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According to article 72.1 of the Labour code, upon written request of the employee or with his written consent can be exercised the employee's regular job to another employer. In this case the employment contract at the previous job is terminated by section 5 of part 1 of article 77 of the labour code (report with guidance on compliance with the mandatory requirements, giving an explanation of what behavior is legitimate and the explanation of new requirements of regulatory legal acts for the first quarter of 2019). Fes has answered the question of whether the employer deny the employee's dismissal on this basis. The Agency came to the conclusion that the dismissal in connection with transfer is dismissal at the initiative of the employee. After that...

The Ministry of construction said that if the region still have not established standards for sanitation to maintain the common property (SDI) in MCD, the owners need to turn to by the relevant utilities (UK, TSZH or RDF) so that it appealed to the competent regional authority with the request for the establishment of such a standard (letter of the Ministry of construction dated may 20, 2019 No. 19094-OG/04). Recall that the Russian Government ordered regional authorities to set standards of consumption of municipal resources for SOYBEAN until June 1, 2017 (n. 2 decree of the RF Government of December 26, 2016 No. 1498) However, the number of regions (e.g., Moscow) are still not done. The absence of norms of public resources consumed in the use and...

Objection to claim in civil proceedings is set out in writing the position of the defendant regarding each of the requirements of the claim, with the reasoning on relevant statutory law. When you serve? Civil litigation is adversarial, so each side needs to reasonably defend their position. Since the adoption of the statement of claim and issuance of the corresponding determination by the court the defendant will have the right to claim in the civil process, which is one of the tools to protect their interests in court.

The Ratio of inventories of own funds – is one of indicators determining the financial stability of the company. Calculation of criteria of financial stability of the firm on a Monthly basis for key economic indicators of the company – the key to its stability. Basic indicators include: the criterion of the ratio of borrowed and own funds; the criterion of financial stability; maneuverability criterion; the criterion of capitalization; the ratio of reserves to equity; net assets and other indicators.

Ministry of construction of Russia reminded that the fees for utility service provided to the consumer in a residential area, equipped with individual or shared (flats) metering device, except for payment for utilities for heating, is calculated on the basis of the testimony of such a metering device for the billing period, namely: the volume of consumed communal resource for the month multiplied by the appropriate rate (letter of the Ministry of construction dated 9 April 2019 No. 12560-OO/04). The testimony of the collective (obschedomovogo) metering device are removed from the 23rd to the 25th of the current month. The calculation for the consumption of utility resource is not for calendar period (from the first to the last day of the month), and for the...

In 2018, 10% of the market of electronic Commerce (e-commerce) had pharmacy online orders of medicines, the number of which amounted to 25 million. In monetary terms this segment of online sales reached over 41 billion rubles. Such information shared partner Data Insight Boris Ovchinnikov organized a business brunch "E-Pharma & Retail New 2019" with the information support of the company. He also noted that 87% of online orders processed pharmacies among the "top 20", and more than half of the orders were issued from mobile devices. The pharmaceutical e-commerce market growth is observed. The rate last year, compared with 2017 in the online sector amounted to 72%. In General, pharmaceutical market, as noted by the expert, – 4%. According to him, the...

Effective contract with a teacher DOU — a labor contract with the employee, which is as precise as possible the employee's job function preschool institutions: indicators and criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of its activities, and also set the size and condition of receiving incentive payments, which depend on the results of work both on the individual teacher and the institution as a whole. Effective contract in the DOW 2019 To increase interest in improving the quality of training of children in municipal preschool institutions, the Government has developed a special Program aimed at improvement of the system of remuneration of teachers and educators, which should be introduced in all institutions.

Contract of employment without a labor book is a contract that can be issued without a corresponding entry. How legitimate are the actions of the employer? Understand, in what cases the worker can take on the staff without recording in the employment record, and when it is a violation of law. The labor book is the main document of the employee, where there is information about the history, the companies, which worked citizen, positions, awards, and so on. At registration the employee is an agreement regulating the relations arising between the employee and the employer. Despite the mandatory reference of these documents in the existing legislation provides for some exceptions. Key is the ability to do the job without labor, and contract of civil nature. But...

