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Devices "Recor-M" is intended for automatic voice fire alarm, broadcast signals of civil defense and emergencies, both music and voice announcements in budget organizations. The system is designed in accordance with the Federal law № 123 and corresponds to the 3rd type paga.

The Device is designed to protect equipment in Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet in IP video surveillance systems such as IP cameras, switches, NVRs, from induced currents and surges, including those caused by atmospheric electrical discharges.

The Choice of the module, the types and characteristics, application. Application MUPT "TRV-Garant-160" and the WFP "Garant-100" for the protection of objects of different purposes. Examples of the calculation of the required number of installations and number of nozzles, the accommodation of the inlet pipeline.

One of the main advantages of these IP cameras – matrix Starvis, through which SONY was able to achieve a dramatic increase in sensitivity. The camcorder is capable of producing a color image at night, even in the absence of artificial lighting.

C 11 Sep 2017 given the opportunity to purchase barriers LIMIT for the organization of traffic control the width of travel 4...6 meters with long life at a special price. Gates have Comunello is the best offer among Italian gates.

High-performance processor HiSilicon 3516A supports shooting in mode 2 MP and a stream rate of 50 K/s, which is important when shooting fast moving objects. Memory card support up to 128GB allows a permanent record upon the occurrence of alarm events on the local storage IP camera. The camera is powered from the power supply AC 24V, or PoE+, which gives the opportunity to save on laying additional cables.

Panel has the camera with the matrix 1/3” and a resolution of 700 TVL, which allows not only to carry out voice communication with the visitor, but also to monitor the space in front of the panel. The product has superior colour reproduction and a viewing angle of 60°. RVi-700 LUX allows to get high quality image even in complete darkness.

Drives SkyHawk™ capacity up to 10 TB designed for round-the-record in network and digital video recorders. These devices minimize the number of lost frames and the idle time. They are designed for a three times larger workloads in comparison with desktop computers and provide entry to 90% of the time with 64 high definition cameras.

Summer is over and we are starting to prepare "winter" range of cameras. We offer video camera MDC-AH6290VSL-42H outdoor sealed enclosures with degree of protection IP66 and integrated heating elements. The equipment works stably at temperatures of up to minus 50 degrees.

New principles of the construction of the system architecture. Products and solutions Rubetek for air condition and lighting. Typical solutions for the "smart office". Design decisions. The stability of the system in emergency situations (power failure, lack of Internet connection).

Support recording on motion detection from the camera. Support to manage alarm inputs and outputs of the video cameras allows you to implement functions such as license plate recognition in surveillance systems and opening the gate at the signal from the camera. Support PTZ control...

Important innovation implemented in these IP providers modern the H. 265 encoder, is able to halve the file size with the same visual quality compared to N. 264. The ability to configure various parameters for the connected IP cameras directly from the recorder. In MDR-M64000 you can set 8, and in MDR-M128-16 - 16 hard drives, 8 terabytes each.

In version 3.52 the improved reliability of the unit when applied in complex conditions, which may arise during surges at the facility, lack of grounding and lightning protection circuit, the effects of electromagnetic radiation, irregular industrial noise and gazorazryadnoi.

Integrated fire safety system "Sprut-2". Linear heat detector (heating cables). Scope. Budget series of control modules termokabel MTS. A series of control modules termokabel of determining the distance to the place of operation of the MTS.

Camcorder RVi-HDC311B (2.8) forms an image with a resolution of 1 Megapixel , model RVi-HDC321VB (3.6) – with a resolution of 2 MP. The transmission range of novelties can be up to 800 meters. Novelty is equipped with IR illumination, designed for a range of up to 20 meters the model RVi-HDC311B, and up to 30 meters - RVi-HDC321VB.