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Maltese is one of the wonders of the world, which is not so much in our world. That can still be happy man, as a true and loyal friend, who has a great appearance and noble behavior.

My dog loves travel together by car. But, unfortunately, she whimpers, until it goes down the box in the car so she could go with protruding head, but the weather is not always good, sometimes outside the window it was damp and cold, but she still would!

We Have a wonderful four-month puppy German shepherd. His nickname OGGI moon. Talking about him, I can confidently say he disadvantages of not less merit. Sometimes I just couldn't cope with him and he bites my hands and eating things.

Your dog is constantly fighting each other, to find out who is the master in the house. How do you handle this situation? Learn tips Caesar Milan on this and other issues that arise in such situations.

Surely you had to deal with a similar situation: You go into the bedroom and find that Your dog with delight nibbles so dear to Your heart Slippers. What to do in this case and how to prevent further encroachment of the dog shoes of the host? We offer You to try the tactic of Caesar Milan, including five steps. More than likely, Your pet, ultimately, will understand that chew shoes and a sofa, chewing socks, and also to destroy the other items in the house is just silly.

It is important to teach your child to behave properly when meeting with a dog, especially a stray, to prevent the risk of injury or more unfavorable outcome. Learn simple and effective conduct for children, to avoid dog bites.

Every year, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. With regard to the children, mostly from malicious attacks suffer 5-9-year-old guys. You cannot ignore such statistical data, so all adults with children should have at least a General idea about what precautions they can take to protect their children from dog bites.

In October 2010, the newspaper «wall Street journal tells about a dog named Ganner, which trained to search for mines and transported with this purpose in Afghanistan. Military action is so frightened the poor dog that by the decision of the marine Corps, he was returned home. In his native monastery of Gannera showed signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Barking is a means of communication in the world of dogs. If your pet barks, you know: it must be a concrete explanation. For example, a dog may be barking at the man running around the house, or to other external stimuli. Your pet may also through barking ask you for help. Try to understand the true reason a dog's bark, to suddenly stop.

Most occur in the home. Most often happens that your best friend does not wish to hurt you, but can get carried away during the game and accidentally bite you. Other dogs, especially small breed can bite, thus attracting your attention, and the puppies can bite during cutting teeth. Here are a few tips that will help you to avoid bites.

Many owners of dogs can opeshit, when confronted with the aggressive behavior of their Pets. Not to be a stumbling block in your favorite relations, Caesar Milan will look into the root of the problem.

Hello, Caesar! We with my boyfriend of three dogs. Two Rottweilers (one to three years, and another one) and the Labrador Retriever, which is 9 months. The problem is that they love to dig the earth.

In most cases bite people familiar to them dogs, so it is important to teach adults and their children how to avoid the attack of the animal. It is important to realize that bite can any dog, therefore, to prevent such an outcome, you need to know the common reasons for aggressive dog behavior.

Recent studies Humanitarian society that get to the heart of the matter showed that as many as 41% from the problems of dog owners is excessive, irritating and often hostile barking.

Barking of dogs is the most important means of communication for dogs. However barking can also cause a variety of problems. You are a dog owner, so it is your responsibility to timely make all efforts to curb excessive barking. I suggest you 5 tips to help stop the intolerable barking forever.