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Recipes for multivarki. Delicious and easy recipes in multivarke with photo

Simple recipes in multivarke. All the dishes are cooked by me and are suitable for multivarok Redmond, Polaris, Panasonic, Philips, Moulinex and Supra

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Let's please your relatives simple and delicious pastries, this recipe is very simple and fast. Kovrizhka a kind of conventional Russian cake, which was prepared from time immemorial. It can be cooked vegetable, honey, yogurt, jam or chocolate kovrizhka. If in the morning there porridge, it will improve the brain, it gives you good mood and vivacity [...] Read the entire recipe "

Let's prepare the curd pie as prepared in our kindergarten, will only add to the diversity of the Mac, the recipe is very simple and known to all. Range casseroles simply amazing in its diversity, rice casserole, chicken, apples and raisins, cheese, meat, potato, mushrooms, cheese, cabbage, pumpkin or minced meat. In General, all that You have left in the fridge, you can use [...] Read the entire recipe "

Today cook pilaf with mushrooms mushrooms, it is meatless recipe is very simple and quick to prepare. In the East since ancient times plov cooked only men, and today almost every family to prepare it. Interestingly, the products are the same, but the taste of it is all different. Plov can be prepared with everything, with [...] Read the entire recipe "

Cook beans stewed with potatoes and vegetables recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. It is very delicious and hearty main dish is perfect for a post. In order beans cooked faster in advance to soak in cold water. It is possible to prepare many different dishes such as soup, soup, salads, mashed potatoes, and more. [...] Here to read the entire recipe "

Cook very easy and quick recipe delicious cake. Before the great feast of Passover we all bake cakes and of course we paint eggs. This is my very first Easter cake in multiverse which I have prepared, and he and I did. They occupy a place of honor on the festive table. Easter can be cooked pumpkin, cottage cheese, dried fruit, honey, Easter custard. [...] Here to Read the entire recipe "

Let's prepare for the classic sponge cake with raisins and dried colored pineapple, this recipe is known already for a long time and remains unchanged until our times. By whipping of proteins is very important that the halos and the bowl in which to vzbivayte proteins were not greasy otherwise they will not increase in volume. In the first 15-20 minutes after baking ready biscuit [...] Read the entire recipe "

Don't know what to make of this, then this simple recipe for you, don't need a lot of time and effort. And the products here are the most common that are always present in any refrigerator. If You observe lent can stewed cabbage with the potatoes, cook without sausages, then get a vegetable dish. In addition, a vegetable dish can be prepared Ratatouille, multiverse he [...] Read the entire recipe "

Cook very tasty cake cake with dried pineapples, tea, this recipe is easy to prepare the available products. The cake can also be cut in half and grease sour cream and allow to expand him inside. Sugar, you can add more if you like pelase. Also for the coming guests can bake a delicious chocolate cake, it would be a good addition to the tea party. To read the entire recipe "

Prepare a simple, fast scrambled eggs with sausages and tomatoes, if You come in from work and have no time for complex and long dishes, then this recipe is for You. You can also prepare scrambled eggs with sausage, cheese, tomatoes, green onions and served with pepper. It can make for Breakfast, dinner or even for unexpected guests arrive. To read the entire recipe "

Cook lean honey kovrizhka with a banana, it's lush and delicious, the recipe is very simple and quick to cook. There are many varieties of honey gingerbreads with cocoa, oatmeal, dried fruits, raisins, can with a variety of fresh fruits. Also anything else you can add eggs, butter, though kovrizhka obtained is not a lean, although I think it will become even [...] Read the entire recipe "

Cook very tasty and useful recipe baked pumpkin with lemon prepared very quickly and without much effort. In General it contains a lot of vitamins C, D, B, PP, A, trace elements: cobalt, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and carotin. Pumpkin is a pharmacy in your home! It is possible to prepare a whole range of dishes [...] Read the entire recipe "

Today I decided to prepare for an easy and quick Breakfast of bread. This simple recipe with cottage cheese and dried fruits. By the way if You follow a healthy lifestyle, you can not add sugar and instead putting the figs and dried apricots is very sweet fruits they have a lot of natural sugars. Cottage cheese can cook the cakes, curd, cheese pasta, cakes, puddings, dumplings [...] Read the entire recipe »

Prepare a delicious pumpkin porridge with rice and millet, this simple recipe and it can make any housewife. Pumpkin is very useful for the organism, it contains a lot of vitamins and microelements necessary for the human. Pumpkin can cook a lot of different dishes like pumpkin pie stuffed with meat or vegetables, soup, lasagna with pumpkin or jam. This delicious porridge [...] Read the entire recipe »

Kids will love this recipe because casserole, sweet, and if the dish decorate the beautiful fruit kiwi can still banana or Apple, in General, that you love your children. Prepare sweet casserole recipe of this dish is simple and easy to prepare. You can also cook the pasta with chicken, pork, mushrooms or vegetables. To read the entire recipe »

Cook fish fillet of pangasius with steamed carrots and boiled potato, this recipe is simple to prepare. It turns out she is very tender and tasty, useful and important, by cooking it in multiverse with steamed carrots. You can also fillet of pangasius pour soy sauce, but then salt the need him a little, soy sauce, and so is sufficient [...] Read the entire recipe »