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Don't know where to go on holiday? Go to Europe. Here you will find rest for every taste: gornolyzhnye resorts, exotic Ostrava, interesting attractions and more.

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The Little port town of Svendborg was founded in 1253, it is on the shore of the fjord, is washed by the Baltic sea and is the center of shipbuilding. The demand for cheap tours to China and cheap holiday in Denmark, prices are very reasonable, has always been high.

If Bonn has remained the main city of Germany, he could claim the title of most comfortable city in the world. There are a lot of attractions, well developed tourist infrastructure, and the system of booking hotels online is one of the best in Germany. At the same time, Bonn stripped of false pomp and glitter.

The Hallmark of Abkhazia for many decades is beautiful at any time of year, the lake Ritsa. In one of its mention in the face to everyone ever been on this lake there is a mysterious smile, as if the lake revealed his secret to him.

On the black sea coast of Caucasus, in the Krasnodar region, at the mouth of the Mzymta river, is situated the resort town of Adler. His story is very unusual and interesting. In the Middle ages on the coast lived Circassian tribes, of the Abaza, and Ubykh. These tribes were under the protection of the Ottoman Empire

If you are going to spend a summer vacation in Russia, then fly it to Sochi. Gone to rest in Sochi, you'll be able to enjoy not only the beauty of the city itself, but also its surroundings, which in 1983 was declared a national Park, it is forbidden any human activity.

The Climate in Noumea allows you to relax from may to October. The city is about 180 tourist camps and sanatoriums. For those who enjoy a comfortable rest Gelendzhik offers a huge selection of hotels and private hotels with different levels of comfort from economy class to Deluxe.

Sanatorium "Small Bay" In the sanatorium "Small Bay", which was launched after an extensive renovation, you can spend your vacation with health benefits. The resort is located near the black sea coast near the most popular establishments in Anapa.

Colonnade of the Roman Bosra, built on the ruins of a Nabatean, and the current Syrian Busra stands on a layered "cake" from etched in stone of historical eras and cultures. The mystical atmosphere of this place creates a black color stones, which are composed of majestic buildings.

Yunnan is a famous province of China, which is famous for its amazing scenery and excellent climate. Yunnan can rightly be considered a Museum of mankind. The resident community, a variety of different dialects, culture and history. Tourists are attracted by local national holidays with their unbridled joy and entertainment.

The Main in the appearance of the Upper town of Brussels - his Grand style and scale that has developed mainly in the nineteenth century, although its history as such began much earlier. Say, a quarter of Lettuce was developed in the XII century, but the main part is built in 1866-1883.

Phnom Bakheng was once the main temple complex in the capital region of Angkor. After many centuries of oblivion it is now open once again. The temple of Phnom Bakheng was built in the late ninth century in honour of Lord Shiva. The initiative for its construction belongs to king Yasovarman I.

New Earth is the land of severe nature. More than half of the archipelago is covered with glaciers, mostly covering it, and not mountain glaciation. In the XII-XV centuries. in the New Earth there was a temporary settlement of coast-dwellers, who travelled to the archipelago for fishing, hunting.

Śnieżka Mountain - the highest point of Sudety mountains. One slope is found in the Czech Republic, the other descends over the Polish border. Mountain system stretches from the Sudetes in the North-West to South-East through the border territories of Poland and the Czech Republic. The Sudetes are divided into three areas, each of which includes several mountain ranges.

The well-known Battle of Poitiers where the Franks stopped the Arab advance into Western Europe, but there were other battles — not less significant. Poitou-Charentes is an administrative region in Western France, which absorbed the territory of the four departments of the country.

The History of the development of Chubut natives of Wales was difficult, full of dangers and adventures, but links to their homeland, the descendants of the first settlers have not lost today. The Central government of Argentina pursues a policy of encouraging resettlement of people in the province of Chubut.