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Loving wife, Anya and Oleg, looking forward to the birth of twins. The doctors say that the pregnancy is progressing well, and young should prepare for the appearance of two charming girls. There comes a time of birth. However, Anya returns home with only one baby. The doctors tell her that the second girl died.

Nancy, the niece of Clark and part of his agent, jumping with joy to learn that her overage "infant terrible" received an invitation to take in the Christmas blockbuster. But the joy was premature, as the film was going to restore the famous number of the "Lewis and Clark", and our old friends for many years refused to even talk to each other. Their first meeting is almost the last, and when it comes to the set...

Leave his father's house, to go to College and start an independent life? Or stay home, get married and work in a garment factory, employing his sister and mother? At first glance it may seem that the choice is obvious, but for eighteen-year-old Ana, the choices she will make will determine her fate. Life-affirming story about a young girl from the Mexican quarter of Los Angeles, entering adulthood, full of temptations and disappointments, truthful and ironic story about the real problems of real Latin American women. Now Ana sew clothes for skinny beauties, but she soon realizes that real women dare to, err, love life and of course... always in the body!

The Story begins as a student mutou Taiga falls in love with a sempai from work — Amey, Uyco. He confesses his love for her that gets a very unexpected response. "And you do not mind that I am jaimica?", asks Yuiko. Taiga, not having the slightest idea what this mysterious word means, immediately responds that he doesn't care...

The Soviet command has alarming information about the new invention of the enemy. According to the intelligence of one of the sections of the Eastern front the Germans delivered a batch of new chemical shells filled with gas of enormous destructive power. The Nazis wanted to test them in combat, and then to apply on a large scale.

A Young singer in March Andreu has a charming voice and wants to become popular and famous, but working in the music hall on the sidelines it is hard to achieve. By chance, in one of his speeches, it replaces the diva, and the glory suddenly makes her a star...

The Completion of the trilogy begun by films "the Way in "Saturn", "the End of "Saturn". After Germany's surrender, Soviet spy Krylov, embedded in the Gehlen spy organization. Showing exceptional courage, he is trying to disrupt plans for new diversions.

Captain Alexey Kupriyanov, known only as Cooper (Oleg Chernov), having served some time in the investigations division, returns to the precinct area, where he worked before. Along with his assistant and Intern Igor Golikov (Artem Tsukanov) Cooper has been fighting with the local crime and, as you can, helping lonely pensioners and young people who are in a difficult situation. Often the assistance of a Cooper uses his friend and former colleague — the investigator SK Yury Yunusov (Aleksey Aptovtsev). He needs Kupriyanov participation in the investigation of the most serious crimes, because Alex has a rare talent as a detective and ability to find common language with different categories of citizens. But the main thing that is now occupied by Cooper, for...

Three friends of the Light, Jeanne and Marina you go to rest at sea. For each trip — a way to escape from problems. Marina's husband left. Stable life collapsed in a moment. Jeanne, a volatile gentleman musician, drove herself. As for Svetlana, the trip is a way to keep his son from prying hunters on Moscow apartment.

"Kindred spirits," the Australian series which will tell about the friendship beyond time. A couple are still butt buddies friends remain friends while living different lives in different time eras, from the prehistoric to the fantastic future. Many references, dashing Australian humour with a touch of addiction and songs sung by the main characters will not leave you indifferent.

We love to talk about the transmigration of souls. But the private detective Browning had to die, be resurrected, and to investigate his own murder. It all started with a strange order to investigate the girl's death. Browning went to London, where he was stabbed in the back. In that light the detective charge to open his own murder. However, there is one condition — down to earth he can only be in the way of the dog. So Browning and becomes fluffy, good-natured dog, a pretty reporter Jackie. How can I search for the murderer, when both want priudarit a mistress?

Distant future. Dark forces by means of mechanical robots to exterminate the humans. That was the Lord of the dark forces to earth, steals the Princess of one of the clans people. A small detachment under the leadership of the mercenary goes to rescue the Princess. On the way they are joined by a cyborg ninja, eager to return from the dark forces of his body and soul...

Wonderful comedians gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in the role of two losers, one in the path of the playwright, and the other, actor, disillusioned in new York, headed to California in search of fortune. On the way, they stopped to earn money in a small town. Woodpeckers in costumes they made advertising the show in local Bank. Do they know that they have stolen the suits will use two bandits to Rob the Bank. The poor fellow gave one hundred and twenty-five years in prison, and actually get them to Shine, not earlier than thirty years. Fortunately, Wilder showed a talent - he was a born cowboy Rodeo. And the warden was annually put big money for the prison team against a team of prison, the head of which was his rival. This is our competition, "criminals...

In the recent past Colleen Lunsford was Godoy, listening to metal, painted face, behaved provocatively. But now she — "gray mouse". Novice in a convent, preparing to take the vows and perhaps ever escape from the busy world. The mother superior does not believe that the girl is ready. When Colleen decides to take the day off and visit last in North Carolina, his shiftless family. The older nun warns: "the Lord created the world in six days, and you'll have only five to remember that." To visit home, in fact, worth it. After the accident, which happened with an older brother, Colin, during the war in Iraq, the family pretty depressed. So depressed that the future nun will have to recall many of their old habits.

Sleep-chil — grumpy 70 year old grandpa, he lives alone and works part-time at a local store. Chan-su, the shop owner and the head of the city project to rebuild, trying unsuccessfully to obtain signature Sleep-chil, because that is the last stubborn, which delayed the implementation of the project. And then the Dream chil met with a still attractive woman at the age of Geum-nim who owns the flower shop next door. Despite his age, grandpa is not too experienced in love Affairs, and the whole neighborhood helps him look after the cute neighbor in the hope that the old man's heart will soften and he will sign a request for reconstruction.