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Fashion news, trends, style stars and practical advice on how to combine things daily in category "Fashion" on Cosmo. Find out where to buy the latest fashion of the season, read interviews with industry experts and fashion bloggers.

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Polish massmarket brand Sinsay began an advertising campaign spring-summer collection. We have selected the 19 best youth bows for the new season! [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Girl Sinsay lives to the fullest, enjoys every moment and shares it in social networks.

Young domestic jewelry brand Ambery reinvents the classic material — amber. Due to the architectural form (which, as we recall, is a global trend) the accessories look true and a perfect end to a minimalistic everyday images.

The Beginning of February - the men's shows for the fall season. We love watching that show designers, and we think most interesting in the fall of 2018, but nothing exciting by RAF Simons, featured in the new York present is not possible.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Russian brand of Regalia showed current trends in outerwear in the new lookbook autumn pre-collection. [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Iconic for the brand fur coat-bathrobes with belt, coats, straight-leg silhouette and a sheepskin jacket that we wore last year, be with us in 2018.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] we Recently wrote about how easy it is to change a casual bow with unusual tights. If you don't know where to start — try a new way on a romantic date on February 14! [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] IN a special capsule that is created to the Day of St.

It is No secret that most of our lives we spend at work. And each of us want to look flawless in the office. Surely, classic trousers and pencil skirt are available in your Arsenal. But what to buy this spring to look appropriate, but extraordinary... and make you the envy of Lena from the next Department will show in our collection!

Introduced a new Casio watch Baby-G with pedometer function, which will help to maintain an active lifestyle at any time of the year. The new model is able to differentiate step, Jogging and running, and beep to warn the user about long periods of inactivity to remind you to be more active.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] What have you done for hip-hop in the years? Anastasia Reshetova (Timothy), Anna Gorozia (spouse L One), Assol (wife ST) and Maria Belova (girlfriend T-Killah) inspire their men from among the top local rap artists to new hits.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Russian brand Arny Praht presented a spring collection. In the new lookbook, you can find the actual accessories in sporty style — the big shopper, multifunctional backpack, miniature Fanny pack-transformer not only.

For request "cursed dress" any search engine will give you, you can say, a standard list of rumors and tales: you will learn about the cursed dress of Marilyn Monroe", the dress-the Ghost of Anne Baker, earrings murderers of the princes Meshchersky, as well as the dark history of the creation of the little black dress Chanel. What do you know about the clothes that were killed for real?

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] we HAVE great news for everyone who likes flowery dresses, bell bottoms, robes, patchwork and vintage-inspired prints — Bohemian style this spring at the height of fashion! [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] to Complement the images in ethnic style designers Zara offer matching accessories: headscarves, sandals with belts, clutches and bags, embroidered with beads and tribal decorations.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] IN 2018 with the us remain the two polar trend in jewelry. Or limit it to 1-2 large, expressive accents (as in “Alchemy”, for example), or choose a weightless, thin as wire, accessories and Wearables at once on some pieces.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] You are already familiar with instagram channels Italian actress, Alessandra Mastronardi, British artist Chloe wise, Japanese ballerina Nazomi Ijima and Korean model soo Joo Park? These girls unite active attitude, a great sense of style and involvement in the new project of CHANEL.

German brand of lingerie and home wear Triumph presented a romantic collection on Valentine's Day. In the role of Cupid, as in the last shoot of the brand, made by Australian model Jessica HART caught in the lens of the legendary Rankin.

In a series of Casio G-Shock appeared relevant line dedicated to the series “Very strange things” with Millie Bobby brown in the title role. [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Edition watch dedicated to the upcoming 35th anniversary of the brand, and therefore (and also due to the aesthetics of the series) the model is in the old school two-color design that is combined with rare case (interpretation of the classic model DW-5600) reminds about fashion and style of the 80s.