the yard at school at home at the holiday table or just with my parents.. what wonderful we had a game.. let us remember and restore.. will explain the rules and play with our children.. in General Temko rules are: write the name of the game completely the rules bold print. but just discussion, and their experience in writing in normal font.. photos are welcome))))) well, in "Dodgeball" played by our children but I will write as an example)))) Dodgeball two players stand on both sides of the court. The other players are in the center. The objective of dodgeball — throwing the ball to each other, to get to any of the Central players. The players task is to Dodge the ball. The guy got out of...

I would Like to write a review about trattoria Limoncello. Recently celebrated there birthday. Liked the service and cuisine at altitude. The grill menu is wonderful, lots of choice of good Italian wines. And with all this, a 20% discount on the entire bill and gave an aperitif, PROSECO for all guests

Inflammatory diseases of the spine one of the rare inflammatory diseases of the spine, but they are very dangerous to health. These often occur due to bacteria and fungi. From inflammation suffers from intervertebral discs and bone tissue. Pathogen-the bacterium can get into the bone through the blood vessels existing in the body any inflammation. Expressed inflammatory diseases strongest pain, fever, weight loss and constant fatigue. If the affected nerve structures, then definitely there is a weakness in the muscles, pain in the feet and hands, tightness in the neck or back. the Diagnosis of inflammatory diseases of the spine Inflammatory diseases of the spine diagnosed by x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging. Using these methods, doctors identify the...

Girls share who is doing what when the temperature of the child I think many will find this helpful what temperature is considered for you kriticheskoi? what you begin to shoot down? what and how to knock? share and ask questions)))) well, I'll start I bring down the temperature of 38.5, but of course look at the baby if he rides that still hold if lying rag even when 37,8 can give antipyretic us (all three) paracetamol just doesn't help I give Nurofen and ibufen other (ibuprofen) during a critical if not throw a pill syrup I pour cool water or clean vodka Yes Yes vodka (soon we also knocks down) lytic I don't do myself always put in the hospital

Girls advise please, I have a child quite well, scholar, you need to pull the math - school program (I don't understand - because I can not explain). Learned the prices of the Tutors - it's just a quiet horror, can someone faced with such problem?

Hi all. have You noticed that in the left corner of the website there is a button - technical Support. This chat is created for fast online help for beginners and those who can not enter, do not know where to write, etc. If someone is stopping button and an ambulance is not needed - to write directly into the chat there to the operator and he will hide it permanently, so that your PC or smartphone the button will not be visible. We apologize for the inconvenience! If you have questions - write as well!

Plan a summer vacation. The baby at the time of travel will be approximately 4 months. Besides him, there is another child, 10 years old. Everyone wants to relax, the question is where? Whether to go away or not (for example, within 100-200 km)? With a senior child first went to six months and not at the resort, and to her grandmother in Siberia. The distance it was away, but it's from one house to another house, not a hotel. Now there is no such option, as I live now even further from my grandmother than ever before, need to fly with a connection, and just pure summer will be more than 6 hours.

The Possibility of pregnancy after recently giving birth. Girls that care about this issue.Read a lot of articles about the case.Write that pregnancy in the absence of the cycle is already possible for the next month after birth.Even when breast-feeding.Anyone is it?

D Asadi of thousands of women and children annually are exposed to violence in the family , but in Russia, was adopted by the tragic law that weakens protections from domestic violence. According to one study, more than 80% of cases of violence against women committed by their husbands or partners . However, the new law eliminated criminal penalties for beating it. It unties the hands of tyrants, and thereby puts victims at even greater risk for life. Let's do everything possible to protect thousands of lives. Sign and spread the word about the petition to everyone you know - let us make the repeal of the law through the constitutional court the Adoption of this law is a huge step back for Russia. Amendments decriminalizing violence, the consequences of...

Tell me, besides temperature and runny nose, what else are the symptoms of colds in adults? Today, the whole day sneezing, could it be cold? Ill absolutely do not want in the first aid kit includes pills Galavit, took the husband a week ago. You can do them as prevention?

Girls, Hello! The children who start first grade this year (or maybe in the recent past entered the school, too, share the experience). When to enroll, what you need to know by 1st class as are now conducting admission, how old do your children have gone to 1 class. Went there on preparatory lessons and how the garden was prepared? And all-all on this topic. Attached image

Donate blood with the leukocytic formula at a local clinic, well got, honestly. The therapist does not believe the results, sends to retake. And this is not the first case. Year ago just retake due to the abnormally low level of platelets, which is the second blood drive was normal. In General, where tested, so that was fairly?

Let me suggest a topic that is very relevant not only for me personally, but in General, it is very important nowadays in the modern society. I Invite to discussion interested boxers and just the parents and students. Let's share experiences, let's talk about the modern school and answer questions. And just food for thought)

Hi girls. Decided to start a new topic. It may be an additional incentive to return to the forum every day. the Purpose of creation is to record interesting recipes which I have tried myself and want to share with you. I hope this will be useful. Starts with yesterday's cake, who baked children. it's Called cranberry muffins with tangerine. so, we will need: 250 grams of flour 1 egg 50 ml of the juice of tangerines zest of 1 tangerine 1 tbs. baking powder 3 tablespoons sunflower oil pinch of salt vanilla sugar 150 grams of sugar 100 g of cranberries(I used red currants as cranberries). Sift flour, add to the baking powder and a pinch of salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg with sugar and vanilla sugar, add the juice and zest, stir, pour in the oil. Then...