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Question to the lawyer: Hello! February 1, 2014, when the age limit was 45 years old, I signed a contract for 5 years after the age limit. I decided to retire from military service March 2018, nearly a year before the end of the contract - to achieve the maximum age. Wrote a report on the dismissal and training one of the civilian professions. I was refused inclusion in a list for training, supposedly I missed out on their right to education. Is it right that the decision of the officers of the military unit? Thank you. the answer of the head of personnel of the Main military Prosecutor the General-the major of justice Igor Tripolia:

Bought in a drugstore a medicine, and then I realized I had the wrong name. Can I get it back? Meets the legal adviser to the children's outpatient clinic No. 118 Department of health of Moscow Mikhail Zhamkov. – No, you can't. In the list of goods not eligible for refund or exchange and approved by RF Government decree of January 19, 1998 № 55, include, in particular, drugs.

Authorities are considering the introduction in Russia of the sales tax instead of increasing the value-added tax to 22%. the government is discussing the question of the return of sales tax (EPT). How to write Vedomosti, citing Federal officials, the NSP may an alternative to increasing value added tax (VAT) from 18 to 22%. According to one of interlocutors of the edition, the NSP can not to be more than 2-3%. Otherwise the business will leave "shadow". He noted that the idea is considered only in connection with the rejection increase VAT tax maneuver — enhancement-added tax the cost will increase the tax burden on all, and sales tax will only be felt by retail.

Russian ruble is one of the most reliable currencies in the world, because money is well protected against counterfeiting. For the production of banknotes used to 20 paints, and the production of banknotes of five thousand rubles is two months. All aspects of creation, use and destruction of money — new film on the channel RTD. the Moscow printing factory "Goznak" is open 24 hours a day and can print up to 8 billion banknotes year, providing not only Russia, but other countries national currency. The employee said that there fulfill orders for States from different regions of the world. production Russian rubles is used more than 20 kinds of paint, which dries after applying a few days. In addition, the ruble print special paper that is...

Next camera storage supermarkets often hang ads warning that responsibility for personal belongings left the store carries. In this case the guards are regularly require to give up their bags and bags in the Luggage storage. Is it possible not to do that? the answer of the lawyer Storage, according to article 886 of the Civil code, is the obligation save sent thing and return her safely. And since the seller does not assume such obligations, then storage on are really just a place for leaving large items. This is a is not organized for the convenience of customers and to minimize losses shop: large bags or umbrellas can hurt and drop goods shelves, petty thieves hiding in the folds of clothing goods, not wanting for them to pay, and...

The Finance Ministry has clarified that in case of state registration of the share in the common equity ownership of plot of land for agricultural purposes arising from the moment of state registration on the basis of contracts of sale, gift or exchange every the owner must be paid the state duty in the amount of 100 RUB. (sub. 26 clause 1 of article 333.33 of the Tax code), multiplied by the total the right of ownership, on the basis of paragraph 2 of article 333.18 of NK of the Russian Federation (letter , Department of tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia of January 31, , 2017 No. 03-05-04-03/4803). financial experts also said that when state registration of a share in right of common share ownership, the emergence...

Bank ceased to give money to depositors. Causes can be different, but for the investors the main question: how to return the money? What you need to take to the depositor, if the Bank refuses to give money for deposits? Ilshat Jangirov: If the grant money refuses a valid Bank, the depositor has the right to apply to a court of General jurisdiction, at the same time stating the petition the seizure of the property of the Bank in the amount of the contribution. In addition, for untimely return of the Deposit, the court may draw the Bank responsibility: to charge interest on borrowed money, which the Bank will pay the depositor.

The Completion of the program of state support of mortgage lending has been controversial. The builders believe that the current situation ought not to stop there, and make mortgages even more affordable. At the same time representatives of banking sector claim that they are ready to support borrowers without additional preferences. How will stopping the program on the market mortgage housing. at the end of last year, it was unclear did the authorities intend to continue government support of the mortgage. However, in January 2017 the fog lifted - the head of Ministry of construction of Russia Mikhail Men called this the procedure meaningless - at least in the form in which this the program operated at that time. Today the average rate...

A Detailed analysis of the current legislation did the Supreme court when he cross-checked the results of one dispute, concerning dubious documents of the land. The essence of the dispute - the Prosecutor went to court and asked to select the owner of the suburban area. Weave many years ago, allegedly allocated to one citizen of rural power. But any documents about this in the local authority has not survived, what, years later, the Prosecutor concluded that they were not. for a long time the site several times changed owners and was finally bought a citizen who has invested in the acquired land not only money but also labor. And suddenly, the Prosecutor asked the court that really many years ago, the land allocation was not documented...

Online legal advice the Answer to Your question — a loan contract is not income when calculating the USN. under the loan agreement one party (creditor) transfers to the other party (borrower) money or other things, certain generic signs, and the borrower agrees to return the lender the same amount money (amount of loan) or equal quantity of other things received by him the same kind and quality (article 807 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation). In accordance with article features of the taxation under the loan agreements under the simplified tax system (STS)

Very soon without the CCP will not be able to work even entrepreneurs preferential tax systems and online stores. Do I need to have the cashdesk at retail sales, cash-others organizations? Explained the FTS of Russia Federal tax service Russia on its official website continues to answer questions taxpayers on the application of cash registers, in connection with the the transition to online cash. One of the questions was about is a legal entity to apply KKT when making retail sales other organization by Bank transfer (via Bank account). Tax taxpayers pleased with his answer that in this case, to apply the cash register is not necessary. This position is based on the rules article 2 of the Federal law dated 20.05.2003 No. 54-FZ, where...

Some of the most popular among Russian citizens spending provide partial income tax refund Tax code of the Russian Federation States that the Russians can claim a partial tax refund after a number of major expenses. Features the calculation of the tax deduction regulated by Russian law and can vary depending on the conditions of its use. What of the most popular among Russian citizens spending include a partial income tax refund and what documents are required for its design.

"we Have a suburban area. To go there far away and very inconvenient. Wanted to sell — nobody buys, the neighbors themselves have the land is empty, like us, overgrown with weeds. And now for the weeds still need to tax to pay the cadastral value. Us from this earth one costs, ready completely free to give it to the state. That's just how it is to do?" Meets the lawyer Svetlana Zhmurko: - According to the Law on state registration of immovable property, with the relinquishment of the right ownership of land must submit an application for Rosreestr, attaching the title document (the decision of the local the administration of land allocation, certificate of inheritance, etc.)

The Safety of citizens along with police officers in the capital to help to provide professional structures. Among them folk and the Cossack brigade, activists of the project "Safe capital" Right residents to participate in the protection of public order of the city is reflected in the legislation. And not only in Moscow, but also on Federal level. Your right many concerned citizens are not neglected, and on the contrary, actively using. Only in the "Safe capital" today is several thousand people. For the year activists hold hundreds of raids, detecting and preventing offences. Work like rule, shoulder to shoulder with the Metropolitan police. After all, by some law enforcement officers to ensure order as well as cameras surveillance - at...

According to the Bank of Russia, its explanation will help borrowers to provide timely repayment of the debt to the Bank, which revoked license. As pointed out by the regulator, the current practice of payment loan debt assumes that the funds will be deposited into the account of the borrower, and then charged at a specific date in accordance with the payment schedule. While the legislation does not allows for the crediting of funds to client accounts from the time of revocation the credit organization of the license (section 5, part 9 of article 20 of the Federal law of 2 December 1990 No. 395-I "On banks and banking activities"). this regard, the Bank of Russia recommended for regular loan payment to the Bank with a revoked license is...