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That still waters are found devils, young Kaci had to make on my own experience. He moved with his parents from the city to the picturesque village of Hinamizawa and making friends in a small local school with charming classmates, he did not even know how deceiving his understanding of this serene region and its inhabitants. But, as later found by Kaci, behind the facade of rural idyll hides a dark history of massacres and traceless disappearances, and under cover of blissful silence are some terrible forces. Gradually the terrible secret hidden in the depths of the countryside, was reopened before his astonished eyes... © Alexey Fadeev, World Art

2032 ad After a major earthquake, Tokyo was completely rebuilt and became known as Megatokyo. Around the same time a transnational Corporation Genom began mass production of intelligent and semi-intelligent bio-robots known as "boomers." They quickly found use as workers and soldiers, but also brought to life a wave of crime of a new type.Corporations don't care, she cares only about their own benefit. The police are also powerless to bring the situation under control. So the daughter of the Creator of the "boomers", young lady Celia Stingray, creates a squad of Knight Sabers - girls-warriors using battle exoskeletons and armed with the latest technology...

Konate Izumi – otaku on his head: she is interested in everything related to anime, manga, online games and cosplay. Sports, learning and social success is her much less. Miyuki Takara – the embodiment of MoE-kawaii: she touchingly awkward, angelically kind and wears glasses. TSUKASA Hiragi – "eternal brake" blissful peaceful phlegmatic, and her twins Kagami – purposeful egocentric.

The Year 2040, it's been 30 years since the confrontation between the forces of the Earth and Zentraedi who changed the lives of both races. On the planet Eden in the framework of the top-secret project "supernova" are comparative tests of two prototypes of fighter-transformers the next generation - YF-19 the company and Shinsei Industries YF-21 from General Galaxy. Ironically, the test pilots competing companies who were once friends, half human and half presentred Gald Bowman and young daredevil Isamu Dyson.

Takemoto of Utah — College of arts freshman, starts his independent student life. He rents a room in the same house with their senpais by Moritos Shinobu and Takumi and Mamou determined to find their own place under the sun. One day, Shuji, Hanamoto, one of the young professors of the College, introduced them to my niece Hagumi, a talented aspiring artist, which immediately fall in love and Takemoto and Morita. The last of the trio, Mayama, has long been in love with old friend Professor Hanamoto, Riku Harada, head of the design firm, "Harada Design", lost her husband in a car accident. Rick pushes away Mama, afraid to hurt him. There is another person, not indifferent to Name — unrequited in love with him Ayumi Yamada, also a student of art College, to...

In the center of the story — the family of Moseley village in the outskirts of New Orleans, which owns the only one around the house for the civil service. In addition, the members of the family are the keepers of the history of these places and all the dark secrets of its inhabitants. The town is famous for its abundance of haunted houses, cemeteries, and eccentrics of all stripes and rich in the paranormal and all sorts of horrors, many of which are associated with operated there in ancient times a ruthless villain.

Lena — a beauty, an athlete and a real pride of Primorsk. She has a great future in sport — Lena is a born swimmer. Since childhood, she's friends with Eugene and the Pasha. A long time ago the boys swore that will always be together and never betray each other. But on the eve of graduation guys, leading an unspoken competition for Lena, she decides to confess her feelings. And one of them will have to retreat. However, adulthood goes wrong, as friends wanted. Seven years later, Lena, Pasha and gene will meet again in their hometown. And, as many years ago, Lena will have to make a choice. But will the children's oath the test of time...

Those who are familiar with the first part of this hellish history in the first half of the series all seem almost unchanged, ENMA AI also in contact with the eager assistance through his correspondence and sends worthless to hell, fixing the justice (?). In General, almost nothing new. However, the highlight Futakomori can be called the shift from Hell, and the girls attempt to uncover the fate of her loyal servants - Hone-Onna, Ren Ichimoku and Wanyudo and obstaclesto their meeting. The culmination of this creation, in my opinion, can be considered the last of the series, in which, perhaps, lies the whole point, and in General it becomes clear why this anime has brought into the category of mystery and horror.

Jill Young is going to be a hero. How is this supposed to happen? Well, of course, first he will be a goddess, and pronounce him elected, then the king Gilgamesh will hand him the sword, then rally around him friends, and the Princess promised to wait, and, finally, the future character go to the tower of Druaga. There he will perform a lot of feats, mourn the fallen hero, spare the vanquished, will not be dismayed cruel death, utter (and listen to) a lot of platitudes and, of course, with all his wins Black God. How to "Wake up"?.. It was a dream?! And what if reality: here these dark corridors, the first battle, which played the team that wants to get rid of it?.. Hence, the path of the hero is not passed, Druaga not fall, Crystal Staff is not found, and...

The events of the film revolves around the charming and charismatic hedgehog named Bobby. However, he forgot absolutely everything. Unbelievable but true: I woke up in the woods, I couldn't remember. Why did this happen? Now it is very concerned about this issue, which none of the animals could not find the answer. The fact that the local do not know him, and to him they are not familiar. And now thorny little hero decides to whatever was to find out what really happened and who he was. The first thing that seems plausible: he's a bird. Alas, it is difficult to take off. What happened to the wings? It soon becomes clear, Nightingale, crow, lark, Heron can not call it unlikely. The second version: he is a fish. To test the theory have in practice. For...

Storm King wants to deprive ponies of magic and captures Canterlot. Under threat the future of all Equestria! To stop the villain, ponies leaving their homes and go on a journey full of wonders and dangers. They will have to conquer the magic mountain, dive into underwater worlds and even to be on a flying pirate ship!

High school girls Ninon Okamura no friends. Her only companion is a parrot, which she wears on her shoulder, but all around are confident that this parrot is stuffed with cotton stuffed. Yet Ninon is a classmate of Yuji Kira, who lives in the neighborhood and with a girl who never talks. He is tall and cute, but loves no reason to humiliate people. Once Ninon accidentally finds out from parents what a cute ham terminally ill, and he left to live less than a year. This fact changes the attitude of the girl to the guy and then him to her.

American Brett, a former COP, takes a job as a security guard in an ancient castle in Sofia in Bulgaria. Soon in the castle begin to happen strange frightening events. Brett decides to look into the history of the castle and learn more about previous employees and discovers that in the depths of the castle, lurking evil forces that come what may want to break out.

Nondescript teacher of mathematics unexpectedly got the opportunity to travel all cinematic genres, from film to film. He tries on the mask of Zorro, he becomes a cowboy from the wild Prairie... In one of the films he meets the woman of his dreams and does everything possible to get her back to the reality..

Girl Alissa decided to throw her boyfriend Jacob, and to leave him to go to hell, but she was not lucky, after all, is the seventh month of the Chinese calendar... And the dead shall rise from their graves just then. She tried to warn, but skeptics are not intimidated. Nightmares to make her believe in the reality of the situation...