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In Winter, the fruit should pay special attention. Dates contain large amounts of carbohydrates (up to 88%). In them, there are 29 grams of natural sugar (fructose and glucose) that serves as a quick source of energy for our body; 15 salts and minerals (copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, aluminium, cadmium, cobalt, sulfur, boron, etc.). By the way, the amount of minerals in dried dates varies from 1 to 91 percent depending on the variety. They also contains fluoride, which protects teeth from caries, selenium - an element that strengthens our immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease, and not a single gram of cholesterol.

Smooth skin, slight blush, a beautiful curve of the neck is not an indicator of youth and health? But if almost all the women constantly care for the skin, it is about caring for the skin of the neck is often overlooked. However, remember that the neck is not able reliably to keep the secret of your years, as keeps her face. Therefore, it requires a timely and systematic care. Moreover, one should begin not when the skin has lost its elasticity, and wrinkles appear, and much earlier as it is easier to prevent than to deal with defects.

How you in the childhood they were fed, little has changed: the cheese all the same healthy and tasty. Besides not lose its properties, as it may make. Yes, and cottage cheese proteins are digested better than meat protein and fish. Also, cheese contains a lot of nutrients. Such as phosphorus, iron and magnesium. It has amino acids, methionine and lysine, which can reduce cholesterol levels. Cheese normalizes the blood-forming process, the nervous system and metabolism. And the dishes from it particularly useful for dinner, contributing to a strong healthy sleep.

"Four children became ill with hepatitis A in the Odessa region. Symptoms of jaundice in them noticed last week, but now the diagnosis was confirmed laboratory. In the Kharkiv region - 9 infected. Meanwhile it became known, where the infectious disease came from the Chernigov high school, - its source was an employee of the catering Department. Now in Chernigov for 20 patients Botkin." This is an alarming message news feeds of Ukrainian news agencies. Is hepatitis a again visited in Ukraine? What was happening, we decided to ask a specialist – an infectious disease doctor Grigory Mikhailovich SIDORENKO

In the middle of September - time generous and rich fruit. And one of the first places among medicinal plants is probably the rose hips. It blooms in may-July, Mature fruits in September. The vitamin C content among wild plants it is an absolute Champ. But not only ascorbic acid in rose hips. There are also other vitamins: B1 - thiamine, B2 - Riboflavin, E, K, P and carotene (provitamin of vitamin A). Rosehip is rich in sugar and tannin, pectin and organic acids. From mineral substances can be called potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese.

Although the season of food poisoning for a long time in the middle, he continues, it does not hurt, and fall. Because natural markets on the first available public place did not disappear with the first cold snap. On some of the layouts in the transitions – the whole range of providers of food poisoning from household stuff to dried fish. One of the strongest in nature toxins – botulinum toxin – is also available. What is botulism, whence feet grow it, how to protect yourself from illness? To these questions we asked a specialist – an infectious disease doctor Mikhail Vasilievich BUCKY.

Severe pain in the neck or shoulder problem faced by many of us. It is not obligatory to get into an accident or have abnormal vertebrae. A wrong organization of the workplace, sedentary work, high physical exertion - that's the usual things that neck starts porobovati first, and then to hurt. With age osteochondrosis can be complicated, and the presence of diseases of internal organs is able to add to the problems with your neck. Isn't it better to start to get rid of the pain until it became too painful? We talked with a specialist - an orthopedist, Galina Vasilievna, GUZYK.

Kir haunts Ukraine. In August, the number of cases increases again. It is significant that this childhood disease and affects many adults. Myself when I happened to have measles at the age of Mature. It wasn't great. But, even though measles is not Ebola, thank God, still occur in the us and no deaths from it. It's a shame. It would seem, should only be done at the time the vaccine MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) and live in peace. Unfortunately, the biased attitude of many Ukrainians towards vaccinations has led to a lack of persistent immunity. It is known that to prevent the spread of measles need to 90 percent of the population had immunity to it, provided that it is through vaccination. What everybody should know about this illness? How to be treated...

Autumn garden is beautiful some sort of special, good and sad beauty. Bitter smell of leaves, wilting, intertwined with the aroma of freshness, withered stalks of summer plants are interspersed with lush colors of late flowers. And it is impossible to imagine this picture without the colored asters that bloom a bright "star" among the autumn silence. These simple and cute flowers don't seem pose no mystery. However, having become acquainted with their history, you may be able to take another look at these unpretentious plants, habitually adorn the autumn garden.

In shops and stalls all year round you can find a lot of vegetables and fruits. All this not only attracts attention, but keeps the danger. We begin to feed their children the gifts of nature, because we know that they contain large amounts of vitamins. Vitamins, of course, a good thing, but chasing them is not worth it to lose your head. How often have you seen such a picture - kind mother buys berries and on the street allows the baby to eat them. But even the most delicious, but unwashed berries, fruits and vegetables can be fraught with danger. What risk are unwashed fruits and vegetables, we asked a specialist - an infectious disease doctor Grigory Viktorovich Bisulca.

In Recent years, increasingly gardeners in their home gardens were planted remontant varieties of fruit bushes. Very popular everbearing raspberry. Feature of all everbearing varieties is that with proper care, they can give two or even three crops per season. Care of everbearing raspberries is not a particularly time consuming process. In this article we will give useful tips on how to grow, care for and trim the remontant varieties of raspberries to give a great harvest.

The issue of preserving the harvest or fruits and vegetables purchased in the summer-autumn period at a low price, is always important. All at once impossible to eat, and I want to leave something for the winter. Of course, you can do canning. But I want something really fresh. The perfect solution – the freezing. However, not all are lucky to use then that they froze. The thing is that if you freeze vegetables, fruits and berries to prevent errors, the use of frozen will not be possible.

Recently there is a worldwide increase in endocrine diseases. The most common are various diseases of the thyroid gland, which can occur acutely or chronically, and in some cases can threaten the patient's life. For everything it is worth remembering that the thyroid hormones affect all body cells and affect such processes as the heart, the intensity of metabolism, growth, and intellectual development of children. How these processes occur and what to do to support the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland? To these questions we answered specialist endocrinologist Gavriil Frolov.

Use cucumbers for a human body is invaluable, despite the fact that they are 95% water. However, in the remaining 5-6% contains 2% sugar (glucose and fructose, starch) and 1.5% protein, 0.75% of cellulose, aromatic substances. The content of vitamin B2 in cucumber more than in radish, B1 greater than in beets, iodine more than other vegetable crops. Observed that small fruits contain more ascorbic acid, and with increasing size of the vegetables its content decreases, so the highest content of vitamin C in the first and mass meetings, and then it decreases.

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) is a perennial spice plant, a useful herb from the Asteraceae family (Asteraceae). Tarragon belongs to the genus Artemisia, so it is sometimes called polinam estrogonofe. Really spicy taste has only one variety of kinds of tarragon: Artemisia dracunculus var. sativa, which in Western tradition is called French tarragon. Often the error instead grow 2 other varieties (tarragon and Russian tarragon wild), more similar in appearance to cold, but non-spicy flavor of tarragon, French (further called simply the tarragon). How not to make a mistake by buying tarragon, read below.