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The state security service of the MIA of Ukraine

State protection service of Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine

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"service is not only setting alarms to alert the owner of the object, but an instant response to the event check out and check points operation. Employees of the State security service provided with high-tech equipment, which in minutes allows them to arrive on the scene" read More

In Vinnitsa held its first joint exercises of representatives of law enforcement agencies and volunteer units of territorial self-defense. The main goal of the event is to study the issues of interaction and develop common tactics read More

Police protection arrived at the address, where knim turned the CCTV operator shopping centre and noted the unknown citizen who tried to carry by cash perfume for women. Amateur free shopping immediately detained. read More

On the main achievements and results in the fight against crime reported to the State security service. Media representatives were induced statistical data on the work of the groups of detention, participation in the arrest of offenders on call "102" and the efficiency of the buttons urgent call the police read More

When militiamen arrived to the place of the incident found that the Complainant landlady opened the door to the house of a stranger man. Stranger immediately pulled out the knife, put it up against the Complainant and demanded money and valuables. Then moved to take stronger action - old woman strangled with a telephone cord. Finally, taking about five thousand hryvnia, a box with ancient coins and a laptop, escaped read More

On a place of incident the police asked citizen with the statement of the citizen who allegedly stole her credit card and lifted her account money in the sum of 3000 UAH, and invested in their own interests. The individual was detained. Detainees was a resident of the village of Pribylov Tlumatskogo district. read More

Acting professionally well, detachment detained these persons As later found they were locals 1980 and 1981 year of birth , who are drunk violated the public order and did not perform the lawful demands of a police officer to cease the offence read More

When outfit company of the police Department of the State security service arrived on a call to one of entertainment , it turned out that four visitors quietly left the institution is not paid for the received order . Amount of the unpaid bills amounted to about 400 hryvnias read More

For unknown reasons, the visitor like a cowboy started waving object like a gun in front of the faces of his interlocutors. Further, when the staff in his side also received threats and "show with a gun", they reported to the administrator, who is not a joke was scared and he realized that in such a situation can help law enforcers read More

During the inspection, the law-enforcers noticed the open hatch phone underground overpass, which was cut the telephone cable. In the vicinity of the place of event the attention of the policemen drew the man, who was kept hidden under clothing. During superficial examination beneath his jacket found pilku on metal. The young man confessed that circumcised telephone cables - work of his hands read More

Gala concert, pposvyaschenniy new year and Rozhdestvennim holidays, as well as the 51st anniversary of creation of the band , will be held on 26 December 2013 at 19:00 in the Big hall of the Kiev house of scientists of the NAS of Ukraine read More

Order of the Department of State security service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Lieutenant Colonel Mitusa Stanislav Grigorievich appointed head of the State security service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernihiv oblast read More

Arriving at the object, the policemen GSO found broken glazing plate glass, therefore the senior group of detention was made a decision to move inside the warehouse. Observing safety measures during an examination of the premises employees of the state security service found and detained the man, holding a metal tube read More

Around two in the morning a passer-by noticed three men apart the old fence «Baranovsky» the bridge through the river Psyol». Forces of the two mobile groups of the state guard the entrances to the bridge were blocked and «metalists» detained. The attackers managed to dismantle the six metre bumpers weighing about 100 pounds read More

At 23:45 night outfit SPGZ state security service patrolled the streets of the city, according to the approved route. Driving along the highway police GSO heard gunshots. Focusing his professional attention, policemen headed towards the shots that were heard read More