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Amendments to the Code of administrative offences are prepared in the Federation Council of the administrative code may receive a separate article, which will punish sellers for the lack of book of complaints and suggestions. Appropriate amendments to the legislation already prepared in the Federation Council, and senators thought it necessary to bring to the development of specialists of Rospotrebnadzor. the Development amendments to the legislation Committee of the Federation Council agricultural and food policy and environmental management, to be letters Committee head Mikhail Shchetinin in the government. The document on recommendations "to ensure food quality and control over their security."

Rospatent has prepared a proposal to increase the existing duties to the inventors and the introduction of new. The Ombudsman for intellectual property rights requests to narrow the powers of the Agency the invention in the Russian Federation can rise twice, product mark — 30%. Rospatent has also proposed to introduce higher tariffs for expedited examination of patent applications. the Federal service for intellectual property (Rospatent) has drafted amendments to the government decree of 10 December 2008 concerning fees for the registration of patents, utility models, trademarks. Today registration of applications for invention together with the examination costs 1650 rubles — plus $ 250 for each claim in excess of 25. New price — 3330...

The Test was initiated by the government, where they want to understand why the trading volumes of fuel has decreased to a minimum Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has examined the Russian gas company the subject of their exchange activity. Check initiated by instruction Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, reported in the FAS. Its purpose was to establish why the gas sales on the exchange are reduced, despite the fact that the regulator insists on their increase. It turned out that the standards for the mandatory terms of sale of oil and gas at auction is still not , consistent energy. The Agency delays the adoption of appropriate documents for several years, and here analysts see lobbying by the major players — they are not in a hurry...

Growth rates 11 times makes unprofitable small business in an apartment homes Entrepreneurs, occupying the first floors in houses, may soon be forced to curtail business due to rising utility payments. It stated "Support of Russia" addressed to the FAS "Proposal for inclusion in the report on the state of competition in Russia". [Newline] data "Support of Russia", because of the new procedure for calculating payments for heat has grown at least two and sometimes 11 times. As stated in the report "Support of Russia", in the last heating season, the entrepreneurs, occupying space in apartment buildings, faced with an increase tariffs for heating.

An Elderly resident of Krasnoyarsk had to resort to the police, to prove to the staff of the regional the Pension Fund that he is still alive and entitled to receive his pension. [Newline] it reported in GU MVD of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai. the words of law enforcement officers, the incident occurred in mid-January. the Pensioner came to a monthly payment in the mail, but they said, that his account was closed, as in a pension Fund he is dead. - the Man kept his head and went to the police, to the chief of district commissioners Natalia Twotinos. Making a request to the passport and visa service of the regional center, she confirmed that the passport pensioner valid and dead he is not listed. She also did a check on the fingerprint, in...

Railway court of Novosibirsk has sentenced to long terms the imprisonment of former employees of VTB Bank, which was accused of embezzlement more than 1.1 billion rubles, said on Tuesday the administration of the state office of public Prosecutor in the Siberian Federal district. " the verdict against the residents of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region Vadim Grigorieva, Larisa Zhukova, Alexander Krivenko, Irina's fixed Larissa Golovach. They were found guilty of crimes, under article "embezzlement", Grigoriev and Dolgov also committing a crime under article "legalization (laundering) of funds", — stated in the message. According the Agency, from June 2006 to may 2008, Grigoriev, working in positions the Manager of branch "Novosibirsk" OJSC...

The government is considering the possibility of a return of tax sales. This was announced by several officials at the Federal level. the newspaper "Vedomosti", this solution may become an alternative to increase the VAT rate to 22%, which was announced by the Ministers of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov. According to the newspaper, the final decision on taxes will be made after may 2018. While this is not the usual tax . It probably is a classic on sales tax in the amount of 2-3%. This step will allow not to allocate the tax on the check and not increase the price.