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Serega's blog Goncharova

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

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Welcome))) Pretty beaten topic, but still. If your site is about income, then why not. To make money online just need a few things. But these things were very necessary. I won't bore you with long writings, and will get straight to the point. the Needed computer. And as without it. Time. At least 2 — 3 hours of free time a day. How could it be otherwise? Mail. Yes e-mail is required. With it, register on the site and receive very important emails. It is very important learn how to work with it. E-wallet. As I recall, I mentioned that for a living you need to register on all the purses that are listed here. Payment system and how to make them. Sites on which you will work. A lot of them. Can choose what you like and go. On this website many articles. And...

Hi))) Today I want to talk about this phenomenon as the payment system or simply a web wallet. it Turns out that many even working or attempting to work on the Internet, are not aware of the existence of the Internet wallets. But we are not? Really? In General, this article, for those who didn't. the Internet has a lot of payment systems and online wallets. For earnings, I advise you to have them all. Because to earn much, you need to work at different sites. Different sites work with different payment systems. What purses is on the Internet? Webmoney Yandexmoney Payeer OKPAY PayPal Perfect money Qiwi Sberbank online that's not all. But this is the most popular system at the moment. And they all need to earn money. now, a bonus for those who came to this...

Welcome! Every Internet user asks "How to make money online?" My answer: "Very simple." Now is the time that you can earn absolutely everything. Even on air, to know how important. And with the Internet, you can earn absolutely everything. And earnings will depend on your efforts. You can earn 1 million per day and 10 cents per year not gain. the Main thing to understand that at least 2 — 3 hours per day, you will still have to work, and what will bring you this work, will be worth the effort you invest. just want to warn. Easy money does not exist anywhere. Promised someone the "LOOT" which gives 10,000 rubles a day, for just, also. Usually such promises are called the wiring for suckers. And you're not a sucker. And not to be such, you should read the...