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The Candidate from the popular party (PP) in the upcoming Catalan elections, Xavier garcía Albiol said that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy "forced Pokdemon to go a thousand kilometers away from Catalonia", referring to the escape of the former head of the regional government in Belgium. According to news Agency of Spain, during predvybornoi events held in the hall of the Teatre Auditori of Salou (Tarragona), Albiol assured that eks-the President of the Generalitat and head of the party list JuntsxCat Carles Pujdeme "afraid of the Prime Minister".

The Court of Almeria has pronounced a sentence to local residents whose children regularly skipped school. According to news Agency of Spain, one of the children did not attend educational institution for more than a year and was enrolled in his forces, but still constantly absent without valid reason.

In Madrid opened its doors to the temporary store of the brand Porsche, which is located at Fernando El Santo, 14. According to the publication EcoMotor, guests space Porsche Tracks can get acquainted with all the secrets of the brand and its history, tradition and innovation. Visitors can enjoy both historical models like the classic Porsche 356 or 911, and the Porsche prototype of the E Mission, the first fully electric model with the engine capacity of 600 HP and autonomy more than 500 kilometers.

New York (USA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) were the most popular new year's destinations among Spaniards, according to news agencies of the country with reference to search history of In 2016, the inhabitants of the country saw off the old year in London, Paris and Lisbon, but this time their preferences have moved beyond the European continent. London dropped to third place in the ranking of the most popular cities. Behind him in the list, followed by Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Electoral Commission demanded to remove yellow ribbons from the Christmas tree, decorating the interior of buildings of the Generalitat in Girona. According to news agencies in the region, this measure was adopted at the request of the representatives of the party Ciudadanos in city hall, who felt that in this way in a public building expressed personal sympathy for a particular political movement: the yellow ribbons that hung themselves civil servants, symbolizing the movement for the liberation of political prisoners.

A Number of decisions on divorce and the preceding separation in Spain in the third quarter of the year fell by 7.8% compared to the same period in 2016, news Agency in the country, citing data from the Statistical service of the General Council of the judiciary.

Specialists of the National of Barcelona supercomputing center (BSC-CNS) will lead the process of developing a European chip, according to La Vanguardia. The corresponding project of the European Commission aims to guarantee a technological sovereignty and industrial competitiveness of the region.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the king of Spain Felipe VI national factory minting and printing (FNMT) will release a collector's colored coin with face value of 30 euros, according to the newspaper Las Provincias. It is made of copper and 925 silver and will be released in the first quarter of 2018. The total size of the circulation will be 1 million copies, but this figure may be lower or higher depending on the level of demand.

In the course held in St.-Petersburg ceremony of the World Travel Awards Europe 2017 Spain has received four awards in various categories, according to the newspaper ABC. In particular, its representatives have won the European level in the categories of "Best casino resort, Best resort and the best premium villas", "the Best business and conference tourism" and "Best resort".

National police detained a resident of castellón, which has caused serious damage to the health of your ex boyfriend: according to news Agency of Spain, the attackers threw the man in the face of pumpkin seeds, which he is allergic. Police sources confirmed that the incident occurred at the Central market in castellón. Apparently, the applicant has been banned for approaching his ex-girlfriend who, in turn reported him to the police for ill-treatment.

Terrorist was driving the car that crashed into a crowd on La Rambla in Barcelona August 17, younès Abuaku and his brother Hussein, who belonged to a terrorist cell, was secretly buried this week in his hometown of Mrirt in Morocco.

Three people, including two employees of the civil guard, was killed in a shootout on Thursday, December 14, in Teruel, near the town of Albalate del Arzobispo. Friday morning was arrested the alleged killer of Norbert fehér. He is of Serbian origin, is one of the most wanted fugitives in Italy and is known under the alias "Igor Russian".

Doctor of Oviedo, which was charged in the death of suffocated because of the popcorn eight month old girl, was sentenced to a year in prison and barred from professional activities. In addition, the medic will have to pay the family of the deceased child compensation in the amount of 130 000 euros. According to news Agency of Spain, the court found that the defendant had a bronchoscopy, and regarded her actions as causing death due to negligence. The girl died on March 14, 2013 from the lack of oxygen caused by airway obstruction. The death came five days after she inhaled a grain of corn.

Civil guard was disbanded a gang involved in selling stolen in Europe, cars in Spain, according to news agencies of the country. The group was operating in the territory of Madrid, Navarra and Badajoz. As a result of the operation, were arrested four citizens of Spain, which law enforcement seized 17 luxury cars with a total value of 650,000 euros. Prisoners are accused of theft of vehicles, illegal prisvoenie property, falsification of documents, fraud and belonging to an organized criminal group. They were transferred to the court, then released pending the hearing. The operation continues to this day, and the Civil guard does not preclude further action.

The Company Hidraqua to secure the supply of drinking water in Benidorm (Alicante), intends next year to contribute actively to the transformation of a local beach in "the smart coast of Spain" due to the introduction of a system of interaction with swimmers. According to news Agency of Spain, with reference to the statements of the territorial Director Hidraqua Miguel ángel Benito, the implementation of this task will use the same methods as when creating a technology center Dinapsis.