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In the education of our generation huge involved grandmother and grandfather - wrote to the editor head of the Centre for settlement social conflicts Oleg Ivanov. They met from school, they sent on weekends and in the summer, they have replaced parents when we was sick. When we were growing up, the help of grandparents, young families with children were considered self-evident But times have changed. Now rare a woman 55 years old seeking to make a "career" grandmother, many continue to work actively. "If you all the love to the children and grandchildren of the grandmother is not ready to become free Babysitting and AU pair workers. The thing is that the income pensioner allow for extremely modest lifestyle. Therefore, many prefer to...

Last month, the state Duma adopted in the first reading of the bill, according to which airlines will receive notification of the imposition administrative penalties on passengers. these lists gets passengers who violated rules of conduct on Board and also created threat of safety of flight and the life and health of other passengers. The list will allow airlines to make such passengers stop-list, and fly them subsequently to be problematic. the registry, in particular, will include citizens who did not listen to the instructions of the aircraft commander and grossly violated the public okay. At the moment the penalty for failure to comply with the orders of the commander the aircraft is 2-5 thousand RUB

Family Income is the sum of different sources: salary, pension, profit from entrepreneurship. All these and other sources of income need to summarize, and then divide by the number of people in the family - turns out, the per capita income. For many citizens of our country salary - the main source of income. 90% of people live on it. Minimum salary - 7500 RUB - the same weight that pulls the standard of living down. [Newline] after all from it still need to take mandatory payments: the rent, the payment of the passage. because of the low wages people are beginning to save on food. In the basket of the subsistence minimum no of those goods and services I have to buy. For example, today you can not live without a computer, phone, Internet. In...

Money, proceeds from contributions for capital repair, go to the strengthening of facades, replacement of engineering systems, installation of new elevators, etc. We decided to compare the rates of repair in different regions size average wage. In some regions there are uniform rates, in other differ depending on the size and type of dwelling. for Example, in St. Petersburg, the minimum fare is 3 rubles 6 cents per square meter in the new brick houses, and the rate for "stalinok" — 3 rubles 34 kopecks. Residents of buildings built before the revolution lift pay 4 rubles per square meter, no lift — 3.50 ruble. [Newline] Volgograd, the rate depends on the number of storeys of houses, the inhabitants of 4-6 storey buildings pay at 5.9 rubles...