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Avoid the use of potentially dangerous utensils and bottles new year's eve the city of Madrid will distribute those present at the Puerta del Sol 18 000 plastic cups. This is reported by news agencies Spain with reference to the press release of the city administration.

The Outgoing year was for the Spanish property market is a good period, and analysts believe that in 2018, the upward trend will continue. As reported by news agencies of the country, increasing the confidence of the investors and their ambition to achieve profitability, this factor contributed to the expansion of the range of opportunities for investment in real estate.

Recently, one of the most discussed topics in social networks was Tabarna – region, which hypothetically could combine Barcelona and Tarragona, leaving them in the part of Spain in the case of separation of Catalonia from it. A petition on the website has already gained more than 15,000 signatures.

Cristiano Ronaldo has blamed the Spanish tax authorities that it applied to him more stringent criteria than Lionel Messi, according to El Mundo. The attorneys of the defender of Madrid "real" has submitted an application to the court of the city of Pozuelo de alarcón, which compared the cases of two of the star players associated with the taxes on the income from the rights to the image.

The Current holiday season will be for trade sector one of the most successful since the beginning of the crisis, writes El Mundo. According to the consulting company Nielsen, sales in the food segment will grow by about 3%, while the experts of the Association of distributors, self-service outlets and supermarkets (Asedas) talking about 3-5%. For consumer goods this is a pretty significant increase, as it usually is extremely stable and is not so strong dynamics.

Catalonia is experiencing significant problems from the point of view of financial stability – is so serious that to reduce its debt to 13% of total GDP, as required by the Law of stability, it can not at least until 2047, while to achieve this result, the regions of the country needs by 2020. About it reports El Mundo, citing data from the Independent authority fiscal responsibility (AIRef). The authors of the report noted that Castille – La Mancha and Valencia also will not be able to fulfill the task in time and come to the planned figures are about the same time. Murcia, in turn, will be able to improve its financial sector by 2042.

Officers of the Civil guard found the culprit of the incident in a commuter bus, in which two young men received chemical burns. It was a 50-year-old woman, which is being investigated in connection with causing injury by negligence. According to news Agency of Spain, it poured industrial cleaner pipe on the seat of a bus traveling in the Madrid suburb of Algete. As a result, the passengers, stranded on this place, received burns. The suspect is on the loose in call waiting from the court.

The Spanish government approved the increase of minimum wage in 2018 4% to € 736. And by 2020, subject to the achievement of the planned indicators of economic growth and employment, the minimum wage could rise to 850 euros.

Ministry of internal Affairs of Spain recalls this week all staff of the National police and Civil guard, which was sent to Catalonia before the illegal referendum on 1 October. Additional police forces will be out of the Autonomous region to 30 Dec.

The German company BMW Motorrad, BMW-owned consortium, handed over the traffic division of the Civil guard 291 motorcycle model R 1200 RT news agencies report Spain. Representatives of the company noted that these vehicles will provide additional security officers patrolling the roads and country trails. According to them, the new model will replace the BMW R 850 RT and will be used on the Iberian Peninsula, Canary and Balearic Islands.

The Municipality of Madrid for the second time in a row will limit the number of viewers who will be present at the Puerta del Sol new year's eve. According to the publication Qué, 21:00 from the streets of Arenal, Mayor, Puerta de alcalá and Carrera de San jerónimo, it will run a maximum of 25 000 people.

On 25 December, the former king of Spain Juan Carlos and his wife doña sofía invited guests for the Christmas dinner at the Zarzuela Palace, writes El Mundo. The couple invited the current Royal couple, Felipe and Letizia with daughters Leonor and Sofia, and Elena Infante with children Froilano and Victoria Federica. The celebration was also attended by sisters of the king, the Infanta Margarita, who arrived with her husband Carlos Surety and children, Alfonso and Maria, and doña Pilar, accompanied by five children and their families. Invited guests included cousins ex-monarch, so among the guests ended up about a hundred representatives of the family of the Bourbons. However, none of them was the second daughter of Juan Carlos and Sofia, Infanta Cristina...

The Minister of internal Affairs of Spain Juan Ignacio Zoido ordered the police to conduct an internal investigation after the Network got photos of the meager Christmas dinner for police officers of the number of additional forces, which were sent to Catalonia.

On 26 December in Malaga, two earthquakes struck. According to the National geographic Institute, in both cases the earthquake was at a depth of 79 kilometers in the municipality of Torremolinos. The first tremors three points on the Richter scale were registered in the night, at 02:10. A second earthquake with magnitude of 3.1 points occurred at 05:09.

Son of the Infanta Elena Froilan de Marichalar became the victim of a robbery, according to the newspaper 20 Minutos. The incident occurred on December 6, when Marichalar and his friends exited the arcade. The attackers stole young people a large sum, which they carried in the envelope. In recent months, the king's nephew was a frequent visitor to the Canoe room, located on the capital's Paseo de La Castellana.