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The Story of three new Yorkers, struggling to uncover the truth in their complicated romantic Affairs. Came despondent from the recent breakup, Graham attempts to rekindle the spark with his ex-girlfriend, Laura. In an attempt to win her back, Graham discovers he has a unique problem: Laura and his second ex-girlfriend Dating the same guy.

Colombian plane crashed in the Irish countryside just at the moment when the boy Paco is awaiting the landing of the space ship, which he caused with his intergalactic radio, hand-designed with a friend.

Exciting girls Bratz back together again! Everyone knows the feeling when no one understands and it seems the whole world turned against him... But because there are real friends! Trendy Bratz girlfriend always know how to support a friend in trouble, how to help with advice and how to have fun all together!

After a break of seven years, a COP from Detroit, Axel Foley is again forced to visit with friends in Beverly hills. It lead to the search for the killer favorite chef. As a result, the amusement Park "wonder World", where the bandits in a creepy underground printed fake dollars, became the scene of hostilities, and our hero took revenge on the killers became famous and met a charming Park worker.

Before the police officer Agustin Rehacom is an almost impossible task: to find and neutralize the leader of the terrorist group Ezekiel, with maniacal cruelty of waging war against the government. It seems that Ezekiel is present everywhere and at the same time nowhere. No one can feel safe before the "revolutionary" terror, even after the introduction of martial law. Dead tired Agustin looking for peace in the home dance teacher to his daughter Yolanda. It re-ignites that fire a long-forgotten passion. But the love that had to hide Agustin from the storm, involves him in the epicenter..

The Second world war, 1942. The sea of Japan. The American submarine "Grayfish" under the command of Lieutenant Barney Doyle gets a task to sink a Japanese aircraft carrier "Shinaru", which took part in the attack on pearl Harbor. The situation is complicated by the fact that the carrier was escorted by two destroyers and a transport with a thousand American prisoners of war used as human shields. In that moment, when the submarine was about to torpedo the ship, they reported that the hostages on the ship are a pregnant wife and the daughter of the commander of the submarine. What should I do? To send a torpedo and destroy the family? Or is there some other way?..

A Beautiful but poor young man Dorante hopelessly in love with a rich widow Araminta. While his uncle intends to marry the nephew in Marton, business companion widow. And the mother of Araminta, wishing that a wealthy daughter, but she was still in aristocratic circles, wants to marry her to the Earl of Dorimon...

From summer camp, under the yoke of counselors and other kids, runs away six teenagers. Wishing though as-that to confront the injustice of the world, they go to save a herd of Buffalo, grown specifically for the fun hunters. Each burdened with their personal family problems and complexes, but the goal is the goal and achieve it anyway...

A Talented musician sold his soul to the devil, and the audience loved him. And the devil fulfilled his wish — the audience loved him, but only for his music, for the composer's face terribly disfigured devil. Kill the poor is possible only by destroying notes of his works. The young singer Christine day finds in the library of half-rotted and burnt with fire excerpts from the Opera, singing them at the audition and moved to the XIX century London, where he became the object of passionate love of this musician, called all the Phantom of the Opera. Disfigured, he is forced to hide his face under the mask, and the heart burns the fire of desire — that this singer is the inspiration needed to write his music. He kills anyone who stands in the way of her...

Girls prepare for the most Classnoe party during spring break at Monster high: Escape from skull Island. But soon their boat is wrecked on a mysterious island, where Frankie Stein is kidnapped by a monster... it is unclear who of them will need help!

Intimate drama about different sides of love: tenderness, passion, magic and traps. A poetic journey into the sphere of the subconscious is intertwined with the autobiographical story about the relationship and the breakup, where the real heroes — Director Romanov and his ex-girlfriend — played by themselves.

Aladin Chatterjee lives in the fictional town of Desire, an orphan whose childhood treats Kassim and his gang. But his life changes when Jasmine gives him a magic lamp — it is home to a gin by the name of Genius. Jin, wanting to fulfill three wishes, and thus to end the "contract" with the lamp, Aladdin creates difficulties for as long as there is the threat from the former Genie named Ringmaster.

For major Rossi was the seduction of common and simple activity, women became easy prey in his hands. But after a stormy breakup with one of her friends, which in the heat of anger publicly called him impotent, Andre discovers that she is almost right — he's not a stallion, ready to copulate under any circumstances. He is now able to enter into an intimate relationship with a woman only when he is threatened. The analyst advised to go to the very Platonic relationship, but a modern Casanova prefers to remain constantly in search of dangerous pleasures.

On the schooner "Sea star" fate brings several people - all of them are members of the same team. Once on Board the ship enters a mysterious stranger. From certain death at sea, he was saved by a girl Ghost, gliding over the waves. So begins the story, full of mysterious, fateful coincidences and exciting adventures...

America 30-ies. Incredibly brutal, vicious and heinous criminals, headed by the vile, like a rattlesnake, mA Grissom and her son-moron slim kidnap a young heiress Blandish kind. The bandits plan to get the ransom for the girl and then kill her out of harm's way.