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Gamers gone to live in a virtual reality computer game called "Life 2", the creators of which remain unknown, they want to ban in many countries. Gamers are so fond of events on the screen that they forget about their real life. Correspondent have experienced the impact of game technologies of the new generation.

Live will be more fun In the world will be a new holiday that is dedicated to the release of the new iPhone. Festivities will begin on the day of release and will continue for at least a week. How did you find out to the correspondent in Russia, a new holiday will be called "Ironica".

On the Russian television market change is coming a New channel, with the view which the Russians will be fully immersed in virtual reality, will appear in the country in early 2017. He enters into holding "Gazprom-Media". While the details of opening the new channel is kept secret. But the correspondent managed to know something.

Pilots from Switzerland got what you wanted a Few hours ago to the aircraft with Russian journalists, which followed the APEC summit, flew Swiss fighters. Correspondent managed to find fighter pilots and learn the purpose of this audacious act.

Became known shocking details On the red square in the heart of the capital in the night from 29 to 30 September 2016 in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin there was a traffic accident. Correspondent went for details on the location.

Now to use the phone will be safe Special wigs that will protect their owners against radiation of mobile communication, invented candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, Chairman of the Federal state budget institution of science "joint Institute of high technologies Russian Academy of Sciences Andriy Katelnikov. Correspondent managed one of the first to try a unique invention.

New Meat chickens do not contain meat basmannoy Special breed of chickens brought in the Russian Academy of agriculture. This food is suitable for vegetarians. About it the correspondent announced at the official presentation of the new product.

Found the most important article of clothing this week in France ended the thirteenth international Salon of fashion. The special Commission invited experts during the meeting, chose one article of clothing this year. They were cowards, - the correspondent of Smixer from the scene.

People clear the skies of our country from unmanned aerial vehicles Young, dynamic subculture that originated and is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia. As it became known its members advocate a clean, free from drones and helicopters in the sky overhead.

Motorists confuse them with lights of three colors — green, yellow and red will fade stretch marks with advertising, signage and neon advertisements in major towns of Russia. As it became known the corresponding bill submitted for approval by the Federation Council, and will enter into force on 1 may this year.

The Warm climate will be our War the Russian authorities with the cold weather brings first victory. Established in 2012, the Federal Agency for climate (Rusclimat) reported on their successes. As it became known to the correspondent allocated to combat bad climate 3.7 billion roubles were not wasted.