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Sidney Sheldon (1917-2007) is one of the emblems of American popular fiction, one of the patriarchs of the exciting novel, based on action, action and action again. "My novels are sold in one hundred eight countries and translated into fifty languages. In 1997 I got into the Guinness Book of records as the "most frequently translated author in the world." I sold over three hundred million copies of the books. The main reason for the success of his novels, I believe that my characters are real people to me and, therefore, become real people to readers. Foreign readers love my books because love, hate and jealousy are universal emotions, universal, understandable to everyone."

Edmond Moore Hamilton (eng. Edmond Moore Hamilton; October 21, 1904 — February 1 1977) is an American science fiction writer, popular in the mid-twentieth century. Considered one of the founders of "space Opera" genre of science fiction. the First publication of "the God-monster Mamurra" (1926). In 1946 he married Lee Bracket. One of the "founding fathers" (together with D. Williamson and E. Smith) modern American NF, actively wrote to the SF magazines before the war, quickly becoming a recognized leader and promoter of "space Opera". the series "Star wolf" was supplemented by the works of Sergei Sukhinova. First sukhinov was an interpreter first and actually the last three novels of the cycle, but became interested, thinking it unfair that addictive cycle...

"the Big explanatory dictionary of Russian language" is a universal guide to the modern Russian language. Successfully connected completeness of the academic vocabulary descriptions in a concise single-volume edition. The dictionary covers about 130 thousand words, including those that entered the Russian literary language in the last decade. In addition to common words, the dictionary contains basic terms used in modern science and technology, as well as words for phenomena and the realities of production, cultural and social life. The dictionary is the inclusion of some articles of the encyclopedic reference.

English in 30 days - effective course of improving English language. In just 30 days you will be able to significantly improve their knowledge of English and confident in using grammatical constructions. Express program contains a large amount of required information high priority with no unnecessary recommendations and themes. Studying only one lesson a day, after 30 days, you will be able to see positive results and confidence to continue learning English in the direction of the required activities.

Case... Sometimes it defines as the fate of man and that he was eventually ordained. To live a very mediocre life on Earth, or become a space pirate, manage your own fighter and, finally, learn to breathe. semen Semenovich too long lived quietly and steadily. It even seemed the norm, the limit of all achievement. But here intervened the same case. Event-by-event, the effect of the action – and here is Simon explores the vastness of space in search of profit. And not to seed it more, but Sam is a true legend. Talking about him, knows him and respects him, some even afraid. But here and now the hero finally feels alive, real. There are so many new adventures and discoveries. The main thing – to finally assemble a decent team that is not afraid to go to the...

By Rafael Sabatini called the "English Dumas". From his pen came out more than fifty novels. The writer said of himself that he knew only one thing and that is to the story. This idea he was confirmed in all his work, easily moving from the events of the French revolution to the days of the Spanish Inquisition and the Italian Renaissance. Sabatini has always featured an amazing ability to spin an interesting plot. Therefore, his books are published from 1902 to the present. Currently the collection, as often happens, initially planned ten, but then released 5 additional volumes.

This new edition is a complete guide to medical pharmacology for undergraduate students. The eighth edition has been fully revised to reflect the latest developments in this field. Added a new medicines and the latest guidelines of treatment. most of the chapters end with an exercise in making therapeutic decisions. The text is well illustrated with drawings, charts and tables. This new edition is a complete guide to medical pharmacology for students. The eighth edition has been fully revised to provide the latest advances in the field. New drugs and the latest treatment guidelines have been added. Most chapters conclude with an exercise in therapeutic decision making. The text is highly illustrated with figures, charts and tables.

Tutorial German (Deutsch ohne Probleme!) needed for those who want to learn German language itself: to learn to read, write and communicate in this language. the Actual subjects, typical situations of intercultural communication, a clear structure of the lessons, thoughtful selection and a fixed number of speech and language material, along with detailed commentaries, exercises and tasks for self-control, affordable, and simple explanations and recommendations in the Russian language at the organization of independent work - all contribute to the success in achieving the learning objectives. the Modern concept of the textbook allows you to use it for coursework, distance learning, and also in universities where German language is taught as a General...

