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Dismissal in connection with military service is a special case of termination of the employment contract. Russian legislation allows to employ minors. But after a few years of these adolescents come agenda to the police station, and then taking them into the army. Let us examine what is different from traditional. Termination of the contract does not depend on the will of the parties In accordance with the rules contained in the Decree of the RF Government dated 11.11.2006 N 663, the citizens, not prebyvaya in stock and have attained the military age, are required to appear at the recruiting station. Call the employee into military service — is a circumstance the occurrence of which the parties (employer and employee) shall issue a dismissal with...

One of the types of revenues that accrue to the institution, is income from contractors assessed penalties, fines, forfeits for breach of agreements and contracts (letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from June 21, 2019 No. 02-08-10/46468). The amount of debt the penalties assessed for violation of terms of agreements / contracts for the supply of goods, performance of works, rendering of services, including in the case when the institution is the lessor, are accounted for on the date of occurrence of claims to the counterparty account 0 209 41 000 with the use of Ancud 140 in conjunction with the sub-141 KOSHU.

The validity UTII extended until the 01.01.2021. Previously it was assumed that the special taxation regime for individual entrepreneurs will cease to exist 01.01.2018. This means that all taxpayers are still required to submit the appropriate reports. In terms of what seems to Declaration on imputed income, can not pay the tax and pass nil if operation was not conducted, will be discussed in the article. Declaration on imputed income: the form and the deadlines Form and order of filling of the Declaration approved by the Order FNS of 04.07.2014 № MMV-7-3/353@. Download the form Declaration for the unified tax on imputed income at the end of the article.

Responsible for the absence of obligatory audit is the penalties that apply to entities listed in the law "About auditor activity". For them independent checking accounts required. A number of organizations, in accordance with article 5 of Federal law No. 307-FZ dated 30.12.2008, subject to mandatory independent verification of financial and economic activities. For refusal or failure to comply with the terms entity and its leadership will have to answer before the law. What penalties for no audit reports exist, will be described below. IMPORTANT!

Letter of Guarantee payment debt is accepted in business transactions document to which the debtor confirms its intention to pay the debt. It can have legal significance when considering litigation, in the pre-trial settlement of claims. Principles of business correspondence in the event of a debt Response to the claim of the creditor against the debtor can be a letter of guarantee for payment of debt; it is prepared for settlement out of court. In the legislation there is no such term, however, in practice these forms are used quite often. Such an order may be binding on the parties in accordance with the contract or the law (for example, in the case of an agreement for the supply of goods).

Federal law dated may 19, 1995 № 81-FZ "On state benefits to citizens with children" provides a number of social benefits to citizens with children: a guide to pregnancy and childbirth; lump-sum benefit to women who have registered in medical institutions in early terms of pregnancy; lump-sum benefit at child birth; monthly allowances for child care; child support (letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated June 7, 2019 No. 02-05-11/42087). In addition, persons on leave for child care until they reach 3 years of age, provided for monthly compensation in the amount of 50 rubles. the Cost of providing social support to citizens in connection with the birth and upbringing of children should be reflected in the section 1004 "Protection of family and...

July 1, 2019 are new restrictions in relation to contracts of consumer credit (loan) repayment period of a consumer loan (loan) for which not more than one year (Federal law of 27 December 2018 No. 554-FZ). Charged on such a loan or loan interest, the penalty (fines, penalties), other penalties, and payments for services rendered by a lender to a borrower for a fee, may not exceed the loan itself more than twice. After reaching this limit the accrual of interest, other charges, penalties and other liability measures should be discontinued. Commenting on this change, the Bank of Russia gives the following example (information of the Bank of Russia of June 28, 2019): if a person took a loan of 10 thousand rubles., then he will give not more than 30 thousand...

