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General Director without employment contract and wages is a common situation in small developing companies. Understand whether this situation is whether it meets legal standards and how to apply head. Let's start with the question: can the Director-General to work without wages? It all depends on the status of the employee. For example, if it is experienced and qualified Manager, involved in the business side, you will have to pay anyway. Hardly a top Manager will agree to work as a volunteer. Another question: could the Director not get paid if he the founder? Can. But it may get. The situation relevant for the weak, only growing business when the entrepreneur tries to spin. Additional costs in the form of private wages unprincipled and irrational.

One of the types of revenues that accrue to the institution is the income of the assessed contractor fines, penalties, forfeits for breach of agreements and contracts. Not always the supplier or contractor agrees with the submitted claim. In this case, the dispute is settled in court. To correctly reflect this in accounting, the accountant must answer a number of questions. At what point to recognize the income in the event of a disputed claim? What amount should be reflected in the accounting for the accrual of income? What if the court decides to reduce the amount of the penalty? GHS "Income" regardless of, whether the contractor disputes the amount of a penalty, or no, income should be recognized in accounting on the date of receiving the complaint. And...

Study leave is a separate guarantee of the labour code, according to which the employee is relieved of work at the time of training. Moreover, during this period, he laid a charge. We will understand who is eligible for educational leave, as they are paid for in 2019. Who is able to Qualify for educational leave shall have the right, not all workers. A privilege can count only key employees who are also full-time students or correspondence departments of educational institutions and receive education for the first time (article 177, 287 TK the Russian Federation). In addition to these conditions, the legislature has provided a limitation in terms of duration:

Interregional Inspectorate of the FTS of Russia for major taxpayers have the right to appoint repeated field tax audit in order to monitor the activities of subordinate tax authorities. Appropriate explanations are contained in the letter of FNS of Russia from April 11, 2019 n SA-4-22/6844@. Namely, we are talking about control over activities on inspections of FNS of Russia for the largest taxpayers that are excluded from the structure of managements FNS of Russia on subjects of the Russian Federation and transferred to the interregional inspection (order FTS of Russia from November 13, 2018 № MMV-7-4/643@ "On the structure and limiting number of territorial bodies of Federal tax service"). Recall that on the basis of paragraph 10 of article 89 of the Tax...

The Fes explained whether the employee who wrote the application at own will in conflict with the employer of the situation, do not wait for formal consent to the dismissal and to stop work on the date specified. What happened? On the website "Onlinespecial.of the Russian Federation" an employee of one of commercial organizations asked a question about dismissal at own will in a conflict situation with the employer. The question of the user was: Tell me, please, when to be issued the calculation and work book for dismissal if the resignation is due to conflict with the employer? The employer denies dismissal specifically and does not let go from work, until you find a replacement. What do the worker if he's already found a new job and he was there waiting...

Meeting of creditors in case of bankruptcy of a legal entity is a form of organization of stakeholders through which interaction is made with the debtor in the bankruptcy. In the case of the bankruptcy of a person having the right requirements, must submit to the liquidator their claims for inclusion in the registry. With the aim of protecting the rights and interests of the persons entitled claims against the debtor, convenes a meeting of creditors. In case of bankruptcy of a legal entity further interaction between parties is performed through this body. Legal regulation of legal relations is carried out on the basis of the Federal law from 26.10.2002 № 127-FZ. Rights and obligations of the parties

The Ministry of transport talked about some of the nuances of filling of waybills (letter of the Ministry of transport of Russia of 8 April 2019 n D3-531-PG letter from the Ministry of transport of Russia dated 4 April 2019 n D3-514-PG). First, it is explained that when making directions the sequence of carrying out of pretrip medical examinations of driver and pre-trip or pre-shift inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle by the legislation of the Russian Federation is not established. This means that medical examinations can be conducted later technical control and Vice versa. Secondly, according to the Ministry of transport, we can arrange one waybill for several drivers in that case, when during the day (flight) one vehicle controlled...

