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History Holy Prokhor Lebednik led the way of life so ascetic that eating not just bread, and the only one that did himself, hands rubbing in the flour collected quinoa, and drank nothing but water. It got its nickname. say that when Russia because of the constant wars, famines, the monk began to make more bread from quinoa and give it away to the starving. When people tried to repeat the recipe of the Holy, that is, the resulting product was they could not because of its bitterness. And received from the hands of the Holy with his blessing, the bread was sweet like it was mixed with honey. When all of the same strife in Kiev lost salt u collected from all cells of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra ash and his prayer turned it into pure salt. The more Holy give it...

Bracelet watches sports results owner, showing the exact time, takes calls and notifications instant messengers, and allows you to control the photography and music.Thanks to Japanese sensors Kionix, INOI Band monitors the mode and quality of sleep, reminiscent of workouts and workouts, counts steps, calories burned, and measures the pulse. the Bracelet syncs with a mobile app in Russian language, where in addition to the individual results you can read the recommendations in the selected activity. By the way, INOI Band has a degree of protection IP68, can dive with the bracelet to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. to get the gadget for free, it is sufficient to fulfill two simple conditions: Subscribe Instagram @dniru and @inoiofficial Note in the...

In the Federation Council proposed to the Ministry of justice of Russia to enter the Russian summer residents a fine for the presence of species at sites. It is a poisonous plant and can cause burns upon contact with human skin, according to the Senators explained that during the flowering period, this species emits the pollen, which causes allergies in many people. Individuals in the Federation Council has proposed fining two to three thousand rubles, officials-five to ten thousand rubles, individual entrepreneurs for seven to 12 thousand rubles, and legal entities by 20-30 thousand rubles.

Awakened a Few early bears found in the Northern Urals. According to local residents, they counted nine ferocious beasts, according to the Department of natural resources of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, in turn, reported two bears-the connecting rods. Experts say that premature, out-of-hibernation animals pose a threat to humans. Because of hunger they are aggressive and can attack humans. After rumors of a connecting rod, many residents were afraid to go deep into the woods. it is Worth noting that the bears could Wake up because of too warm winter. In many regions, the temperature during the cold period significantly exceeded the norm.

Unusual thief stole from the shops in Lukhovitsy the order of thousands of chewing gum and 162 packets of chocolate. Stolen products he folded in his pockets and backpack, according to "the suburbs today." the police found that 25-year-old offender acted together with an unknown girl. They hid the sweets and left the Department store without paying for the merchandise. Later the car the attacker was stopped by traffic police, who was found in the trunk box with the products. The man tried to sell them to the Moscow merchants. Criminal case about the theft. The thief faces up to ten years in prison.

Picture of 12-year-old Gregory Koby from Zaraysk delivered to the International space station (ISS). The painting is called "Flight to the stars," according to "the suburbs today." the Student transferred the pattern to the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov during his visit to serebryanyye Prudy. He promised that it would send astronauts. Later, the boy has organized a relationship with the commander of the ISS by Oleg Skripochka. The teenager admitted that he did not expect such a turn of events. The young Russian asked the Viola a few questions about life in space.

Truck KAMAZ with the trailer at high speed crashed into one of the pharmacies in the village Ilyinsky of the Krasnodar territory. Prior to that, he collided with a passenger car, reports RIA FAN. a surveillance Camera recorded as the truck, not slowing down, passed the crossroad with heavy traffic, where going down the side of the sedan. From blow the car few times turned around its axis, and a Peterbilt went off the road and into the pharmacy. In the car were a man and a child, they have not received serious injuries. In the pharmacy visitors were not. On the status of the KAMAZ driver was not reported.

Alexander Illarionov and Andrey Zhuravlev sentenced in Greece to 395 years in prison for two. The court recognised Russians guilty of organizing illegal migration, informs the national news service. In January, a similar prison sentences received by other citizens of Russia – Anton Karimov and Plato Davydov. Relatives of prisoners say that those have become victims of unscrupulous employers. Men found jobs abroad on the Internet. They offered to carry tourists in Greece, Italy and Turkey, but "travelers" were illegals. In total for this crime arrested 24 Russians, writes "Interfax".