The proposal was made by the deputies of the state Duma. MPs believe that employers are required to compensate its employees for the increase in mandatory spending in order to maintain real earnings. What happened? The growth of utility tariffs in Russia traditionally takes place from 1 July. However, this year the tariffs on utility services increased twice — from 1 January to 1.7% and from 1 July by 2.4%. This happened due to the increase in the VAT rate to 20% and led to a significant bout of inflation. In addition, in many regions the growth rates were much higher. According to Rosstat, in January — April 2019 the cost of utility services for the population increased by the national average of 6.8%, ahead of inflation and the consumer price index.

In connection with changes in legislation, which apply to all preferential payments to natural persons from 1 January 2019, accountants will have to return workers unduly withheld NDFL and to adjust the calculation of the budget. What payments are affected? What happened? Entered into force amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Introduced new tax breaks on income of physical persons in the form of exemption from certain payments for the benefit of citizens. Exemption from taxation of such income applies from 1 January 2019, that is the period when the tax has already been deducted and transferred to the budget. Now I want him back if the right to compensation arose after 1 January 2018.

The Declaration on volumes of alcohol is a report in the Net, which is designed for organizations and individual entrepreneurs related to production and turnover of such goods. They are required to report how much alcohol products passes through their hands. The first thing they hand over the tax Declaration for excise duties. Second — alcohol Declaration, which varies depending on what it deals with, the taxpayer. The production, possession and trafficking of alcohol: who and how is accountable

Minutes of the meeting of founders and members is a part of the document of a limited liability company. One of them is made at the time of establishment of the company, the other notes of the various stages of life LLC. Each has features writing. 2 types of protocols In the workflow of any limited liability company (LLC) is a sample of the minutes of the General meeting of founders of LLC; 2019 did not in this matter an exception. Using the minutes of the meeting of founders of LLC issued a decision on the establishment of the company; the founders can be legal entities and physical persons. The establishment of a society can be considered one person or organization.

According to article 159 of the Labour code, employees are guaranteed the application of systems of rationing of work by the employer taking into account opinion of a representative body of employees or established by the collective agreement (definition of the Perm regional court of November 14, 2018 in the case 33a-12142/2018). Question about the implementation of this guarantee is quite complex. Many employers, if they know about the existence of this requirement of the law, not making any attempt to do anything special to execute it. They can understand to set any performance standards for many positions, at least, extremely problematic. In this regard, the employers believe in itself sufficient to establish the employee working hours and job duties...

A Report on leave for military personnel is the application form used in the army. On the basis of command may grant an employee paid or unpaid rest days. The order of registration of the Rest of the military is governed by the Regulation on the procedure for military service approved by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation "Questions of passage of military service" № 1237 from 16.09.1999, and also FZ "About the status of military service" from 27.05.1998 No. 76-FZ. On the basis of paragraph 11 of article 29 Provisions, military leave on the approved plan.

To the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has heard the dispute on recovery from the employer of compensation for delayed salaries. As it was established during the trial, from September 2016 to August 2017 employee detained wages. The dismissal in August of 2017 wage debt to the worker repaid, however, provided for by article 236 of the Labour code compensation for its delay has not paid. In this regard, in February 2018, the employee sought judicial protection (Definition of Judicial Board on civil cases VS the Russian Federation from may 6, 2019, No. 5-KG19-59). The employer told the court about the admission of the employee of the right to appeal to court in relation to compensation for delay in wages from September 2016 to January 2017. Recall...

The IRS has published a letter explaining what documents with different payment methods entertainment will need to provide your organization to qualify for exemption from VAT (letter FNS of Russia from June 20, 2019 No. CD-4-3/11865@). The fact that tax laws, sale of tickets and passes are theatrical, cultural-educational and zrelishchno-entertaining actions by organizations working in the field of culture and art, are exempt from VAT (podp. 20 paragraph 2, article 149 of the Tax code). July 1, introduced the compulsory use of CCPS for these organizations the cash and non-cash, but when presenting the electronic payment instrument (item 1, 2 of article 1.2 of the Federal law of 22 may 2003 № 54-FZ, hereinafter – the Law № 54-FZ). Wire transfer cash...