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Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six.

Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six. -

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When was the last time you saw on the street drunk? To direct staggered, two words could not? Or to directly lie under the fence? In Soviet times alcoholics were so many, on every corner. In any plant all been drunk in our time is unthinkable. now they are almost gone, though people still thumps. All decent steel? Home brew? Hanging out in bars?

A Lot of shit has happened since then. And I want to say that 57-I school, a graduate of the first Humanities class which I am, is the best that was in the first half of my life. The school is good and teachers and classmates and kids in the neighboring school, and way of life. 57-I was so good that in many ways defined my vospitanie. I still communicate with, and like half of my class (it is unlikely that someone from the other school can say that about their school). Now the school came to light terrible - Hogwarts turned out to be Mordor. A couple teachers and a couple teachers sleeping with pupils and students (I always knew the teacher a cunt, but I didn't know that literally). Director (best Director ever) honorably retired. What to do in this...

In this post - all the interesting VIDOS, klipeshnik and videos that have appeared lately, you are advised to watch. At the first level - only video. How to use this post: put the laptop on the dinner table, walk into the post, clicking straight on all VIDOS and stick.

Last year I argued with a connoisseur of geopolitics that Ukraine will not receive a visa-free regime with Europe. And won a bottle of Bordeaux. this year I also offered to bet, but did not find mutual desire. Can compete with anyone in 2017 that Ukraine will not be a visa-free regime in Europe. A bottle of Bordeaux. Like Bordeaux, Cho is really there.

My favorite school went full blast. the Shit went through the pipes hit the fan, the hero of the story was fucked off abroad, the young mistress said that has no regrets, the liberals started to shit, half of the teachers shouting "37 y come!" quit, the school Director quit, the TV out incriminating stories. in Short, it's incredibly similar to my favorite scene in a brilliant movie: SIC transit Gloria Mundi.

My brain very successfully optimizes information. More precisely, could be better, but this works for me and what is. I really don't remember the details. I don't remember names, surnames, names, dates, details. I can read a 600 page book and remember it with only two lines of sense. (Though it also happens that after 10 years some parts of the book will pop up in my head, but they are not in RAM.) I don't remember the relationship to specific details. But I remember the types of details. And it's incredibly relieves my limited brain resources. Every time I look at the same thing, I don't have to remember how I feel about her. It is enough that this thing falls into the category of things to which I relate. And all, my attitude immediately appear in the...

With great pleasure watched the Almodovar film "Wild tales". To my great regret, the Russian version of the poster looks like posledneye blavatnika shit, typeset designer down in a bad mood: To my enormous relief, the normal version of the poster looks like a cover for a perfectly watchable movie: OK, the first three novels, then there is a bit of a boring last Novella too, although snug. in Short, like.

In America, quite ingeniously organized Shoe stores. (A.) the Shoes are just located in size. Approach the rack with your size and everything is there for you. It makes no sense to imagine how you will approach those magazinchike that the warehouse is only two sizes smaller than you need. And do not need to senselessly and mercilessly to drive to the warehouse of the seller.

The Substitution rules. Another ethnographic expedition will take place in September, in the Vologda region! the Team has! The car is glued! the Expedition will start on September 10. Subscribe to the channels of the expedition participants. Click on the links for sponsors, buy their products! the Partner of the expedition is a trademark of "Dad". Dad - "THIS is OUR FOOD!": salami and sausages. Sponsors Ethnographic Expeditions: "Claustrophobia" is a story about your impressions, about the opportunity to test themselves in something new and leaving your comfort zone. We are proud to be the first in Russia has created the Federal network of quests in reality and that in each of our quest you will live a unique story. All...

Said/say you have a school teacher? the motherfucker. the Lesson is not made of rubber. But if you from the tenth floor will be asked to jump, would you do it? call for teachers. the Forest of hands! And you head home remember? Tomorrow the point will turn into two. What else? Remember/describe school years wonderful and memorable phrase.

Modern censorship usually takes the form of razmalyvanija - an unwanted fragment just blurt, and the viewer usually doesn't even notice. In Turkey, for example, wash away any cigarette in the frame. And Aeroflot blurat Tits and pussy. Here is the sixth of a series of good (though slightly spizhzheno with Dexter) of the series "Method" girl goes to the chair of the audience to show what attracted the maniac: But the montage is dynamic, and after a couple of break the censor Aeroflot works, and ignores the Tits of the new frames: What I want to say Aeroflot - please don't fire their censor. Well he's whoring out their duties, I do not mind. by the Way, a beautiful girl in the frame -

Project log "Timeout" - Not without my two cents. unfortunately, we live in the ethics of Stalinism, when you need to button up all the buttons and sneak, so as not to spoil the beauty of the prospects, conceived by the great architect. In Turkmenistan it can be clearly seen – a perfectly smooth street, no people, all in cars, but if you're out on the sidewalk, looking at you askance. A reverse example is Turkey and Morocco. They are not afraid to trade, to serve, to communicate. The sidewalks are completely filled with people who just sit and talk. People can't always be at home and at work, they want to be on the street. They need the so-called third place, and it has to be on any street. Believe me, people know how to live and...

Once upon a time in the state of Kentucky retired Colonel Sanders opened the diner (wayside rest) and a Motel. He blanketed cot, he grilled the chicken. I visited the original establishment, which still works. the First logo reflected the real able the owner who looks like a fat Chinese man: the name was shortened to the acronym, and the person's cracked up to be: and then even more embellished and uchudili person: In English the company is called "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (Fried chicken from Kentucky"), abbreviated as KFC. In Russian it's absolutely wonderful translated as CFS, adequate rare case in the history of domestic marketing. Just because I'd rather not tell you, but a real transcript (Gcic or KFC) anyway, anyone from us will be incomprehensible...

Brilliantly simple way to change the direction of seat in public transport. I hate sitting in the back on motion. Moved the backrest and sit forward. Now to change the direction of seats in train in Japan there turned to the seat of the two seats (in other countries is not met, but not all tested).

In the USSR there were several film studios. Them quite easily, you can position quality. The closer to the top of the list, the higher the chance that the film will be good. The lower down the list, the higher the chance that the film is guaranteed shit. Mosfilm thumbnail Studio them. Gorky Tvorcheskoe Obedinenie Ekran, Tsentrnauchfilm Odessa film Studio Studio them. Dovzhenko Turkmenfilm Offer your place in ranking closer to the top, middle, or bottom.