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In Russia has started accepting orders from authorized dealers Toyota new SUV called the Executive Lounge. Equipment has replaced the special series Excalibur. From a standard Land Cruiser 200 the new version has headlights in black, black lining on the outer rear view mirrors, and another design front and rear bumpers. In addition, on the rear pillar of the car body appeared a distinctive label, and when you open the doors in the landing zone is projected the emblem of the Executive Lounge.

These hunters and fishermen are not afraid of bad weather, ferocious animals and fast-flowing rivers, but significantly slow them down may be a bad road or even the lack of it. To Wade through clay fields, swamps and dirt is not only difficult and exhausting, but dangerous. Therefore, for these men was invented by the buggies. Machines allow not to depend on the circumstances and pave your own way there where will not pass any jeep. The buggies is a frisky engine, powerful wheels, a rugged housing and a warrior spirit.

Over the last couple of years in Krasnodar appeared in areas where residents regularly get stuck in traffic. Not only that, the bulls lose a lot of time and nerves, they also deteriorate health. Stress and long sitting voltage lead motorists to a variety of serious health problems. An excellent option in such a situation will become a regular exercise. Sports not only important for health, but also are a perfect way to brighten up leisure. Street basketball for the last couple of years has become one of the most popular kinds of Amateur sports.

New humorous advertisement for the new S-class serves as a metaphor for the alpha animal in the business world . Leo gets into the new S-class at the end of a long day of work. Here, he is going through mood changes technique: crisp comfortable driving. System that adapts the temperature, aroma, lighting, seats, music and many other components that work according to the wishes of the driver and improve his mood.

The Russian Government has prepared draft amendments to the rules of the system "Platon". The system of "Plato" in addition to charging trucks will also track all trucks carrying municipal solid waste (MSW). The goal is to prevent the creation of illegal landfills.

Toyota has introduced a series of futuristic electric vehicle Concept-i . One of them we have already seen in concept form-i, shown at SEMA earlier this year. But this quadruple of the futuristic car will be joined by two more models to form a series of Concept-i.

MIA returned to the inspectors the right to stop the vehicles out of stationary posts, allowed to check the documents not only the driver but also the passengers. And the inspectors were forbidden to rude and rude. October 20, 2017, the new rules come into effect.

The people of Russia will now be able to record violations of traffic rules on smartphones and using a special application "public inspector" to send the information to traffic police for taking action against the violators. The government approved the development of the system "public inspector".

Chinese Chery Automobile announced the creation of a new brand aimed at European market.New Exeed TX debuted in pre-production form at the Frankfurt motor show and will be the first Chery model that will be offered for sale in Europe.

Mitsubishi renews delivery of the compact crossover ASH to the Russian market . In the middle of August the first cars will go in the official dealership of Mitsubishi in the Russian far East, and from mid-September will appear in all other regions.

The Latest development of Russian scientists will help to solve one of the two main troubles of Russia . The roads of the country will not require a major and lengthy repairs, it is sufficient to add only carbon nanotubes in the bitumen and the road will become much more durable.

Summer heat, the holiday season and many Russians in their cars go to the sea.But on the way to the sea of motorists waiting for many kilometers of traffic jams in which have to stand for several hours.A resident of Sochi on 3 July took a huge multikilometer stopper on the way to the sea

On 21 June from 06.00 to 18.00 in the centre of Krasnodar will be limited traffic on the street Guard, at the intersection of red and the square in front of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar region Also traffic will be limited from 23 June 12.00 to 06.00, 24 Jun

In Russia can make some changes to the rules of the road to approximate their standards to European. So,the new rules touch on roundabouts and "zones soothing movement." Amendments to the rules of the road instructed to prepare the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov .

Alfa Romeo Stelvio gets a new base engine in some markets. Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Many buyers are willing to settle for less powerful Alfa Romeo Stelvi can enjoy today is the first SUV with a new base engine.