Base for calculation of taxes is one of the most important indicators used for the calculation of the size of fiscal burdens. The basic procedure for determining the tax base should be defined at the legislative level, and for each fiscal obligations separately. Otherwise, taxpayers have the right to refuse to pay these taxes to the budget. The article will explain how to determine the tax base in 2019. What the law says under current fiscal legislation, the tax base is defined as taxable feature of an object by its key elements: quantitative, physical, money, property and other things. Therefore, the object of taxation and tax base are closely linked. Since the object defines what is taxable, and NB is defined as a specific characteristic of the object.

Overtime Pay is remuneration for work performed by the employee on the employer's initiative beyond the established working hours. The performance of the employees of such unplanned jobs should be rewarded. Let us consider how to calculate the amount of such payments. Periodically, enterprises can happen unforeseen situations, in which employers are forced to call employees to work during after school hours. Overtime work is work performed out of employment. Depending on the reasons for unscheduled call to work, the employee may be endowed with or deprived of the right to refuse unscheduled work. The remuneration of employees for overtime work stipulated in article 152 of the labour code. How to pay overtime according to the Labour code

Today on its official website of the FTS understood in the following situation, referring to the position of the Finance Ministry. The filer has sent to the inspection of the Declaration for personal income tax, reflecting all the income received from the rental of apartments for rent, including the indicated total amount of payment for utilities. However, she decided that the overpaid taxes, as compensation for utility services in the counters can not be considered income. FTS of Russia has reminded that individuals have to pay personal income tax from rental property for rent. And taxable income should include the rental fee, including "communal". However, fees for these services consists of two parts, indicated by the tax authorities. The first is...

In 2020, the Federal minimum wage will grow approximately on 300 roubles. To such conclusion experts of the Ministry of labor after the estimated subsistence level of citizens for the 1st quarter of 2019. What happened? Experts of the Ministry of labor has determined the minimum subsistence level for the first quarter of 2019. In addition, they predicted this social indicator for for the II quarter of 2019, and hence the magnitude of the minimum wage (SMIC) for the next year. Officials came to the conclusion that the minimum wage increase, but only slightly, compared to 11 280 rubles in force this year.

If the citizens of States – members of the Union employed in Russia, with the first day of their income subject to personal income tax at a rate of 13%. This refers to the performance of duties as on labour and civil contracts. The fact that in accordance with article 73 of the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union, the income should be taxed at the rates provided for natural persons-tax residents of the country where the citizen of a member state of the EEU (the letter of Department tax and customs policy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia from June 15, 2018 No. 03-04-05/40970). However, it should be borne in mind that such workers can take a tax deduction for personal income tax only after you acquire the status of a tax resident. Namely, recall that...

Lawyer Ekaterina Kuznetsova said as the owner of housing to evict tenants if they violate the law or the terms of the contract. "By law, grounds for eviction of tenant not so much: it's the use of premises for other purposes (e.g. business purposes), or the systematic violation of the terms of the contract (for example, violation of the terms of rent, destruction or damage of property of the owner, which is belonging to the apartment/house)," said Kuznetsova. However, she advised to carefully consider the drafting of the lease of the apartment. In particular, the document should list all the people who may live on the same property as the tenant. This will help the landlord to avoid a situation where the apartment will be sublet.

The Ministry of health has written to the methodological guidelines on the implementation of the classification of cesarean section M. Robson, recommended by who (letter of the Ministry of health of Russia of February 19, 2019 No. 15-4/And/2-1286). To use the classification recommended to the heads of obstetrics and obstetric doctors in the hospitals. The use of this classification helps to identify groups of women who contribute most and least to the overall frequency of cesarean section, to evaluate the effectiveness of measures aimed at optimizing the use of cesarean section to assess the quality of medical care by analyzing results of delivery in these groups. The ultimate goal of this research and field work to reduce the number of unjustified...