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The film's Protagonist — rural district Lieutenant Andrey Kachura. Because of their nature, friendly people and natural ingenuity Kachura every time gets involved in the investigation of a criminal offence and becomes one of the key figures in its disclosure.

Is well, thought the young daughter of Prince su Yang, that will love, who is destined to become the husband of her sister, the crown Princess of their country? Did know Kim sung Yu that his love will change his life and consigns it to the insane suffering and pain... But to abandon the one that forever lodged in his heart? And how to become the wife of another, when all thoughts are about it... the Incredible, insanely beautiful and tragic love story between the Princess Lee Se ryeong and Kim Seung-Yu, whose fathers are mortal enemies. Can love conquer hate, or repeat the Shakespearean tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?

The Story of life on the planet "Endless Illusion", which is home to criminals of all types. The main character, named van, pursues the killer of his bride, namely, of a man with a claw. Once van had wandered into a town called evergreen, and unwittingly saved the girl, Wendy, from the clutches of the bandits. Wendy asks the main character to save her town from the troubles that brought the mobster Lucky, who imagines himself a lucky and often showing it: be it Russian roulette or playing cards. Of course van saved the town. And as it turned out, he has armor, Dann, who helps him in battle. Wendy tied behind the van to find her missing brother, Michael (Michael).

Yuri Shibuya, all fifteen years of his life considered himself an ordinary boy who just goes to school and is interested in baseball. He even could not assume, than all will turn back when he saw his classmate, Ken Murata, surrounded by three bullies and decided to help Ken...

The Story of a young boxer, magunochi IOPS. Magunochi IOPS usual Japanese schoolboy. Instead of free time from school to have fun like most teenagers, Ippo helps his mother. At school he is an object of ridicule, as a fishing business gives it a specific flavor. In life Ippo difficulty. However, everything happens for the best, and one day, Ippo was rescued from abuse boxer named Takamura. Then he decides to follow in Takamura's footsteps and become a boxer. IOPS have there is a goal in life.

Captain Marina Voronina and senior Lieutenant Sergei Odintsov continue to solve puzzles and unravel the complex history, which throws them automobile lives in St. Petersburg. Murder on the roads, fraud transport, power theft — only a small part of all investigations, which will have to face Voronina and Odintsov, under the leadership of Colonel Kokorev.

Talented country girl Victoria by day works in a factory of musical instruments in the evenings, and performs her own songs at a local restaurant. A new stage in the life of the singer-nugget from the moment of his dismissal from the factory. Victoria went to Moscow, where it will face different tests as well as meeting with renowned producer Aleksey Rudakov. Only "need" the meeting did not lighten the way girls to the stage, and puts it in front of a difficult choice: to love or to sing...

Makimura Kotaro — normal. During the summer holidays in July, he decides to confess his love to Serizawa Kaho. But when he wakes up the next morning, surprised to find that somehow moved to the first of September, first day of classes after the holidays. Not knowing what was happening, he goes to school and sees that all of his classmates are greatly distressed. From conversations he realizes that Kaho started Dating him... and that she died in the accident on the 31st of August.

Roberta, the terrorist-the maid, the action of the FARC, which appeared in the first season of "Black Lagoon" (8 series), return to us in the OVA series. Actions will be familiar to you Roanapur and other very exotic places.We will see all the characters in the original anime, plus they added a couple of new unusual characters. Events relate directly to the team, "Lagoon", but where will these same events - and you have to learn by watching this 5-part arch, which continues the original anime.

A Talented artist airy, Kurahasi parallel studies in College earns by selling the Antiques in the store of his uncle, traveling about Europe and there who supply different kind of antiquity. Considering another purchase - antique French XVIII century sideboard with glass products, airy encounters an unusual color glass. When the guy touches it in front of him is the vision of a beautiful blond girl in an old dress, the spirit tragically died 250 years ago, the young Cosette, the daughter of a noble noble family the D Auvergne. Later in the cupboard and found a portrait of Cosette, owned by brush Marcello Orlando wrote many portraits of girls and who disappeared immediately after her death. Airy covers crazy passion for this, visible to him alone Gothic...

Amber In the country, similar to our early XX century Europe, reigns eternal night, but for some, it is darker, someone lighter. Masters of life gathered at the Central island, in the city of Dawn, above which hangs a small artificial sun. Around the capital is spread Yusari – the habitat of the middle class, and the outer ring is called the yodok County is a raw materials appendage, where lives and works the "black people" in company with vagabonds and bandits. Bridges between the three regions are allowed to cross only a few – primarily the couriers and postmen, United in the Guild of "letter bee". Depends on the exchange of information in the Amber country, separated by Straits, mountains and deserts. 12-year Lag Siin once he was "sending", which is...

The Plot twists around a 12-year Echizen Remy, who four times won the American Junior tennis championship and returned to Japan. Following in the footsteps of his famous father — Echizen, Nanjiro-Remus entered the school of seyshin Gakuen, known for its tennis club, which is one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in Tokyo. Remus easily takes place in the club team. Now Remo and his eight teammates must defeat other players from different schools to take first place in the National championship.

The Action takes place in an alternate world where the British Empire is a major superpower. At the same time, the power of the Empire provided the British Library and, in particular, its Special Operative Unit. The latter consists of agents who have different specific skills and capabilities. Particularly among them are the so-called masters of the paper — people who are able to create paper various objects and put them in considerable force. The possible use of their abilities range from the simple use of a piece of paper as a bulletproof shield, before the creation of paper different creatures (Golems breach of the wall mounts and the like). These agents are involved in various covert operations around the world related to the fight against crimes books.

The Great Kanto desert. Scorching sun burnt cemetery of the present civilization, centuries later, who came in full decline and left the memory of a grim skeletons of abandoned buildings. Scattered on the desert people eke out a miserable existence in a primitive struggle for survival, guided by the law of the jungle - might makes right. Sunabozu, nicknamed the desert Demon, feels in this world like fish in water. In the absence of a system of justice for a fee, he restores justice for their clients. Small in stature and constantly hiding the face under the mask and wide-brimmed hat, Sunabozu has a truly incredible powers and weapons that make it invincible in battle with the scum of all stripes. However, like all men, he has a weakness for the opposite sex...

Description: AOI prefers quiet Hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata loves climbing. As children they once watched the sunrise from the mountain top, and now to see him again, they decided to start again to climb mountains. They fight with mountaineering gear, climb small hills in the neighborhood and meet new friends. When they again see the dawn?..