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Blog You will find reflections and concrete recipes on how to create a website, how to organize a local web server with support for the latest trends in the web industry, using different technologies and on the basis of different operating systems, how to select an optimal hosting platform for Your customers. You can find rubric review of system and application software and articles on programming.

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Dear blog readers! Want to earn more, despite jumps of exchange rates? Take part in the competition the azartcashaffiliate program for webmasters and SEO professionals with a prize Fund of $15 000! Anyone can take multiple prizes and win up to 3000$, in addition to the main earnings with the affiliate program. In the first category will be evaluated and the establishment [...]

Good Day, dear visitors and subscribers of my blog! Today we will talk about the creation of the online store with the position of the owner of an existing business or other interested parties. Yes, this article is for novice online entrepreneurs, or those who are planning to become so. We can say that this post is a continuation of my previous article the online store for the company in which I considered several [...]

Today I would like to talk about the problems that face modern entrepreneurs, responsible representatives of trade organizations, which plan to open online store for your company. Of course from the standpoint of Internet marketing, close to me the industry knowledge and practical application. I propose to reflect on several issues that are now most acute for new projects in the field of electronic Commerce. Attention, [...]

Today publish my personal selection of services for webmasters. I most often use these services when writing a new article or work with any website. We all need those or other online tools creating site or in the process of writing, a kind of suitcase specialist, but some webmasters use solely applications although if you work at the same time [...]

Hello dear readers of my blog, today I want to talk about graphical user interfaces in a historical retrospective on the example of the most popular Windows OS. But first we will focus on graphical user shells of different operating systems, they are also called gui or gooey, in a less professional environment is just a "window" or "desktop", since most operating systems come equipped [...]

Computer network enabled and allow the user to transfer digital data from one remote device to another, collectively shared network resources and peripheral devices. To collaborate in a single LAN hardware from different manufacturers were required harmonization and standardization of approaches to building local networks. For the period 80-ies of the last century finally formed the basic standards of distributed computing systems, [...]

Today we will talk about how to install Android on a laptop or netbook. This topic will be interesting for all fans of this lightweight operating system from Google, which was developed specifically for compact devices. So I was interested in the question: "can I use free Android on my older laptop, with the same success as on a smartphone?". It turns out that [...]

Perhaps any man would like to live in this house, where everything is routine home care for yourself would be the equipment. And you are not dreaming of the house where the Windows open in the morning, and closes as soon as it gets dark, the doors themselves open to the owner, and closed before a stranger, the light is switched on and off by voice command? Earlier this desire [...]

Any webmaster knows that content is the main part of any website, and once we put the content first, and then the fonts for the site should take enough of our attention, as it is typography provides the correct perception of our interactive text. In the past we have always lacked the rich, constructive and creative web typography. We were caught [...]

I Greet you, dear readers of my blog! After a short break I have matured the idea of writing articles about local computer network. Today I will talk about the history of the emergence and development of the first local area networks. Since widespread distribution network of computer technology was not much time, but now few people remember the story, how it all began. Of course, [...]

Most on the market unusual and inexpensive devices can hardly be referred to high-tech. Small modern gadgets are a different story. It seems that the structure of them even quite simple, but they can be very useful and relatively cheap gadgets from China. I will pay attention only to those gadgets that found in computer stores of the city. [...]

Device created on the basis of high technologies, has long been entrenched in our everyday life. High technology is the engine of the modern society, they help us in our work and create comfort at home while relaxing in your free time. Today we cannot imagine our life without a variety of household appliances, many of which are high-tech device, which [...]

If you plan to develop serious web project, you can not do without a good host. No matter what type of hosting you choose, in any case, one of the most important parameters of the server will be his uptime. The server have properties "fall" for different reasons, and with them your site is no longer listed on the Internet. If your site with [...]

Home automation controllers - this appliance, basic element in the composition of the Central home automation system when using this circuit switching. In complex systems, the primary purpose of the controller is integrated into a single information network of all devices, responsible for intellectual functions for sending control signals to the actuators. Executive devices, in turn, transform command signal in regulatory impact [...]

Profession Internet-marketing - modern and demand in the labour market. The need for the members of this profile are the result of evolution of employers ' views on promotion of their goods and services in the global network Internet. Nowadays it is impossible to ignore the capabilities of the network with marketing support existing business or in the process of their creation. But what exactly is the responsibility of the Internet marketer, [...]