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The grandson of the dictator Francisco Franco was found guilty in attack on government officials and dangerous driving. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison. He was also deprived of the rights to two-and-a-half years and must pay more than 4 million euros in damages for injured guards and Civil guard for the damaged car.

MiratexMedia and "Russian journal" invite all your friends and partners to meet again on February 23 and to celebrate in the familiar warm atmosphere of the men's Day. "You will smile and happy mood, performances, and a buffet, raffle prizes and gifts from our sponsors under the fiery music of a professional DJ. And the representatives of the stronger sex will not be deprived of attention and care in this festive evening for them", - organizers promise.

French dairy Lactalis does not exclude that children could consume milk contaminated with Salmonella since 2005. Currently, there are at least 25 confirmed cases of salmonellosis among infants in the period from 2006 to 2016.

For the past two decades residents and authorities of municipalities of the Costa del Sol require construction of a railroad. Apparently, the Central government has finally heard them: the Minister of development, iñigo de La Serna, presented a possible plan for the construction of a branch along the coast of the Malaga province. According to the newspaper ABC, the final decision will depend on the results of the studies, most of which to date, has been implemented. According to de La Serna, a significant part of the route will run underground. The new branch can be stretched to two municipalities of Marbella on the first phase of construction and Estepona on the second. Its starting point is Fuengirola has already been linked with the Malaga railway.

Catalan police arrested 80-year-old resident of cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona), who is accused of stealing medals from the Olympic champion from France. Bronze medal French got the European championship in speed skating, which recently concluded in the German city of Dresden.

Rural La Casa El Olmo in Rioja became the first Parador in Spain, accepting payment in bitcoins, according to El Español. According to the owner of the cottage Christian Acer Hernandez, he first heard about cryptocurrencies a year and a half ago from one of his friends. Interestingly, the hotel is situated in the village, which is home to just 170 people, and bitcoin is not heard before until they started using La Casa El Olmo. "A small village could be in the forefront," says Acer Hernandez.

The Average load of hotels of Barcelona last year was 80% and their turnover increased by 6%, according to the news Agency, citing statements by the President of the Guild of hoteliers, Jordi Clos. According to him, such results were possible thanks to the outstanding results of the first half. They compensated for the loss of the last months caused by the August terrorist attacks, political instability and hostility of local residents towards tourists.

According to official figures, the population density in Spain is not too high and is only 93 persons per square kilometer, however, the Professor at the University of Sheffield Alistair ray thinks otherwise: in his opinion, the real situation affects the distribution of the population in the territory, writes La Vanguardia.

Spanish archaeologists have found inside the ancient dolmen arrowheads and blades made of material resembling glass, reports The Olive Press. In addition, the number of finds has also been found a few items of clothing created from tens of thousands of perforated amber beads. Experts believe that the settlement, which was located on the territory of the municipality Valencina de La Concepcion, existed in the interval from 3 500 to 2 700 BC.

In the district of Les Corts in Barcelona opened a new library, named after the Catalan poet Montserrat abello According to news Agency of Spain, at the moment the Fund has about 45 000 different editions. Our main specialty is the literature on the philosophy of "do it yourself" on the independent manufacture and repair of various commodities.

Last Wednesday, the Madrid officers of the National police arrested the alleged offender who was charged with breach of a sentence and the Commission of gender-based violence, which is intended to leave the country and fly to Colombia. According to news Agency of Spain, the victim filed complaint at the police station and was issued a protective order, as the police estimated the level of the risk as very high.

About 30 teenagers from Bilbao offenders in the period from 2016 to 2017, did not suffer the prescribed punishment. According to El Español, to such conclusion the urban juvenile courts. Based on the obtained information, the judiciary has adopted a number of preventive measures, releasing appropriate orders on 9 January. The reason for this was the December number of crimes, including the murder of a former football player Because of Urengoja and rape of a teenage girl by a group of minors. Shortly thereafter, in the district Charcoale was murdered elderly couple, and the tragedy was also involved teenagers.

Last Tuesday, the Minister of defense of Spain maría Dolores de Cospedal presented in the Congress of deputies information about foreign military missions over the past year during which to conduct 17 different campaigns was allocated 834,9 million euros. According to the newspaper ABC, based on the total population, which is 46.5 million people, then each inhabitant of the country spends on defense 18 euros per year. This amount coming from the contingency Fund, in comparison increased by 8.2% compared to the end of 2016.

For a young man who received a driver's license a year ago, the probability of getting in an accident was 3.7 times higher than for an experienced driver. In the case of motorcyclists, this figure increased to 6.7. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the thematic research conducted by the platform Estamos Seguros based on data for the year 2016. They also noted that young drivers are 1.6 times more likely to be the cause of serious accidents compared to more experienced drivers over the age of 35 years.

Russia's Honorary Consul in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Gonzalo Parade on Friday should be brought to justice in cases of violence against women. The Consul was detained after messages received from his ex-wife - citizens of Russia, who works in the Consulate, reports the Agency EFE with reference to sources in court.