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Fashion news, trends, style stars and practical advice on how to combine things daily in category "Fashion" on Cosmo. Find out where to buy the latest fashion of the season, read interviews with industry experts and fashion bloggers.

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Search of an individual style – not an easy task. Going for shopping, we are determined: studying the Internet, scoring in the search, no more no less "individual style". And then iterate dresses-blouse, frantically trying to figure out, I'm romantic, dramatic or maybe completely incomprehensible gamin. And not understanding, buy another black hoodie, regular jeans and exhaled in relief. But Ekaterina Savitskaya, founder of the Paris school of stylists, believes there is a way, we can each create your own unique style without resorting to professional help, but only looked in detail at the features of his face and body.

Ageism (discrimination on the grounds of age) is not a new theme in fashion. Speak about this problem not the first dozen years, but even a progressive fashion houses that are trying to keep up with environmental and ethical trends, often ignore this, it would seem that the primary problem. If you pay attention to the Russian market, the ageism can be seen not only in clothing but also in tips on how to dress. “What can I wear after 40+”, “How to look stylish after 50” - as if after a certain age, a good half of the things under the ban. Is that so and what actually is age discrimination in the fashion industry (spoiler: the billions and billions of dollars), are investigated in the article.

Hollywood hunk brad pitt was married twice: to win the heart and hand of the actor managed first Jennifer aniston, then Angelina Jolie. By the way, after the breakup of pitt and aniston, fans of the actor were divided into two camps: some called Jolie a home wrecker and strongly condemned, while others considered it the best he couple. Disputes about who of the two ex-wives is better continues to this day. Make your choice you can right now. We compared the dresses of the Actresses and found some very similar. Watch and vote, who looks the bigger and whose style you like more.

The Joker debuted in 1940 in the first comic book about Batman. Character created Bob Kane, bill finger and Jerry Robinson, based on the appearance and behavior of a crazy clown. Circus makeup, green hair and purple suit with orange vest — canonical image of this supervillain. Since that time much has changed, has changed the character: every Director has set up his character and behavior for themselves. How these changes affected the image of the Joker and which one is the most stylish we'll cover in our collection.

28 September Cosmopolitan Shopping celebrates anniversary — 15 years in Russia! In honor of the birthday of the magazine in conjunction with the TRC VEGAS Kuntsevo will hold a Festival of shopping and style — with stars and prizes. Only this day offers drawings cool gifts: certificates for shopping, schools stylists and commemorative t-shirts with prints of famous Russian designers, which was designed specifically for magazine Cosmopolitan Shopping! The program also includes lectures and master classes by popular stylists, meeting with the stars couples and performances by celebrities.

On the eve of the wedding the pores want to talk about such pleasant things, without which the wedding can not do, – on jewelry. In the age of Internet sales from the comfort of your home, you can buy any thing, even a wedding ring. Online buying jewelry is a definitely a very handy thing. But along with the convenience of the buyer risks to the product is the wrong size and shape or, worse, a fake, and sometimes does not get it. The question of the authenticity of the diamond jewelry almost always is associated with the legality of the seller. CEO of jewellery brand La Vivion Andrew Yanchevskii will tell you what to look for and how to be 100% sure that you have chosen shop with a good reputation and quality products.

We're not going to tell you how hard it is to find a swimsuit for large Breasts and wide hips – most brands simply do not produce plus-size. And for good reason: a well-known brand of underwear, refusing to follow bodypositive, changed the credit status to “negative” – and that's not to mention reputation. But we decided not to grieve and turn to those who are ready to welcome all shapes and sizes. Offer to your attention a 10 bright swimwear that you can wear to the beach this summer, forgetting all everyday problems.

The Competition to create meme content began with the advent of fast modems and guides on photoshop. Stick to the star of the sofa or put it on an ice cream cone today can anyone with a good imagination. We've got a whole archive of outfits, over which laugh, even the stars as aware of the power and strength of the viral effect of these entertainment. Sometimes they purposely wear something extravagant, then to scatter a bunch of funny pictures on Twitter and Instagram. We decided to recall the loudest and spectacular dresses memes, which somehow excited the Internet.

If you have not bought gifts for relatives and friends, don't worry, you still have time to catch up. Choose a gift according to the principle "want, but not buying because there is not a thing of the first necessity". Most likely, you would not want to for the New year from colleagues or loved ones trinkets or figurines with the symbol of the coming year of the pig. Julia Peskova, creative Director and co-owner of the Kawaii Factory & Monoroom shared a selection of the most unusual gifts for every taste. Take note not to “put a pig” under the Christmas tree.

More than fifty years ago the American writer Truman Capote, author of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" has tripled the party of the century. She went down in history as one of the most grandiose events. The hood has invited Andy Warhol and Frank Sinatra, but was denied the presidency. Among the guests was Alexander Liberman, the editorial Director of the publishing house Condé Nast, and his wife Tatiana Yakovleva-Lieberman – a former Muse of Mayakovsky. The main condition of presence at the party was a dress code. Were allowed to wear either black or white. Still outshine the party failed, however, the fashion for black&white; all did not pass and the organizers of the party compete. About the most trendy ideas of black and white parties, says the editor of the...

Our columnist Mary Norris talks about simple ways to live as an American millionaire, being a poor resident of the Russian hinterland. Just be warned: do not treat this advice with the utmost seriousness and there's no need to criticize for a frivolous attitude to the problem of poverty. The author understands that dollar millionaires can afford to buy an island in the Caribbean or to throw a party, where will sing Aguilera. However, such purchases and parties even in the life of millionaires — a rarity. Today, a rich man from the poor is largely distinguish consumer habits and General approach to life.

Summer is the brightest time of year in America. Fashionista throw black jackets, jeans and pull out their best outfits. New York designers go hunting and spend hours wandering the streets of the Big Apple, watching the street fashionistas. Many of them admit that that's how they draw inspiration for new collections. High fashion, vintage prints and futurism – it all goes into the melting pot of the American fashion industry. What is fashionable this summer in America, learned editor of the online educational resource Puzzle English Anastasia Orlyanskaya.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] the Ethnic style is back in fashion, almost every summer, and this season is no exception. Assemble the ideal look for a music festival, a trip to the sea or a relaxing weekend in the collection of Mango! [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] This summer, we recommend you "settle" in the closet, blouses and pants in fluid materials, knitted tops, dresses, the smell, overalls with prints in the style of tribal, “pajama” costumes, as well as mules, jewelry made of shells and stones (especially large statement earrings and large bracelets!), knitted bathing suits and a huge straw hat a La Jacquemus.

[RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] Especially for the football world Cup 2018 Russian designers accessories brand of Radical Chic has made a series of shawls about sports, which we will be sick all summer! [RICH_HTML type=imageset][/RICH_HTML] the Stadium stood in suspense, the fans held their breath, the decisive moment... a Goal! Yay! On the scarf "football Legends" Radical Chic has assembled a dream team: at the gate stood the "black spider" Lev Yashin, the defense is the star Zinedine Zidane, the attack came out the winner of the "hand of God" Diego Maradona, pretty boy Cristiano Ronaldo and the great Pele.