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Blog You will find reflections and concrete recipes on how to create a website, how to organize a local web server with support for the latest trends in the web industry, using different technologies and on the basis of different operating systems, how to select an optimal hosting platform for Your customers. You can find rubric review of system and application software and articles on programming.

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What to choose as a PBX? Panasonic PBX or free of Asterisk? Today I invite you to reflect on the question - Asterisk VS Panasonic, to dispel myths and look at the reality of choice. The issue identified in the heading of this article, stands in front of every system administrator, which the management has set the task of equipping the office with modern communication system. Visionary staff geek want you [...]

I already wrote about the problems of development and peculiarities of technology PLC in my previous article, now it's time to talk about what PowerLine technology from the constructive point of view. The theoretical basis of technology PowerLine is the use of the frequency separation of the signal, at which high-speed data stream is divided into a number of relatively low-speed streams, each of which is transferred to a separate sub-carrier [...]

Technology PLC (Power Line Communication) is a modern telecommunication technology based on the use of a power grid for high-speed information exchange. The experimental data transmission over power was conducted long time ago, but a low rate and a weak immunity were the bottleneck of this technology. But progress does not stand still, and see the more powerful DSP processors (DSP) gave [...]

Today I'll talk about how to make a hidden link. I suggest a fairly simple way to insert a hidden link, not that this is the best option, but this is the way I posted a few links on other sites in the hope of getting profit. I propose to hide the link in the text or in the code of the site through CSS, as well as talk [...]

Today I'll talk about how to install Chrome OS. Personally, I wonder what is the operating system how complicated to install chrome os, and do I want in the system VirtualBox virtualization software. But first I want to tell about the reasons of occurrence of this OS. More and more people nowadays are involved in [...]

So, how free to check out the text on the uniqueness?. How to ensure the uniqueness of own text (even thought sometimes the same), determine the degree of uniqueness of rewriting (unikalizirovannogo text)? These questions many webmasters or just experienced users of the network who are actively engaged in their blogs. And if you have only recently realized the importance of «Unica», then you need to check your website on [...]