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One night in the life of a mythical radio station "As though radio", live which runs a marathon in the protection of rare animals. The theme is born spontaneously: 10 minutes before the start of the program, it appears that there was a marathon about Russian tourists stranded in Congo to broadcast impossible: in the Wake of the competitors live has already started a marathon on the same theme. Prosherstiv tapes of news agencies, employees of radio station can not find a solution better than to inflate a minor event (accident on a small boat with a floating circus) to the scale of international disasters (the collapse of the vessel with huge zoo consisting of rare and endangered animals). On this trumped-topic and starts a marathon with the participation of...

After twenty years of marriage, from Alena's Torbeevo suddenly she leaves her husband, Vlad Torbeev. He is under the delusion that a divorce will take place peacefully, but there it was: Alain insulted, declares war on him. Vlad is forced to defend. War arouses passion in relationships and feelings that they haven't experienced together...

How many mother in laws should get together, this explosive mixture has exceeded a critical mass and explosion of emotions that will not leave a stone from home? In a large family Sokolovsky and Butusova the number of mothers-in-law per square meter of the residential area exceeded the safe threshold. However, the delicate balance is respected. But soon, in two generations of a family expected addition to the family. Along with the joy of the appearance of kids come and difficulties. Crash is a great family boat on life or she still be able to overcome all the hidden pitfalls and to stay afloat?

Not so long ago life, Nothing has changed in the most radical way. Recovering himself in the darkness, he realized that, along with a crowd of strangers in an unknown room. The surprises did not stop there: out into the wild, unlucky companions in misfortune realized that, first, are in some other world called Grimkel, and secondly, I don't remember anything about yourself except the name. Nor the Third, nor his new friends, I don't know where they came from and how I got in Grimgala, and therefore they can only one — by all means to survive the realities of an unfamiliar world. Fortunately, for such as they are, beginners, Grimgala there are competent guides, and even the employment system — the easiest to enlist as soldiers and volunteers to help the...

The Light was never good enough. So she was not surprised when the Grand final "BAMS" on all fronts fate had chosen her birthday. Light time lost and personal happiness, and a roof over your head, and even the chief stripped of the award. Homeless, Bazarnaya and two minutes unemployed, receives Light from the girlfriends as a gift a lottery ticket. Yourself a friend's birthday could not stay — the Light wasn't even surprised. If you do not luck it in full. Light doesn't even suspect that tomorrow her life will change.

Yosuke Kadomatsu childhood dream to serve on combat ships, as his father was a high rank Japanese Navy. The father instilled in the boy a sense of respect to the military past of Japan, despite the official pacifism. Already during his studies at the Military Academy Yosuke with trepidation visited the temple in honor of the famous Admiral of world war II Yamamoto who planned the pearl Harbor. In the future, a brilliant young officer Kadomatsu with his two comrades sent to elite destroyer "Mirai", equipped with ultra-modern Aegis system, by means of a powerful radar capable of intercepting enemy missiles. "Mirai" along with three other ships sent on a joint U.S. fleet maneuvers near Hawaii. But during the voyage in the area of midway Atoll (the largest...

In the distant future, mankind has left a dying Earth and settled in space. Now civilization is in control of a supercomputer, and in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past, introduced a new rule: each person must undergo a special test of maturity. The main danger facing the people, it's Mew — whether a mutation, or a new stage of development, granting superhuman abilities.

"You don't exist!". So spacey said the high school student Yuji Sakay Krasnooky and red haired girl Xiang, a few minutes before, saved his life of the giant toothed monster. In a short period of time the whole order of the universe was changed for Yuji: returning home after school, he was suddenly in a horrible alternate world together with the surrounding passers-by, which served as a delicacy for the giant monster.

Three years have Passed since the actions of Seikai no Monshou. The war between the Human Empire AB and the United Mankind is gaining momentum. Lafir receives the command of "attacking ship", Jinto arranged on the same ship by the quartermaster.

Going to the singing contest for young talents, Amami Haruka, in everyday life the most that neither is an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl from the usual Japanese heartland and could not imagine what it would all turn out. If the first news, unexpected to the same extent and nice, was waiting for her in the mailbox near the house: "Amami Haruka-sama, you win and are invited to Tokyo to participate in the next stage", the second is already out not so good. Moreover, to Tokyo still have to drive, so after the long awaited prize is not what it should be. You see, the contest organizers are not TV people, looking for young talents, but the real secret organization, with a contest to select pilots for combat robots, which can only be a kawaii girl.

Alexander Nezlobin will talk about his real life but funny in the sitcom "NeZlob". The shooting took place in a small country Nezlobin, in Yekaterinburg, and in the frame appears his mother, friends and neighbors. In the series will be included stand-up Alexandra, some of the stories taken from the practice of the wild of the Russian show-business, "the film will be dedicated to the search of sense of existence of the hero in modern Russia".

Anna Morozova — head of the traditional expertise of the regional forensic center of Kaluga. The subject of her studies — evidence and traces at the crime scene. At the time, Anna Mikhaylovna came all the way from trainee to head of Department, therefore, knows everything.

In the future, glaciers of Mars were melted, and the red planet turned blue-covered seas. But after the war in the Solar System in the economy of Mars the difficulties began. Unemployment increased, and to top it of troubles pirate "Ship Dawn" attack on the underwater city and looted stores, so was sent a special detachment of pilots for catching criminals.Gram lives in a poor neighborhood, taking care of two kids and odd jobs. One day a young man accidentally gets on Board the pirate ship, but not alone, but with powerful mecha, called "Kibo" (Hope). Fur of the same type is already on the "Ship of the Dawn", and no one understands why the ordinary citizen could master this fighting robot?On the ship, Gram met with a "noble pirates" and remains for the sake...

The Canon of the Oriental wisdom says – nothing goes unnoticed, every act and even thought can change the Genesis of the Universe. Why 17-year-old Witi ayzava, coming to live in a Northern Japanese city, he remembers nothing about those times when often visited here in his childhood? Memory returns bit by bit, when he gradually gets in the house of aunt Akiko and cousin Nayuki, getting used to this winter, there is a new school and meets new friends. That's just new? Where the eternal deja vu, and then piercing the armor of self-irony of the main character? How does he know these happy and sad girls that live in a snowy city, but I'm afraid not the frost on the street, and cold in the human psyche?

Blade of the witch — weapons, give unlimited strength and power to his master, but at the same time and destroys his body. Men looking for it but can't take them. The blade is subject to women physically and mentally well developed, possessing supernatural powers, it gives them power and an overwhelming desire to fight the strongest opponent...