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Pilates - a system that allows to develop and strengthen all groups of muscles, to unite in pursuit of body and mind, to form a harmonious, slim figure. This complex is particularly suitable for those who do not like jumps and sharp movements. Exercise is performed slowly and smoothly, with each doing them at their own pace. All the actions in Pilates conscious thoughts in any given moment is aimed at that part of the body over which we are working. That is why Pilates with good reason referred to as brain gymnastics! Ideal for the home environment!

Igor S. Prokopenko - a Famous Russian writer, documentarian, journalist and broadcaster, posted by, Deputy General Director for documentary and journalistic projects of a broadcasting company "REN TV", a six-time winner of the TEFI award and others. the Russian national awards and honors. Member of the Academy of Russian television. Books introduce the reader to the theories, hypotheses, research, different versions and opinions of scientists, researchers and experts on the issues dealt with in the books of the series. In these books, no lines of rumors and speculation. Each is given a fact, no matter how it may seem fantastic, confirmed by documents or at the event.

Oleg I. Divov was born in Moscow on 3 October 1968 in a family of artists-restorers of the Tretyakov gallery. A professional writer, with 14 years as a published journalist. Oleg Divov one of the most charismatic writers of science fiction. His first novel, "Master of dogs" was met by readers with great enthusiasm. Today Oleg Divov has a rich collection of award trophies. Novels Divines, colourful and fascinating language, fascinating plot, a quest for understanding the important for the modern man problems, believable atmosphere. Huge success have the novels of Oleg Divov – "Culling", "Best Crew of the Sun". Especially popular new series "Profession: Inquisitor", which has recently been added to the novel "the Great dragon". Work of Oleg Divov cover a wide...

Site Visitors NetFact.Ru – In "Library electrician" (book 651) entered as brochures for use by qualified technicians with extensive practical experience, and technicians with the necessary theoretical training but lack sufficient experience. The purpose of this library is to explain how to operate electrical devices and apparatus, to show how performs simple electrical calculations, why in these conditions taken certain decisions in terms of designs, schemes and methods of Assembly and operation, and reflect the best practices of inventors for installation, commissioning and operation of electrical installations.

Pilates is a unique method, a set of exercises which helps to strengthen deep muscles, development of flexibility and the attainment of power. It helps to form harmonious slender figure, but also successfully struggles with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, as back pain, low back pain, curvature of the spine. In just a few sessions you will notice how straighten your back and the body becomes supple and fit. Doing Pilates, you will certainly find the beauty, health and well-being! Ideal for the home environment!

In 1845 an expedition under the command of an experienced Arctic Explorer sir John Franklin embarks on ships "Terror" and "Erebus" to the North coast of Canada in search of a Northwest passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific — and disappears. The search for her dragged on for several decades, her fate was going to literally bit by bit, and still the picture is full of white spots. Dan Simmons offers his version of events: the main threat for the expedition was not a crushing embrace of the ice, not cold with a Blizzard and not spoiled canned — unknown giant monster, as if woven of snow and polar darkness. A tense atmospheric Thriller that combines rich historical detail with elements of mysticism, supernatural strength and intellect of a creature brutally...

In the books of the series "Draw 50" illustrates how easy it is to draw. Books contain step-by-step instructions for practical drawing various objects in the process of mastering the art of black-and-white and grayscale graphics. A step-by-step drawing successfully used by adults and children. List of books: Draw 50 cars, trucks, and motorcycles Draw 50 sharks, whales and other marine animals Draw 50 athletes Draw 50 biblical characters Draw 50 girls with characters Draw 50 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals Draw 50 animals Draw 50 buildings and other structures Draw 50 famous Russians Draw 50 famous personalities Draw 50 famous comics characters Draw 50 famous politicians Draw 50 disappearing animals Draw 50 ships, trucks and trains Draw 50 cats Draw...

This book will introduce you to spoken English, which is used every day by native speakers in real life. You will learn about new values of already known words and you will find many colloquial expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations and slang revs. With this book you can easily understand modern English, to read contemporary literature and articles in the Internet, with no problems to communicate in chat rooms or while traveling. The material is grouped alphabetically, making it easy to locate the desired sections. All the key words and expressions are accompanied by examples. The dialogues, which you'll find in the audio application, learn easily to perceive speech, and the exercises will help you better remember the material covered.

