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Prepare a major research study to establish a recognized level of daily dosage of vitamin K2 for the prevention of serious diseases. This effort joined the firm Nattopharma. Nattopharma is a Norwegian firm that first developed the fermented form of the vitamin, called MenaQ7 (MK-7). Vitamin K2 can be found in foods such as natto, a fermented soybean paste from Japan and naturally fermented cheeses. Learn more [...] The post the Vitamin K2 needed daily dose appeared first on Technomad.

Skin Aging is more than a cosmetic problem. This warning sign of loss of integrity and functionality of skin, which can affect our overall health. The study, published last year, show that astaxanthin is the carotenoid that gives the bright red color of salmon, krill and shrimp 1-3, also helps to maintain the function of the skin and structural integrity. 4,5 Researchers have identified the ability of astaxanthin to target two skin problems: Wrinkles and loss of moisture of aging skin, 4 [...] The post Astaxanthin slows skin aging appeared first on Technomad.

Over the past few years has begun research on the drug to the nicotinamide ribozid (NR) due to its unique highly efficient mechanism to increase the connection level of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). The ability of NR to increase ABOVE levels has been demonstrated in many peer-reviewed preclinical studies, as well as three published clinical trials on humans. 1-3 last year, leading the researchers NAD, as well as leading cardiologists and researchers [...] The post Nicotinamide ribozid third successful scientific study on humans appeared first on Technomad.

As we grow older, we become less growth. But many people don't know that the height is just one indicator that speaks about the decrease with age: our hearts, facial bones and sex organs and the brain is also reduced. Such changes often go hand in hand with health problems. Today we investigate the age [...] The post Age-related changes, almost everything becomes less when you age appeared first on Technomad.

Prevention of kidney stones is one of the most frequent queries in the yandex search, and it's a really important question, according to statistics, every 10 people will get a kidney stone in the flow of life. Even a tiny formed stones cause terrible pain during the movement of the urinary ways. Urolithiasis is one of the most painful diseases. The foolish [...] The post The Prevention of kidney stones appeared first on Technomad.

Today I decided to write an article about biohackers and biohacking in General — is becoming more popular in the world and I think this trend will only grow with the increase of possibilities of diagnosis and kolomeisky modern gadgets and appliances and availability of the different interventions and influences on the human body, so let's get started. What biohacking? The recently published article by one [...] the post Biohacking — new fashion? Or a means to live forever and become God? appeared first on Technomad.

In today's article I want though with a great delay but to tell about my impressions from visiting the school of longevity is organized in Kostroma-known figure in the field of anti-aging and transhumanist, Mikhail Batini. I live in Saratov and to get to Moscow I don't is very simple: 14-15 hours on the train or bus, usually for the sake of economy I prefer to travel by bus. [...] The post The School of longevity in Kostroma appeared first on Technomad.

Interesting news recently came out is long known cheap dye methylene blue scientific studies have shown the ability to slow the aging of human skin cells. There was even the idea to buy and test for yourself — at least on the skin, as it is known that the skin is aging ahead of most of the skin of the person due to constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation like the sun so [...] The post Methylene blue a remedy for aging skin? appeared first on Technomad.

Today the article is devoted to one of the most promising technologies for dealing with aging — combating cellular aging and fight against cinescenie cells. Deliverance of the body from senescent cells could conceivably significantly reduce the overall aging of the organism and possibly to reverse the already existing outward signs of aging — ie externally to rejuvenate people. Senescent cells — CELLS Senescent ZOMBIES, [...] The post Cell aging and cell zombies appeared first on Technomad.

Are diagnosed Each year, nearly 900,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the world, so it is especially important for men, and for women caring for their men to know how to prevent prostate cancer. Prostate cancer develops when abnormal cells in the prostate grow faster than normal in the prostate and form a malignant tumor. Prostate cancer [...] The post PREVENT PROSTATE CANCER WITH EXERCISE AND DRUGS appeared first on Technomad.

Welcome readers, in this article I will talk about magnesium – it is truly a magical trace, which can greatly improve your health and even slow down General aging of the organism. Magnesium one of the most important minerals for our body, lack of which along with vitamin D are very common in more than 75% of the planet's inhabitants. Why is this happening? The main reason is insufficient [...] The post the Lack of magnesium in the body, how to eliminate and why is this useful? appeared first on Technomad.

For immortalist and transhumanist as well, and for the average person it is especially important to start your profitable business, especially in times of crisis when work for wage work did not promising for the preservation of health and longevity – the level of income will allow you to get the best medical care and advanced methods of diagnosis. You need to organize your profitable business – this is important. [...][Newline]The post Simple business for immortalist and transhumanist appeared first on Technomad.

Congratulate the readers a happy new year! I wish to implement in the new year all goals, while carefully preserving health and youth. The new year is a time when everywhere go through various promotions, perhaps my readers will be interested in the action, which is the online store of natural products IHERB – 30 Dec there is a special offer allowing you to purchase any [...] The post congratulates the readers happy new year! appeared first on Technomad.

In today's article I will talk about new and important data, which provided us the Foundation of life extension Life extansion in your science journal for December 2016, the article comprehensively describes the increase of homocysteine in the blood, and an erroneous studies showing the harmlessness of increasing the level of homocysteine in the blood and consequences. The increase of homocysteine – incorrect data on the safety of No one [...] the post Homocystein upgraded? Expect serious consequences! appeared first on Technomad.

Today will detail Life Extension Foundation life extension USA, which was founded to Finance medical research in the field of health and prolongation of life, just over 30 years ago. Now he produces the best medicines to maintain health, issues a research journal. Life Extension Foundation (life extension) — this is the full name, the organization was founded in 1980 in [...] The post The Life Extension Foundation life extension appeared first on Technomad.