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Don't know where to go on holiday? Go to Europe. Here you will find rest for every taste: gornolyzhnye resorts, exotic Ostrava, interesting attractions and more.

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To Athens with tourists always had some sort of special treatment. Usually come here once, and even then most often they serve as a transit point on the way to other Islands. Although Athens is a place where there is something to see and where you should definitely stop, at least briefly.

According to the legend, Rhodes was given by Zeus the Thunderer, the God of Sun Helios. In confirmation of this in the town of Mandraki there was a huge statue of the Sun God, better known as the Colossus of Rhodes. Legend a legend, but this piece of Paradise really is favored by the forces of nature: Rhodes is Sunny over 300 days a year.

Greece's largest island at the same time, and the most visited: every fifth tourist visa with the Greek flies to Crete. Mandatory Cretan tour — mythological place: the Palace of Knossos, where the Minotaur lived; Alaska and Distacca of the cave, where he spent the first months of life of Zeus.

If you ever happen to visit Greece, be sure to visit liberty island Mykonos. From Athens it is accessible by plane, it only takes about half an hour or several hours can be reached by sea, I think that will be more exciting boat trip.

Santorini really is actually an archipelago consisting of five Islands, which was formed here about three and a half thousand years ago after the eruption of the volcano. It is the white houses of Santorini, located on volcanic rock with many shades from green to reddish brown, are the hallmark of Greece. But are your shades not only houses, but also the beaches.

In the small town of Mitaka, which is located near Tokyo, is one unusual landmark Japan - a residential complex called Reversible Destiny Lofts, which means "the reversible destiny lofts". This building can be called the most unusual building in the world.

Okinawa is the largest island of the Ryukyu archipelago, situated in the East China sea. This place is the most famous Japanese resort in the world. In appearance this island resembles a rope – a long strip of land, around which there are small Islands.

The Unusual and the exotic capital of Thailand - Bangkok is detected immediately after discovering the name of this amazing city. In local language the name of the city consists of 20 words and takes pride of place among the Guinness world Records as the longest city in the world.

If you are tired from constant work and dream about sea, sun and sand, then you definitely here, in this wonderful and magical place. Karon is located on the shores of Phuket island, and is a seven-kilometer swathe of sandy beach, hotels, entertainment places and picturesque South-Eastern markets.

Hotels Thailand are an upscale InterContinental network for wealthy tourists from around the world, as well as corporate travelers who come here from the USA and the UK. This network by its resident provides service at the highest level.

Singapore though is an exotic country, but in its territory is not always possible to see the tourists who come to swim and sunbathe. The fact that the country's beaches, and the water itself in places that are designated for swimming, not so clean as we would like.

Summer is vacation time. And, with the onset of his, each of us are planning where to spend your holidays. One like the mountains, and they're preparing for a vacation in the mountains. Others like the sea, and the whole family go to the sea. While others prefer walks in beautiful places.

Would you Like to relax in a Paradise away from the bustle of the city? Probably each of us only dream of. And such an area exists. Ein Gedi is located in the area of the Dead sea in the Judean desert. This area is a protected zone. The rich and diverse vegetation.

The Town of Yangshuo, located in the Autonomous region Guangxi, located in the very South of China, in recent years has become a popular tourist destination. With a population of 300 thousand annually there are over seven million tourists, mostly Chinese.

Vietnam is a mysterious land, which annually attracts with its exotic, more and more tourists from all over the world. Resorts Vietnam are famous not only for its beautiful places, but also for its cuisine, architecture, and, of course, interesting excursions.