Site Visitors NetFact.Ru – For You the video course "course on the development of the ability to concentrate." Learn how to develop your ability to concentrate on reading, work, study and life. If you find it difficult to stay focused, this course is especially for you! Because what the person is concentrated, significantly affects his emotional state, ability to focus on the important things and not be distracted by insignificant detail can radically change your life: you will become more productive, will be able to implement career and personal goals and to achieve excellent results.

Book "the Great mathematician. From Pythagoras to the 57-dimensional objects" is a fascinating journey through 250 mathematical discoveries from ancient ant pedometer and the first bills before the discovery of fractals and the search for new dimensions. the book also talks about the ideas of prominent thinkers from Pythagoras and Euclid to the idol of modern mathematics by Martin Gardner and cosmologist max Tegmark. Well-known formulas and mathematical concepts are accompanied by interesting facts about the life of mathematicians and information on the implementation of their proven theorems. Articles about mathematical discoveries in chronological order and accompanied by colorful illustrations.

The Captain of special troops in resignation Victor Egorov, scrapped outright after being seriously wounded from the army ranks, for several years provided live a peaceful life, and it suits him. His war is long over, but suddenly came another problem — easy easy trip to the Vitebsk oblast failed in bloody disaster of summer 1941. What to do Egorov? To lay low and quietly wait out the hot months? Fortunately there is a reliable shelter, food, weapons and ammo... Or Victor should remember the debt of a Russian officer to the Homeland, which at all times one?

Our man never lost! Were in the past? Not a problem... Walked on the enemy's rear and broke the Germans all the plans start of the First world, for which he received a new title, a dozen awards and big cash prize! However, the appendage to the awards went several wounds, but "in war as in war", isn't it? a year Passed. It was spring 1915. To heal and properly prepare, Maxim again "comes out in a big way". Only now he has trained fighters separate squadron in helmets and bullet-proof vests, armored cars and self-propelled guns, with guns in their hands! Accordingly, the selected target is a new RAID planned for maximum depth. whether Mad Max to drive the Kaiser under the bed, grab the Reichsbank to redeem the German General staff in spree? And most...

Invite you to the planet Eden, in Paradise. How to get there? Listen to a new book about the adventures of two regular boobies. Curly woods, colorful mushrooms, grandmothers in headscarves... But there are days when all very badly. On their Forester areas that poachers will be insufferable, the predators will thrive beyond measure, the alien plague will come. How maintain the order of the Forester, even if the grandmother-Gibeonite equipped better? Would be Eugene's partner – fighting cyborg, they would be instantly put things in order! No tree, no wild boar would not have gone unrecorded in the hands of swindlers. Really need assistant Eugene strong, obedient and silent, forcing one of its kind to honour the master. But how little knew Eugene about...

Site Visitors NetFact.Ru For You webinar "Buds - the basis of life". the Kidney is a very special organ of our body. They not only excrete the excess water, but also purify it by removing metabolic products, drugs, are involved in the regulation of blood pressure and homeostasis, also serve an endocrine function. I always wondered why the diagnosis, such as pyelonephritis, once you set, never removed, even if the exacerbations do not happen for decades. Why in glomerulonephritis is not recommended to give birth and why kidney disease can badly affect fetal development. the Answers to these questions I received, studying Chinese medicine. According to the canons of TCM, kidneys are the basis of life, since the stored energy necessary for its maintenance...

The book aims to show that we are different, aren't all that they are. Just an ordinary man rarely finds himself in unusual situations, and this is his happiness. I must say, before you is purely a work of art. No memories-a memoir, not a guide for the construction of the pyramids, not "experiments successful business", are very fashionable, no. Purely a work of art. Roman. I will also say that I believe his gift for writing, even above financial. But read for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I'm right or not. And let us do the evaluation. One thing I can promise firmly: you will not be bored. I guarantee you that. And the rest too... so, go ahead!