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Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow

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My biggest disappointment in life came when I first went to Kiev and saw the menu borsch with donuts. God! Finally, I will try the donuts! I thought. I never ate donuts. Only read about them. And here from the dumplings I only separates the order. Take. Wait. Looking forward to it. what the fuck? I have the most beautiful and delicious soup bring some soft fresh bun. And it donuts? The fabled donuts? it would be Better I never knew what she looked like. One fantasy would be more.

In October 2020 our Studio turns 25 years old. Half of our readers were not yet born then, and the second half just started to shit in a diaper. Sorry, was distracted. in Short, we want this anniversary to organize a great event. For example, to organize an exhibition of achievements over this quarter century. And for that looking for a good exhibition space. And a good curator because this exhibition is not a fucking dog. So please to all major exhibition, Museum and gallery spaces, which could be interested cooperation with us, contact us at the same offer to all our customers: who wants to be a sponsor of this event, got more prominent place at the show, also email me at we Have a year and a half in reserve, but you need to...

Amazing how rarely people talk about what is really important. All ready to talk about any thing - about politics, about climate change how the video source, the disappearance of rare insects. Who the fuck is this shit? If tomorrow is gone all the politicians and cockroaches, I would not even distracted from turning tapes Inst. Today we have a more important issue is shaving of the pubic area. More all it concerns, of course, women. Somehow, at some point the needle of male approval was stuck in the pubic area, and demanded that now no longer had any of the cooch. And the women obeyed. today it is believed that if a chick does not shave bald THERE, she just sank to the bottom, the homeless, or just beat themselves, or at least very eccentric and can afford....

Skippering, shipping, pairing is when teenagers think of romantic relationships between characters of movies, TV shows, books, or just among celebrities. Today, twenty years already vduplyaesh not at all what it's about. Classic chippering fantasies about how Harry Potter making out with Hermione. of Course, chippering derived from the word "releyshenship" (relationship) and not from the word "shipping" (shipping), this criterion is easily distinguished govnosayty from normal. in Short, in my childhood classmates were giggling over the novel Anki-gunner and Petka, and today rooflet over the muddied Nyusha and Losyash. Chippering is inventing a romantic relationship between any of the characters. When you look klipeshnik and - Yes fucking kiss already!

Cart won all the other messengers. At least in my world. I can go on guessit rotten taste of Pavel Durov, but we can not remove the hat for the success of the Telegram. the Text died. I receive SMS only the rare spam and weaning from banks and waitinig networks. All communication is completely transferred to the Cart. Whatsapp sitting mothers, cops and taxi drivers, I that shit will never deliver. Messenger need only Zuckerberg, also do not put out of principle. the Cart today very much alive. If for some amazing reason you do not know, I live there on the canal

I spent a lifetime avoiding sushi, I hate fish and especially oysters. And then me as a substitute. Ten years ago I was struck by the land, is now unstoppable. Then I started to eat fish, especially like some whole Dorado on the grill. And two years ago reached the highest enlightenment, and got hooked on oysters. at First they seemed to me of snot, which you need to be polite to swallow. And once a year I one suffered. And then decided to chew on - and that turned out incredibly tasty and tender crap. And I love octopus, squid, scallops, all sorts of ceviche and sashimi. And I understand that seafood is generally the most rich in tastes, textures, smells, and textures of the food. Vegetable and meat five times less diverse than the seafood. However, the...

A Couple of years ago I flew from tel Aviv to Moscow with his wife and baby. We had third row, and here comes Bozhena Rynska and sits on the second row. It should be noted that Bozena for some reason hates kids sincere hatred. She saw the baby and began to groan and fidget in his place. Every microdisk of the child was unbearable, although during the entire flight, he never cried. by the Way, the aircraft specifically for infants provided the first series, because there in the partition has a special attachment for the carrycot in which the baby lay. And I asked the flight attendant to reseat us in the front row to sit with a cocoon the whole way on his hands. As the people in the cabin were not enough, the flight attendant happy we relocated. It turned out...