People who have lost everything in the fire, I can't find on the market housing on the installed power prices, Residents of the burnt houses in the village Uptar, Magadan region for two months are unable to obtain monetary compensation for the loss of property, which they promised to pay within a week, no money. Difficulties have arisen with the new modern housing which the authorities are obliged to provide them, as the house was previously recognised as emergency and subject to resettlement. Who in the case of destruction of property by fire can count on cash payments, under what conditions, at what time and why homeowners refuse to sell it to the fire victims. The house burned down, the people were saved

The Agreement on entering of the Deposit is a document evidencing a financial way to enforce the principal obligation under the supply agreement or purchase and sale. The Deposit agreement is to ensure the fulfillment of obligations recognized in relation to it main. A term introduced by the Civil code in the Chapter on enforcement. In articles 380 and 381 of the civil code a definition of the term and the consequences of nonperformance of the contract on him. Is a legislative framework of such relations. Definition the Deposit is the hard guarantee the fulfillment of all conditions of the contract: for these purposes, one party gives them a second specific amount of money which can lose in case of failure of the contract through the fault of this side. If...

The sale is one of the final stages of bankruptcy, which is held in respect of the bankrupt to cover the claims of its creditors. Describe how to implement a property with the bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals. sale of property of the bankrupt within bankruptcy proceedings, it is regulated by Chapter VII of the Federal law from 26.10.2002 № 127 "About an inconsistency (bankruptcy)" (FZ № 127). Implementation of bankrupt citizens is regulated in Chapter X of this law. The arbitration court decision enters receivership (KP). It lasts six months (likely to extend for the same period). The court shall appoint a special bankruptcy (financial) Manager, he organizes and controls the implementation of property and rassredotochit funds that raised in...

The status symbol of a taxpayer's information in the form of a two-digit code which appears in various tax documents. The numbers inform the IRS about which person and what kind of enumeration it makes to the budget. The article talked about the importance and the basic indicators of the status of the taxpayer. Sometimes accountants are confusing two similar-sounding concepts: "the legal status of taxpayers" and "indicator of status of the taxpayer". The first has nothing to fill the payment order. The second is established by the Russian legislation a two-digit code for filling the payment order, tax returns and other documentation that contains information for the tax on the tax payer. That is, data about the payer in the budget. The value in the payment

Every taxpayer of personal income tax in Russia is entitled to receive a property deduction in case of purchase of apartments in the amount of tax paid, but not more than 2 million rubles. However, in some cases, the staff of the FTS of Russia can deny receiving such a deduction. The Finance Ministry said, which is cases. What happened? The Ministry of Finance of Russia has published the letter dated March 15, 2019 No. 03-04-05/17014, which has defined the right to reduce the amount associated with the acquisition of an apartment or house expenses including the expense of social benefits, in the event of a sale of the property, which was owned by the individual taxpayer less than the minimum prescribed period (3 years). The specialists of the Finance...

Settlement statement is a document, which summarized all data on employee benefits, deductions from wages and the amounts owed to be paid. Describe how the form can be a primary payroll, and also make the sample settlement statements T-51. In this article you will find a link where you can download the form "Form T-51". The legal basis of the Procedure of calculation and payment of wages to employees of the company are regulated by the Labour code. It stipulates the method of calculating various types of rewards for work and compensation, the terms of their listing, the regulation modes of work and leisure, and other aspects of the relationship of employee and employer.

Applying the simplified tax system with object of the taxation the income tax rate is 6%. Laws of subjects of the Russian Federation may be established in the tax rate in the range from 1 to 6 percent depending on categories of taxpayers (letter FNS of Russia from March 25, 2019 number of CD-4-3/5263@ "On the application of tax rates under the simplified taxation system"). For clarification about regional rates, FTS recommends that you contact the financial bodies of the respective subjects of the Russian Federation. In the GARANT system to find information on the size of the regional (municipal) tax rates (not only in STS) simple. It is sufficient to find a region in the business-report on "Regional and local taxes."

Upon receipt of any property in the free use of the institution may have an obligation to pay income tax. The fact that the income in the form of gratuitously received property or property rights are recognized as non-operating incomes (item 8 of part 2 of article 250 of the Tax code). However, under certain conditions, the income of the borrower cannot be taken into account when calculating the tax base (the letter of Department tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from March 18, 2019 No. 03-03-06/3/17585). To avoid problems with tax authorities, use the special table that will tell you what conditions must be met in order not to pay the tax, and in some cases to remit the tax to the budget still have: