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Don't know where to go on holiday? Go to Europe. Here you will find rest for every taste: gornolyzhnye resorts, exotic Ostrava, interesting attractions and more.

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At the peak of its prosperity the Great of the Bulgars was destroyed by the nomads, then several times rebuilt and destroyed. The capital of the Volga Bulgars, and later one of the largest cities of Bulgar ulus of the Golden Horde - the Great Bulgar - was on the left Bank of the Volga river South of its confluence with the Kama.

Conakry - the former capital of a huge area of the French colonial Empire in Africa, from where went journey deep into the continent. The future capital of the Republic of Guinea appeared on the tombo island in the Atlantic ocean, where a few centuries was a fishing village of the tribe of coco.

In the history of France Saumur remained as an example of the courage of the citizens, in the fight to defend the right to their religious beliefs. Saumur settled on the left Bank of the Loire river, where it empties into the river Tue. In the vicinity of Saumur was 14 preserved megalithic monuments, such as the 5,000 year-old dolmen in Bagneux. It is an ancient funeral monument, which were made important archaeological finds.

Osaka Castle was built after the power from the owner first in the country castle of Azuchi - moved to a new ruler. Japanese historians insist that the first in Japan to lock in its classic sense - with strong stone walls and high main tower is of Azuchi, built near lake Biwa by order of ODA Nobunaga (1534-1582 years) - military and political ruler of Japan, marked the beginning of the elimination of feudal strife and the unification of the country.

Austria... About this country we can say that it is full of romance. All the stories that, one way or another connected with Austria, one of love, and the strongest feelings. Austria wins the hearts of all tourists who come to this wonderful country. To start with Austria is its capital. With magnificent city called Vienna.

People began to populate the earth current of the Krasnodar territory, starting from the banks of the biggest rivers — the Kuban. Krasnodar region occupies the Western part of Great Caucasus mountains with peaks over 3 km, the Kuban-Azov lowland and in the East is the edge of the Stavropol upland.

The Main attraction of Trieste, to fully reflect the complex vicissitudes of the history of the city, the castle of Miramare, the architecture of which harmoniously are combined the styles of different epochs. For centuries Trieste has lived under the rule of the Austrian Habsburg dynasty, flourished, but secretly dreamed of independence.

At the turn of XIX-XX century, Santa Cruz has attracted many immigrants from all over Europe thanks to the huge opportunities for wool production. However, the slump in prices in 1920 led to social disaster. Before the land of the modern province of Santa Cruz were discovered by the Spanish, was inhabited by the indigenous peoples of Patagonia - the tehuelches.

Their current division in the County of northwestern England owes much to the era of the four ancient kingdoms. In the North the region borders with the mountainous areas of Scotland. From the East it adjoins the Peak district — the high terrain in Central and Northern England, part of the national Park Peak district and Pennines. The Western boundary is the coastline of the Irish sea, the area of intensive navigation and fishing.

The Picturesque jumble of buildings between Galata tower and Galata bridge is the result of centuries-old buildings. However, in this district there are not so many ancient residential buildings, as preserved are under threat of destruction. The area has changed names several times, until a fixed invented by the inhabitants the name of beyoğlu which has been approved by the Sultan.

There are winter resorts, and Hotel & Spa is a universal, multigrade, and therefore are especially popular in the offseason. It is located an hour's drive from Vienna, near the border with the Czech Republic, in the ancient town of LAA an der Thaya, which means "Swamp on rekadaya". Although the mainstream tayi now takes place far away, bogs, long ago there was, nevertheless, the people in LAA rides on water. Here is one of the best and most modern baths of Austria, built ten years ago at the local source.

Grand Bazaar since ancient times has preserved the glory of one of the largest covered markets in the world. Nearly forty thousand square meters, stretches over sixty streets are shown, on which thousands and thousands of stores - from large to very small, each day serving over half a million visitors and tourists.

At the clinic-resort Villa Eden special history that defined its uniqueness. Its founder Karl Schmidt has come to an understanding of the principles of healing through their own experience: many years of taking care of their health, monitoring treatments in various clinics - as a result, he developed his own concept of health embodied in Villa Eden.

INIALA BEACH HOUSE If, after landing on the Thai island of Phuket, you see on the runway a private jet and at the exit of the airport to meet a crowd of paparazzi, we can safely say that those whom they are waiting now to go to the hotel Iniala Beach House.

The Maldives are made up of 20 atolls, which are grouped over a thousand coral Islands. And whoever will undertake to name the exact number, will not palter: the country is living breathing ocean that depend on global warming, and the element here that is exposing new pieces of coral sushi, then absorbs them.