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All about bodybuilding, spotrivnom nutrition, anabolic steroids and strength sports!

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9 November 2013 will be the Next step power marathon "Yard press" on prizes of the fitness club " Kangaroo" in 4 nominations "55 kg, 75 kg, 100 kg and 150 kg" in the midst of the guys. With the support of bison Pro-sport promotion and Gomel city "BRSM". The event will be held in fitness club "Kangaroo" at the address: , Gomel, street Lenin street, 3. The beginning of competitions [...]

100% Whey Gold Standard (940 g), Optimum Nutrition 1400 roubles Proteins (protein consistency) Vanilla Milk chocolate Description: do You realize that building muscle criteria constant training on the strength we need to consume more than 2 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight? This refers not only consumed about, and learned about the amount of protein, [...]

Manufacturers of additives, the company MuscleTech, report that they took all the best ingredients in order to provide its customers with the best fat burning and best energotehnologii effect in one preparation. The editors of the portal has prepared a review of this addition to own constant readers. Now, let's find out what the product MuscleTech Hydoxystim. Into its structure enters a huge number of active extracts - [...]

October 19, ended Czech Pro-tournament "evls Prague Pro - 2013, which will be the last in the post-Olympic series for the elite world of bodybuilding. At the tournament participated and famous Russian bodybuilders: Yury Lyavonau, which occupies 11th place, and Alexey Lesukov, become 13-m won Kai Greene. Fantastic form showed Dexter Jackson, he took 2nd place. The athlete that should be noted here, [...]

Protein - certainly, one of the most discussed nutrients in the modern world of sports. Footballers and athletes law enforcement agencies should be consumed in excessive quantities, and those whose sport is aerobic temper, you should use it much less. And while nutritionists say that ordinary diet contains so more than enough protein. The question is, where in this [...]

Heard that pitching in a skirmish not export? Kachkov beat even scrawny guys who are involved in or martial arts. Pitching slow and not ocluzie and while they will threaten ordinary soldier have their "sleep" will be laid. Familiar words? Surely everyone has heard something similar, but think from whom did You hear that? Whoever said this is probably [...]

This Saturday, October 26, Prague starts the world championship on power lifting and bench pressing Federation AWPC/WPC. Yuri Ustinov, President of the Federation AWPC/WPC Our homeland, has told to "Metal WORLD" about these events: "the world championship in Prague will be the biggest WPC world championship in the history of the organization. About 900 athletes from more than 35 countries of the world will gather to [...]

Concrete representation that all this food for sport to achieve failed. Proponents of all trumpeting that it is very useful and necessary, and opponents, in turn, associate nutrition for sport with different anabolic steroids. What this basically we try to understand. Nutrition for sports - a set of different supplements [...]

Month back we announced the holding of the Cup of the Eastern Europe AWPC/WPC in Vologda from 8 to 10 November 2013. Reception of applications is over, and the organizer of competitions Sergey Dluzhnevskaya shared with "IRON WORLD" analysis of nomination of participants of the Cup: "Geographically tournament presents 71 city of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Spain. Total number of participants - 400. Participants with the title "Elite of Russia" - [...]

Amino Gold (325 tab), Ultimate Nutrition 1400 roubles Amino acids Description: Even the consumption of significant portions of protein goods supply does not guarantee Podbelskogo saturation of organism with all necessary resources. Because muscle cells in your body metabolize not protein, and its constituent amino acids. And if the products do not contain the appropriate number of amino acids, the amount of absorbed protein never will [...]

"Protein" in a translation into Russian means "protein"! Our article will focus on the high-protein group, in other words it will come products with domination of protein. Surely, this is the most popular and best selling products - and deservedly. The range of introduction is very wide, and to restore at least some level of fitness, and weight, and during the diet! [...]

Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free (120 capsules), Twinlab 1000 rubles fat Burners, weight loss description: the Fear that you have accumulated deposits of subcutaneous fat is never lost? Inconclusive workout lead you to despair? It is time to use a very affordable, but unparalleled effective use of the product Twinlab Ripped Fuel Ephedra Free. This is a highly effective product that contains only non-dangerous [...]

Carnitine Infusion (480 ml), SciFit 730 rubles fat Burners, weight loss Fruit Description: in order to build a really nice body, you must not only have a great start lipolytic processes in your body. Fundamentally also to bring them to a logical end. We mean, of course, the removal of fatty acids into the mitochondria! To achieve himself, not with the help from outside, it is very difficult. Tissue [...]

Today creatine monohydrate is rightfully considered the most popular food Supplement as Professor of athletes and sports fans. And this is not the case. Taking creatine can Troitsa better over a longer period of time, but the increased intensity of the training contributes more quick growth of the power and increase lean muscle mass. But, according to [...]

Opti-Men (90 tablets), Optimum Nutrition 690 rubles Vitamins and minerals Description: Vitamins and minerals are involved in all metabolic processes in your body. Into their number enters tissue, the absorption of incoming nutrients and almost everything else. The criteria for constant physical stress the need for a variety of nutrients very grows. That's why intensively involved [...]