Specialists Roskoshestvo told the Russians about how some manufacturers try to hide sugar in products, passing them off as harmless. The service noticed that sophisticated sellers try to capitalize on uninformed buyers, the TV channel "360". Experts explained that there are different types of sugar. Often indicate composition of dextrose, which is a corn sugar, and levulose is another name for fructose. Sugar are maltodextrin, Golden syrup, sorghum syrup, syrup, rice bran, palm syrup, turbinado, sucanat and agave nectar. There are no less harmful sweeteners: aspartame, Sucralose, saccharine and agave syrup.

The Use of buckwheat can reduce the risk of developing cancer. In particular, it is helpful in prevention of colon cancer, according to the TV channel "360". dietitian Andrew Bobrowski explained that buckwheat contains high amount of fiber. It helps the body rid itself of toxins, absorbing the products of metabolism and decay. This is especially important for fans of fast food. In an interview with radio Sputnik Bobrowski noted that the barley also promotes weight loss, as it quickly causes a feeling of fullness, but has a low calorie content.

Introduced the CPS told the Russians about their rights in case the goods in the store was higher than the one specified on the price. The Ministry said: sellers are required to convey to buyers accurate information, reports TV channel "360". Experts explained that employees often forget or Department stores do not have time to change price tags. However, this cannot be the basis for the sale of goods at a different cost: the consumer has the right to purchase it at a specified price. If he discovered an error in the receipt after the purchase, the shop is obliged to return the difference.

The General Secretary of the German cancer society Johannes Bruns told what method of cancer treatment is the most effective. According to experts, the most successful tumor immunotherapy cope, the TV channel "360". Bruns noted that this method became widely used only in the past year. Its essence lies in "training" the immune system detection and destruction of cancer cells. To do this, in the human body there are special items – T-killers. However, the occurrence of cancer, they lose the ability to distinguish between diseased and healthy cells and cease to resist the disease. The specialist noted that due to immunotherapy has become possible to fight against certain types of cancer that were previously considered virtually incurable, according to RIA...

History Holy Father Pankraty Tauromenium believed in Jesus before his crucifixion, and he became a disciple of the Apostle Peter. Holy became a hermit in the Pontic mountains, and then became Bishop of the city of Tauromenium and converted almost all of its inhabitants and the inhabitants of the surrounding cities. But the pagans, seizing the opportune moment, I killed him with stones. the Monk Pancras Pechersk, lived in Russia in the XIV century. He was a recluse in the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and told the chronicle, had the gift to heal the sick. He did this through prayer, fasting and anointing of the sick. uni parent meat-fare Saturday In 2020 February 22, falls on a Saturday. This means that on this day believers celebrate the Church holiday...

Physician Victor Lichine told about the dangers of a hot shower. According to experts, this procedure should not be abused people who have health problems, reports "Evening Moscow". In the first place from a hot shower should refrain patients with cardiovascular diseases in moderate and severe form. If a person has the disease was diagnosed at an early stage, then it is possible to hold in hot water to 20 minutes, according to ToDay News Ufa. At risk also get patients with diabetes and those who suffer from skin problems: dermatitis, psoriasis and other rashes on the body. Besides, a hot shower threat for thrombosis and varicose veins, says "Constantinople".

Historian Oleg Sokolov, accused of killing student Anastasia Yeshchenko, wrote in prison a novel. This was reported by the responsible Secretary of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow Alexey Melnikov. the Main theme of the book is love. Former teacher hopes that the product will be popular among readers, reports RIA Novosti. Recall, November 7, falcons shot his beloved Yeshchenko, and then dismembered her body and tried to throw the remains in the Sink. Later the man told investigators that the student often did it out of jealousy and was against him interact with children from previous marriages, according to "Constantinople".