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Arriving at an emergency in the hotel, the inspector of police found nothing criminal conduct, but noticed what is happening there oddities. Avalanche did not allow him to leave on the same day, and soon the inspector found the body of a dead lodger. Suspicion falls on everyone who lives in the hotel.

Death of head of family Nickleby makes his wife and children will go begging to uncle Ralph. Uncle is a man sneaky and dishonest. It separates brother and sister — young sends Nicholas to teach in a rural orphanage for boys, and Kate's going to marry his business partner. However, Nicholas, rebelling against the cruelty of the owner of the shelter of Squeers, and escapes to the city in company with a mysterious boy named Smike. Angry uncle Ralph vows to destroy her nephew, and Nicholas bravely accepts the challenge...

The Film takes us into the nineteenth century and immersed in this whirlwind adventure, these fatal coincidences, mysteries, hoaxes, violent passions, a terrible revenge, and mad love. Along with the characters we're going on an exciting journey from Portugal to France, Italy and Brazil. While in Lisbon, we meet with people associated with the fate of the protagonist, Pedro da Silva. The priest, the Scion of an aristocratic family, always protecting justice; the Countess lost his mind due to jealousy; a successful businessman who had amassed a fortune on the bloody sea robbery. Each of them has an incredible fate, and life the way all the characters intersect in the most incomprehensible way.

Is a single Mom with his two daughters, Taylor and Frankie, move to New Orleans to open their own bakery. They settled in the old house. But they do not give rest to dad Preston and his two sons, miles and Louie, which are actually three ghosts living in this house. Families have to learn to live with each other tolerating their human whims and mystical powers.

Pavel Ushakov works at the bakery, but his dream is to become a yachtsman. He hopes to repair his yacht, inherited from his father. But to implement their plans Pasha does not work. Besides his mother Olga hates all that is connected with the sea, because it took from her husband. Suddenly Pasha gets the opportunity to participate in a sailing regatta. He had no money to fee, so he makes a deal: if you win, it is waiting for a cash prize, but a loss threatens only a loss of old yachts. Pasha does not know that many years ago in the keel of the yacht was his father's hidden gold....

According to legend, the Roman soldier Longinus pierced the edge of Jesus Christ to ensure his death. The spear forever remain clotted blood of the Savior... Paris these days. Archaeologist Sophie discovers the grave of a Napoleonic General and in it — notebook, which leads her to the Sacred spear of Longinus. An unexpected discovery turns her life — society Satanists begins the hunt for treasure. Sophie decides that the spear must not fall into the hands of villains....

Irina Gorokhova – a real expert in his field. Due to its persistence and an extraordinary mind, in his thirty-two years, it already occupies a high position in a large company. On behalf of the leadership, it is sent to his native town, where he accidentally collides with Igor, her former fiance with whom she broke up before leaving for Moscow. Minute of communication with him completely destroys her idea of a happy life, Irina realizes that her life is not the main thing for any woman true love. Upon learning that he was widowed a few years ago, she leaves a career and returned to his native town in order to bring back lover and to find true happiness...

Three friends - marketer, waitress and model, invited to the wedding of the decade. One problem - none of them is a guy you can go to the celebration. They instigate the game - who are not afraid to be the first to approach the guy and ask him out.

The World of children does not tolerate differences. This world is cruel, because its inhabitants, unlike the inhabitants of the world's adults have not had time to learn how to hide nasty thoughts. Children are straightforward and so very cruel. However, all children ever grow up and looking back during the school days, some of them feel ashamed. How many years must pass before a bully and slut walk, what a scoundrel he was when the fun was mocking the disabled. Someone did not even remember. And someone like SEI will hate a strong hatred. In elementary school, he managed to turn the life of a classmate Shoko to hell just because she was deaf. And now, albeit belatedly, but the guy realized something important to tell someone who can't hear, it is not...

Meet the most famous racer of all time, the legend of the race track, Lightning McQueen! Hero still continues to show the best results in all tournaments, but the victory is given to him is not easy, and competition is becoming tougher. Lightning McQueen are waiting for exciting adventures, where he will meet new friends, and understand that it is not only the speed and power of the motor makes the rider a champion.

Space station Orbit 9 heads for Celeste, where she will deliver her only astronaut 20 — year-old Elena, only 19 years. To fix one of the systems of life support, the ship arrives Alex is the first person Elena will see in your life. She doesn't know that everything that happens is part of a large scientific experiment, and they must work together to fight for their existence against the powerful Corporation.

The Film tells about the last two years of the life of the Emperor, his last love. At the end of his life Peter fell in love with a woman younger than his 30 years, Princess Maria Cantemir, the former one of the most educated women of his time. She was about to become the mother of his child, the Empress. But the machinations, the intrigue of court, the untimely death of the Emperor did not give this to happen

In the continuation of a favorite of the TV audience grown-up Catherine awaits a difficult post-war life, full of hardship and loss. Kate still hopes to find his family missing on the front of father, brothers, mother arrested. Whether Katie's parents died, what happened with your beloved — here are the main issues that plagued the girl.

Hare fried in Berlin" — a Comedy that unfolds during the great Patriotic war. Even yesterday, chef of the famous restaurant "Metropol" Lomov regaled his trademark dish of "Hare fried and Berlin," military attaché of Germany to the USSR. And now, having funerals for his son, Lomov goes to the front. Despite the fact that the main character is a cook in the regimental kitchen, he is sometimes in the thick of the fighting. And widowed shortly before the war Lomov is on the front of your love...

Whether or not to share a girl with your best friend? How to get out of the depths of drug intoxication? What to do with the itinerant student that you picked up in the Elevator? How to help a friend in search of the meaning of life? And who will walk your dog while you're chasing after yesterday?