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The state security service of the MIA of Ukraine

State protection service of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine

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Employees of the outfit of the group of detention police GSO noticed that unknown guy throws stones at the lights. The police guard immediately went to the attacker. That, in turn, tried to escape from the scene, but in vain - he was detained. After a few minutes, the man who, by the way, was in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, was sitting in the office car of the state security service read More

Middle of the night happened traffic accident. The driver of a foreign car struck and killed a man at a crosswalk and tried to run away from the scene. However, he was detained on "hot traces" read More

The other day in Uzhgorod around midnight the duty of the Management of the State security service of the UMVD of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region received signal with the alarm button of one of the shops of the city, which is open around the clock read More

In Kiev in the evening on specline "102" received a call from an unknown woman. An agitated voice she said that just the midst of the street, an unknown man tore off her neck a gold chain and ran read More

In three a.m. on the Central monitoring Department of the State security service received a signal " Alarm" from the night coffee shop, located in the centre of Ternopil. There are 21-year-old boy, strongly "plucking" alcoholic beverages, started struggling to show others his drunk stupid and unreasonable to stick to your visitors. read More

After Receiving the parcel with the Order of Labour Glory of the SECOND degree, rogue wanted to return it to its owner while he tried to change the order of the medal "20 years of Victory in great Patriotic war 1941-1945". The vigilance of postal workers and employees of the State security service did not allow the pseudo palaistu to enrich themselves at the expense of others. read More

About one in the morning of Monday the workers of the group of detention Svitlovodsk Interdistrict Department of the State security service in the Kirovohrad region has been notified by the operator of the Main observation panel that on one of the streets in the vicinity of the town of Svitlovodsk alarm went off well, in which there are phone cables JSC "Ukrtelecom" read More

At five In the afternoon on the deck of Obolon district Department of the State security service under the auspices of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv received a signal "Alarm" with protected jewelry store, which is located in Desnyanskiy district. Outfit of the group of detention immediately went to the place of call read More

At the scene guard of the institution informed the police of protection for an unknown person, who tried to steal and to make of the store unpaid goods - sausage, sweets, chocolate and other goods read More

In the dance hall of the club, police found a fight between the protection of the institution and its visitors, who were in a condition of alcoholic planiniada requests the state guards to stop the brawl girl did not respond. Taking measures to stop violations of public order, interviewed witnesses of this incident, the police detained three people who started the fight read More

About the first hour of the night the unknown tried to illegally enter the store and to Rob him. To implement the plan prevented alarm, which instantly worked. Within seconds, at the place were the state guards who detained the man with the money from the cash register and knife read More

The So-called "hunting" for the residents of Odessa region ended in detention. For committing two robberies at the Odesa seize their mobile phones, the man faces a sentence of imprisonment for a period from three to seven years read More

In the restaurant were two drunken men. In the restaurant they behaved provocatively - spoke foul language, to the comments of the staff did not respond. Soon between men dispute has arisen, which has grown into a fight, so to prevent illegal actions of hooligans, the administrator pressed the alarm button read More

In Khmelnytsky two unidentified middle of the night broke the window of a shop. This happened before the eyes of the casual passer-by. The man on the event, told the group of detention of the State security service, who at the time was passing nearby. In hot pursuit of offenders detained read More

7 may in Cherkasy at the Central stadium of the city hosted a semi-final football match of Cup of Ukraine between "Shahter" (Donetsk) - "Slavutich" (Cherkassy), which was attended by about 11 thousand fans read More