I put on new pants, new jacket, new shoes, came out on a Sunny spring street, went to his favorite coffee shop, took the filtered coffee and profiterole. I took a SIP of coffee, a pleasant mood spread through the body. Then I got the profiteroles out of the bag, turned it one side, other side, chose the most kushberry and voluptuous closed teeth. at this point, the choux pastry was opened the bomb Bay in the bottom. Vanilla cream and thickly coated me from the top to the bottom. As if I was secanol Albatross after three days of constipation. What is most offensive - the severed fragment of the cream just was not.

There is a wonderful biblical word "shibboleth", which means something like password based on the accent. The Bible, as we know, is a fairly detailed tutorial of how sophisticated wholesale killing of unwanted by any gonopod. There is, in short, one person has perebal a whole town of enemies, but not the end. And put at the crossing checkpoint, which was ferried to ask: "Say shibboleth". If people said "Sibboleth", that is, with emphasis, that he was immediately in the river and drowned. During a great historical episode, titled "Matins Briggsae" the Flemings have perebili the French, immediately after a short exam. The prisoners have to say now shibboleth, and who spoke with an accent, in place and killed. I must say that in our day in Flanders, the people...

Every day I use translators. When you need to translate something simple, I open It. When the desired phrase, I climb I Yandex-translator (he's prettier). For any exotic yuzayu Multitran, Lingvo and Reverse. Read the Chinese label through the camera brilliantly indispensable Google translator in camera mode. Lingui - Reverso - Multitran - It Google translator -

It's Amazing how in society samsarajade class stratification. let's Say all of you here are guys, but when it comes time to order taxisco or courier with the food, everything changes. Come to you are people just like you, but you treat them as the inferior. the Taxi driver suddenly needs to go out and get the suitcase out of the trunk, although never with you, this was not. Courier is generally perceived as a slave with the logo, although this is just a student with a branded bag to earn his penny. why did you want to see in the service of a lower caste?

New York times shows a great example of how editors are formally quite correctly convey the fact, but in fact, their stomps, shakes, drags and scrap of ideological approval, inserted them in the ass. Note about the last words the Indonesian pilot of flight 610 company of lion air. Last words: "God is great". Like everything is clear, logical and convincing. And do not need reader the new York times is once again to confuse, let him live in a pink fog. After all, if you tell him which two words were spoken by the pilot, the reader will think about something else, like a child. the last words of the pilot, of course, was "God is great". They sound on the voice recorder: "Allah Akbar".

The more I live the more I realize how important it is to spend three minutes recognition of cultural differences. This also applies to negotiations, and trips in another country (and sometimes the city). For this effort no one will ever condemn. To prepare for the meeting - this is not the same as flattery (which is almost always disgusting). Even if you're not very clever to apply their knowledge, efforts are still appreciated. Say, who would have guessed that in Portugal made business cards to share at the end of the meeting, and to give gifts first?

How to spot the real snob? A real snob is the claim to something innocent that it never in life is not fucked, but he definitely needs to tell everyone how he hates. It will come in the comments and be sure to tell how wrong that men wear sandals with socks. He's definitely in the conversation say how hate the word "tasty" to mean "good" or "attractive". In rare cases, it will remind you that sushi is not necessary to dip in soy sauce. And he absolutely always double up the face, when after the plane landed, the passengers clap their hands. "We do, it is a sign of a scoop" - will tell us a snob (crap, by the way). Snob is in the light of this knowledge, though it by and large on this knowledge shit. But if you do not carry this knowledge into the light, it...

Periodic table created in the Studio, received a gold international design competition "If design award". "If design award" award, annually selects the best examples of industrial, communication, packaging and other types of design. The award was established in 1954, and during its existence has become one of the world's most influential awards in the field of design. For the entire 60-year history of the gold in the category in Russia received only once. And it was made by us website "Felix appeared". This year we have got more reward If the logo of the Russian Premier League. the periodic table, developed in the Studio is unique in that it is a table with a variable composition, which the user configures under him depending on he desired level of...