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The long-awaited heat. Increasingly, we rest in the nature, near water, in forest or Park. But do not forget about the dangers that await us. One of them is ticks. According to experts, the most dangerous is that ticks are a "reservoir" of such diseases as tick-borne viral encephalitis or tick-borne systemic borreliosis (Lyme disease). What threats are mites? How to protect yourself from the bites of parasites and their effects? We asked a specialist - candidate of medical Sciences Oksana Bogdanovna SEMENCHIN.

If you suffer from pain in the lumbar part of the back, you should not delay going to the doctor, because it can lead to negative consequences. It is likely that the cause of problems is kidney stones. According to experts, today there are methods by which a treatment to this disease. What were these methods? To whom public health professionals need to address? Is it possible to protect yourself from formation of kidney stones? To these questions we agreed to answer a specialist - candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Alexander Borisy.

We all try to do everything possible to make our body feel good. However, with age it changes, and we cannot influence this process. For most men one of these changes becomes enlarged prostate. It's a natural part of aging, but at some point it may lead to the development of a condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). What is benign prostatic hyperplasia? What are the causes and symptoms? We asked a specialist – candidate of medical Sciences, member of the European Association of urology Konstantin Anatolyevich, Vladychenko.

Itching is one of the most frequent complaints, which have to deal with dermatologists. And yet - the most common trouble for patients. Speaking in simple words, it is the desire to scratch, scratching and rubbing the skin. There are many causes of itching, and they can be very different – from skin disorders to neurotic disorders. What is itching? What are the causes and types of itching? What are the diagnostic methods? To these and other questions about itching we asked to speak to a specialist – candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Victoria A. Savosina.

We've All heard that glaucoma is incurable and insidious disease. This disease has recently become impressive proliferation in the world. Now glaucoma is diagnosed in 60 million earthlings. Given the trends of an aging population in 2020 is expected to increase the number of patients with this disease to 80 million. As you can see, there is a problem. What can you do to prevent glaucoma? What modern methods of treatment of the disease recommend us? So, glaucoma and how to fight it? the main topic of our interview with ophthalmologist Dr. med. Sciences, associate Professor Andrey S. Gudz.

The Owners of summer cottages and country houses care not only about the garden, landscaping and beautification of the area, but about our smaller brothers. Birds of course are not Pets, but it's great to help them with food, housing arrangement, in the breeding of offspring, the more that it is very simple. Enough to make or buy a comfortable house (and their range are just huge), select a place to install it and you can watch the sparrows, Tits, sakami and other birds that fly.

Mardi Gras is one of the oldest holidays of the Slavic peoples. Real fun that has preserved its traditions in our days of pagan culture. It's delicious and incredibly satisfying feast lasts a whole week, which precedes lent. That is why Mardi Gras is not clearly stated in the calendar dates. In 2018, the Carnival falls on the 18th of February, Sunday. Carnival week will run from 12 to 18 February.

Many believe that the best method of dealing with it is a medication in the beginning, when we barely feel the headache. This is a positive thing, but in order to avoid dependency of the body from pills it is better to try to beat a headache without them.

In the nettle contains a compound that can help in the fight against cancer. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Warwick at the end of his studies. To date, cancer treatments are most often used cisplatin, created on the basis of platinum. This drug is quite effective, but it has some serious shortcomings.

Our famous Dr. Phil Eugene Komorowski, a favorite of moms, have all warned that the measles, of course, very bad, but the whooping cough without vaccination is a disaster. What whooping cough is, in fact, and how to deal with it? We asked the expert-the epidemiologist of candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor Irina Bidulka.

Statistics show that the average family consisting of parents and child consumes in a month about hundreds of eggs. With minimal effort, from the eggshell, you can prepare natural, organic and totally free fertilizer, which is suitable for most crops and houseplants.

Main breeding period of black currant and autumn, however, there is a method that allows to obtain seedlings in early summer, spending very little time in the winter and early spring. Shanks cut in the period from January until the end of March, and root in normal flower soil in the cups, covering them with more voluminous cups and placed in the South window. To be a good experience, you need to consider several important points.

In Winter, when a lot of snow on the street, it's time to stock up enough melt water for watering seedlings. In water or snow melt water germinate better than seeds, it is safe to spray the plants (including room), and most importantly - water from melting snow or ice is best to water young seedlings.

Doctors warned Ukrainians about the dangers of hypothermia and frostbite and stress, in cold weather should avoid drinking alcohol. Alcoholic beverages dilate the blood vessels on the surface of the body, which leads to more rapid heat loss. Also in the cold it is better not to smoke, it's especially detrimental effect on the walls of blood vessels.

Measles in Ukraine does not subside - there are numerous cases of children and adults in Transcarpathia, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev... Only in the capital as at 11 January 2018 was recorded 66 cases of measles, of which 54 cases were children. How to stop infectious invasion of our towns and villages? We asked a specialist - candidate of medical Sciences, Nadezhda Mikhailovna, Picudo.