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Hot summer days often provoke the development of various diseases. Most people believe that diseases (especially viral) occur only in autumn and winter, which means that you can sit back and enjoy the Sunny days. This opinion is completely erroneous, because even in the summer season when the body gets more vitamins, it tends to defeat the so-called summer diseases. One of these is conjunctivitis. How not to get sick Kon'yunkturi active I like to be treated if he you met on the way, we asked the expert - the ophthalmologist George V. Ryazanov.

With the onset of the hot summer of particular relevance is the problem of intestinal infections. It is well known the dysentery and salmonellosis, typhoid fever, hepatitis, foodborne diseases. And infection intestinal infections usually occurs while eating contaminated food, and water, which are intestinal bacteria. These bacteria can be brought into the mouth and dirty hands. Not coincidentally intestinal infection called "disease of dirty hands". Consequently, washing hands before eating and after using the bathroom is an important necessity because it is considered the main way of protecting the body from pathogens. This simple procedure of discharge of personal hygiene helps a person to protect yourself from many infectious diseases. What occur most...

According to experts, spring begins the season of activity of ticks. Usually, it lasts to November and has during the year, two pronounced peaks in activity in April-may and August-September, however, and during the summer you can also run into trouble. Ticks can get on humans at any time of the day or night, in any weather. That is why during work on summer residences, garden plots, walking and camping, you need to remember about the threat of vector borne infectious diseases, primarily ticks. How it looks, this malicious tick? What threats are these creatures? How to protect yourself from their attacks? We asked a specialist – an infectious disease doctor Peter Vasilievich HATCHET.

The invasion of the Colorado beetle on potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant is a common problem in agriculture. These pests can destroy up to 90% yield. Ways to get rid of them different, but not all of them are safe to human health. We offer several folk remedies, which are absolutely harmless for people and the environment. However it should be borne in mind that they are suitable mostly for owners of small plots, because time takes a while. For the effort kompensiruet lower content of harmful substances in your vegetables.

Statistics, which knows all, says that over the past decade, the number of people suffering from allergies has increased in the world at 20 percent. Yet it is well known that the symptoms of summer allergies are usually due to hypersensitivity to pollen allergens. Summer is the time when most pronounced seasonal allergies to pollen, berries, fruit. What other types of allergies are, how to behave at the onset of symptoms, when it's time to go to the doctor? On questions of readers told us allergist Galina KRUPKO.

What is scoliosis? Medical books say "Scoliosis - S or C-shaped curvature of the spine. Occurs in childhood or adolescence and can lead to serious complications in the cardiovascular and digestive systems, respiratory organs". Therefore, do not neglect the advice to "keep your back straight", because curvature of the spine can cause numerous problems. What are the causes and symptoms of scoliosis? How is the treatment of scoliosis? How to prevent its occurrence? We asked a specialist - podiatrist Galina Fyodorovna ZAITSEVA.

In the springtime our body is extremely desired strength, and therefore vitamins to adapt to the new regime and to overcome seasonal depression. Of course, in the winter of vitamin fruits and vegetables are on the shelves, however, their use is minimized, not only through price but also through caution regarding the content of chemicals that are used in the cultivation of greenhouse products. Lack of fresh air, sunshine and physical activity is also harmful to our health. What is beriberi and what to do with it? How to choose a way of behavior and the power to overcome it as soon as possible? These questions are answered we specialist Ivan Sidorovich TLUMAK, dietitian.

Know that in the arsenals of our mothers and grandmothers, there are many means by which you can stop and relieve pain, reduce temperature, and such that have nothing to do with drugs? And if you have the flu knocked us down, apart from the usual facilities, tea with raspberry or hot milk with honey, just the same, to the aid of downy wool shawl and may come, if, of course, still have my grandmother in my locker. And, if not, then the alternative it is also possible to find. And we can say that it will be a panacea for migraines. So today we will talk about the properties of wool.

Eye diseases Such as conjunctivitis or a stye is familiar to all, sometimes from childhood, because almost every one of us have met with them. But blepharitis the name few people know, however inflammation of the edges century is often annoying and people aged and very young. Guilty very often inexpensive procedure eyelash. Statistics show that with the popularity of extensions has increased the number of eye infections. Among the most frequent diseases caused by the build-up, - blepharitis, i.e., inflammation of the eyelids. According to experts, this is due to the accumulation of bacteria on the artificial eyelashes. Reasons that cause blepharitis, of course, there are many and they are not confined to cosmetic procedures. What is this disease? How to...

The Last few weeks, the whole world is concerned about the news from China – we are talking about the coronavirus, which is very actively spreading in China. Already confirmed sporadic cases in other Asian countries and even Europe. About this disease and constantly remind Ukrainians urged not to panic than a well-known thing, only provoke her. However, experts - virologists and infectious disease specialists – have warned that while our countrymen are much more noticeable suffer from the usual flu and colds. For example, only during the week from 3 till 9 of Feb have 8 deaths for these diseases. It is therefore appropriate to remind you how to protect yourself against all types of influenza viruses, including coronavirus. We talked with a specialist – an...

Probably many of us love this winter just for the beautiful pictures. When cold and lots of snow, we have to wear thousands of clothing items and engage in heavy physical labor to clear the road. With warm winters, it would seem that much more comfortable. Light clothing, plants normally overwinter, and a small saving on home heating also warms the soul. What are gardeners so troubled? Go and borkakoti under his breath, anxiously examining the plant. What threatens the gardener and the plants abnormally warm winter, consider the points.

Rosemary is a medicinal plant, an evergreen shrub which can reach a height of 2 m. It Motherland - southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The leaves of this plant resemble pine needles and camphor aroma gives freshness of the sea. Through the little blue flowers in people rosemary called a bridesmaid dress or wedding color. Since ancient times this spice was considered a symbol of prosperity and wealth, it was used in wedding ceremonies, handing over a sprig of the plant during the marriage the young with wishes for a happy and prosperous family life.

In the media recently, it was reported that by order of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine, UNDP in Ukraine has purchased a highly effective drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Medications already went to the regions, according to the MINISTRY of health. The drug Fingolimod last year was purchased for the first time. The cost of annual treatment will be about 32 thousand hryvnia, but a year ago the cost was about 400 thousand hryvnias in the pharmacy network. This price reduction was achieved due to the fact that the original drug lost patent protection, other manufacturers got the opportunity to produce generic drugs, according to the MINISTRY of health of Ukraine. How important is this step our health? How prevalent multiple...

A Stroke is often called a "vascular accident". Indeed, the disease develops suddenly, quickly and often leads to very unfavorable consequences. Victims of "vascular accident" can become not only older, but active young people. In Ukraine, annually more than 100 thousand strokes, so for many families it is not an empty phrase, but a real problem that must be solved. We will try to find out whether an experienced doctor to establish the diagnosis of stroke is based on the inspection, whether it is necessary to be treated, if the symptoms of stroke quickly passed, how effective and safe are the IVS, is it possible after a stroke to drink coffee, play sports and go to the sauna. We asked the expert – the doctor-neurologist Victor Semenovich GRITSENKO.

"you may Have sinusitis..." - we hear sometimes patients with long Intrusive nose. And every time the patient with the hope turns to the audiologist: "we Can do without a puncture?". I also had sometime to go through this process - was tormented by a runny nose and low-grade fever. Happiness in the maxillary sinuses were clear. Is it always necessary to make holes, to clarify the diagnosis? What is this disease from a medical point of view? How do you treat sinusitis today? With these questions, we turned to the expert - the otolaryngologist of Ivan Gavrilovich PILIPENKO.