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The Story of how the consumer society and the fashion for "healthy food" actually make us fat. Australian filmmaker and actor Damon Gamo's filming his experiment in which he begins to eat only food marked "healthy" (good for health) to disclose to the audience all the bitter truth about sugar, which is actually hidden in the freshly squeezed juices, low-fat yogurt, granola, protein bars and other "useful" food. The film demonstrates the changes that occur with the body of a young man, before the experiment had no problems with excess weight. Thanks to informative journey, Damon light many unknown facts about how to build industry food industry and a sugar on the supermarket shelves really should be afraid of.

Young, handsome guy Pasha working... as a head of kindergarten. He's a romantic and an idealist — that's what he loves Faith. The guys are going to get married, but first the Faith necessary to present the groom his dad. She is sure that her favorite men will get along and appreciate each other. Pasha takes Verinage father with an open mind and ready to call him dad... but then it turns out that the good-natured pensioner — a closet full of skeletons. And it is possible that this is not just a figure of speech. At night he meets with a strange person, stipulates some mysterious "operation". It somehow scared the neighbors. And in the barn he has a basin with concrete, which wore someone's shoes... What kind of secrets keeps this "dad" and how to wrest his...

At this time, the artists of the comic group `Charlot` comprehend the wisdom of a great trade. Their friend, Emil keeps a grocery store and a bar. Things go well until the next not a modern supermarket. Of course, a small store can't withstand the tough competition. The black shadow of bankruptcy hangs over Emil, but he remembers the time his friends. And they only give to war! They do not recognize the authority and are not afraid to be funny.