"Airport" – bestselling novel by Arthur Hailey, published in 1968. The fictional city where is the largest airport covers unexpected snow storm, so all the services are working in emergency mode. The airport staff falls to one problem after another, starting from lost is unclear where the machine with the products to a terrible accident on Board one of the planes. And everything else is added exacerbated the personal problems of the characters, their complex emotional drama in such a tangle of plot lines will tie the novel to fit in one Friday night. On the novel "Airport" in 1970 a film was made with the leading Hollywood actors – ten nominations for "Oscar"! After this film adaptation came out three more sequels.

16 th edition of the Atlas Sobotta not only is 600 fully processed images, but also 250 new ideas about the human body. In this edition more attention has been paid to the clinical relevance and medical examination. With its advanced content on more than 1300 pages, including the approximate 500 of tests, medical exams, Sobotta is now a more than ever before. The 16th edition of Sobotta not only presents 600 completely revised images, but also 250 new insights into the human body. In this edition, even more attention was paid on the clinical relevance and regarding the medical exam. With its expanded content on more than 1,300 pages including 500 exemplary test items of medical exams, the Sobotta is now bigger than ever before.

4 Albums on art sawing. The albums are pictures of different products that can be manufactured using a hand jig saw. Contain more than a hundred photos and drawings in full size. Recommended for fans of cutting out. Cutting - an ancient form of decorative art, a tradition that is alive in our time. After reviewing the album, You know what beautiful things you can do, picking up an ordinary sheet of plywood, a jigsaw, a ruler and a compass.

What will you do in the marathon "Body in 20 years"? This is a 7 day program. During this magical week you will do exercises to work out every gland of the endocrine system. Or you can do it faster, working through one lesson after another. You will get the necessary knowledge about the endocrine system. You follow step-by-step exercises for your recovery and rejuvenation. Each day you will carefully consider, and establish the work of 1-2 of the endocrine glands. What is the result? as a result of the marathon will make you feel as in 20 years: — the Feeling of lightness in the body, — Smooth gait, — the Graceful gestures, — a Great mood, — Toned face, — Soft, glowing skin, — bright eyes, — Radiant smile, Singing heart, — the Belief that everything and...

"Sakhalin Island" is a paraphrase Chekhov, whom Eduard Verkin cherished honors, and a magnificent series and a great adventure story that is impossible to put down, and a gentle love story, and a sad tale about lost hope. The book will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of classic literature or fans of Stanislaw LEM and the Strugatsky brothers. It has adventure, action Packed, unpredictable plot twists, but there is also a complicated futuristic design, and philosophical arguments, and certainly sad, as all present, the story of true love.

Afinogenov Alexey Ilyin (1832-1889) – Lieutenant-General since 1888, the cartographer. His name is associated with the emergence and development of the first Russian private cartographic institutions. The range of publications that appeared in him, was very wide, atlases, city plans, globes, educational literature, the coronation albums of Russian emperors, a series of "Books for people's reading", 100 items of reproductions of works of art and greeting cards by famous artists: A. Benois, L. Bakst, V. Vasnetsov, M. Dobuzhinsky, N. Roerich and many more. "A detailed Atlas of the Russian Empire with plans of main cities" contains geographical maps of the Russian provinces, territories and regions, with plans of the provincial centers. Maps of the Atlas was...

The Debut novel of Karen M. McManus, who immediately entered the bestseller list "New York Times". A psychological Thriller, with a tense plot in the spirit of "13 reasons why" and the atmosphere of detective novels by Agatha Christie. Strict teacher punishment left five high school students in the class after school, but only four came out alive. Fifth, Simon, the school outcast, brutally taking revenge on his oppressors on the Internet, revealing the ugly secrets, was found dead. The police do not doubt that it was murder. All are under suspicion, because everyone has something to hide. But who of the four boys and girls is the killer? Bronwyn is a straight a student coming into the ivy League? Eddie's first beauty school, the blonde from shampoo...