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Teenager, Mushett live a difficult life: a sick mother, which requires constant care, little brother, father, terrorizes the daughter, and even at school, the constant humiliation. If you are going to settle scores with life, Mushett suddenly finds himself in new trouble...

Sci-Fi drama about the first man to freeze his body to avoid death. It is a young and ambitious mark, who did not want to accept a hopeless diagnosis. But his resurrection after 70 years is not at all like he expected.

Claire and her husband moved to his old home after his mother's death. In the home of his childhood to the woman back dark and painful memories, Claire is in the fog of his past, which wanders to something completely unknown and mysterious. And that something seems to be trying to reach her.

Young investigator from North Korea by lim Chul-Ryong goes to Seoul to spend the arrest of a smuggler cha Ki-sung, who made his fortune in the transportation of refugees across the border between North and South. Seoul detective Kang Jin-Tae, all of a sudden becomes a partner northerner. For the first time in the modern history of North and South Korea will take part in one investigation.

For a long time on the deserts of the USA are deadly racing machines capable of breaking the speed of sound. But now the rich man Clayton Winfrey elevates them to new heights, promising 50 000 000 dollars to anyone who on your car for the first time will exceed the incredible speed of Mach 2 (2,400 km/h)! His challenge invites the best teams in the world, but it soon becomes clear that for the award will fight the fastest man on the planet Michael Singer and fearless military pilot Steve Saragosa hired by Winfrey. Not wanting to part with money, cunning magnate makes all to win his pilot, but experienced Michael with his brilliant dad Brian Sengera prepares his fans a gift that they will not stand on his feet! Who will win the fastest race in the world?

A Few pages from the biography of the Chilean poet, his work earned worldwide fame, and his views of political persecution in the homeland. Zealous policeman begins to pursue the Neruda when he at the dawn of the cold war and criticizes the government sings the praises of communism.

Women Sol is a female urologist, she has her own clinic. Not so many men agree to entrust the inspection of their treasures to the woman, so the business is not doing so. And on dates, learning about the profession of Women-salt, the guys immediately start asking rude questions, so in my personal life not too much. And that very arrogance on the part of fate was to settle next to a noisy neighbor, who also rude, and also a doctor, and what is absolutely unacceptable is suddenly renting for his obstetric clinic of the next room. Just need to put the waiter in his place!

During the examination, a distant planet located on the other side of the galaxy, the crew of the colonial ship "Covenant" finds that what they initially took to be unexplored Paradise, actually — dark and dangerous world. Its only inhabitant — synthetic Android David, survivors of the doomed expedition mission "Prometheus".

In Nashville held a Grand musical festival, and at the same time is a political campaign to promote the candidate Hal Philip Walker. He heads the newly created "Party of change". Walker aides know what kind of people like their candidate, and they are trying to gain support from some of the most famous singers of the country to help their cause. The festival has attracted singers from across the country, each hoping to get your piece of the sun, to be open and to take a place in the Pantheon of country music.

The Action takes place in the Republic of Gilead, where the authorities are military. The country's severe order and morals, the respect of the society are the only officers and their wives. But for unknown reasons, the officers ' wives are not born children. To continue the officer's family, the officers and their wives choose among simple girls, one that will carry their future child. Young girls, the media officer of offspring, live in special protected areas, more reminiscent of a prison, and I know that immediately after birth, they will have to part with their children.

In 40 years the owner of the cabaret Igor understands that women and alcohol don't bring joy. He is lonely and broken. Teenage son Peter for a year not talking to him. Igor tries to restore the relationship, but receives a hard failure. To find out what happens in the life of my son and the reason for such deep resentment, Igor sends it to the 18-year-old spy Leroux. Leroy works of Igor in a cabaret as a waitress and secretly in love with boss, so she can't say no to him. By chance, involved in espionage operation be the best Lerin friend Dan, and a young dancer Masha. Igor does not know that these people's kids will become for him a real school of life and fatherhood. And kids do not know how crucial will be the experience of "cooperation" with Igor.

In times of great danger monks from the monastery of Dun Juan decided to hide stored their sacred ancient relic. A priceless treasure is placed in a place where nobody could find him. When it came time to return the relic back to the monastery, the monks appealed to the troupe of acrobats, a virtuoso command of his art. A century later, the beautiful Ying and her brother Tong last of the great acrobats who gets a mysterious medallion, travel to the ancient monastery to learn his secret...

From under heaven, where birds soar, and from the depths of the ocean where there are whales and giant horned rays, masters documentary by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Clouseau went ashore to present his new film. They captivate the viewer in a journey through time, into the European landscapes, as they were 20,000 years ago when the last Ice age people settled them side by side with wild animals. Ice age winter that lasted 80,000 years, ended in a very interesting phase relatively quickly when the entire continent was covered with immense and vast prehistoric forest. The new configuration of the planets has led to the emergence of the seasons, the landscape has undergone metamorphosis, evolved flora and fauna.

Hyunwoo became a witness stabbed the taxi driver, but police are sure the killer is exactly what it is. Lawyer Chung-Yong has always been a specialist in financial matters, but learning about the resonance of the case, decides to become a defender of the guy. Chung-Yong had planned only to appear in the press at the expense of others, not knowing that very soon the process becomes very personal.

Based On the eponymous novel by Nikolai Cherginets. The film begins in the spring of 1941 and ends with the first months after the liberation of Belarus. The plot of the film is the story of three brothers Kuprevicha. Lieutenant Alexei Kuprevich received the appointment of security officer in one of the districts of Western Belarus. His task – to neutralize the excesses of there gang "Forest Brothers". The war begins. Alex and his brother, senior police Lieutenant Peter Kuprevich receive the first combat mission : to destroy the landed settlements under the German troops...