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Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six.

Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six. -

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Competition "If design" has been around for more than half a century and causes well-deserved respect in a professional environment. the other day we received two awards at the "If design" (a list of the jury members listed at the bottom of the letters). the First award is for the design scheme of the Moscow metro ( the Second award is for the design of the helicopter "Scout" (, which produces in Kiev design Bureau "Horizon". As usual, we indicate all nominations for awards, in patents, in the cards projects on its website, the labels of all our products to all participants, from trainees to managers and designers to illustrators. On the pack...

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * these guys must be the bristles. If you still shave machine completely, then throw it away and remember: the machine is for girls. To trim them, the bristles are uncomfortable, and why even bother? Shave infuriates everyone. Office plankton, and downshifters in Bali. Disposable razor or a reusable razor with a bunch of replaceable blades is all last century. Leave shelves for useless crap in the bathroom of his chick. You need OneBlade. And this is not a razor. OneBlade – like a sports car. Only instead of 200 km per hour, this gadget at the moment accelerates to 200 movements per second and shaves stubble of any length. Can shave in any direction, even...

From: Ivanurgant Subject: Artemy welcome! In the case - all message Date: 31 January 2017 at 23:56:07 GMT 3 To: "" Reply-To: Ivanurgant Artemy, my compliments. you Know you write a lot of shit and nonsense. But. Ask in advance to be serious about this letter. Write to you immediately on the merits and in detail. I'm one of a chain of guys that do "one-time job with a high risk." Two weeks ago, I went to the man. Judging by his voice (we were talking on the phone) he is 30 /-. And he actually ordered me to kill you. And remove delicately. Not so to come and a bullet in the forehead, and he was asked to stage an accident. We agreed that I would pretend to want to Rob you, and actually in the process of the robbery, I will cut you with a knife. Two...

Chelyabinsk FAS found no violations at the conclusion of the contract on creation of logo and corporate identity of the city without competition. This “b—South Ural” the Ministry reported following the meeting of the Commission. As reported previously, "Kommersant—South Ural", a complaint against the actions of MBU "tourism development Centre of Satka municipal district" has filed the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny. The contract was signed with the Studio of Artemiy Lebedev without competitive procedures. The contract price amounted to 35 thousand rubles the Contract in accordance with the legislation on contract system was signed by procurement from a single supplier, because the amount does not exceed 100 thousand. Nadezhda...

Sometimes the perception fails and then you see something not as it should. this is Especially the case when I read books of foreign authors. Once read the name of the hero is not the way it's written - and then the whole book read what you thought, not what is. the same story happened to me on Pokrovka, where I often go. I always read the name of the school "Texts Rums". Why in the hookah SMS - I was not too fucked. Well, like so people. And then it turned out that it was "Smokey". Type, of smoke there are many. Hello from the world of the myopic astigmatic dyslexics!

Once we published a book with an incredible amount of typos. This is a true story about seven nurses the child without an eye - the book was three corrector, which lost almost 50 stocks. I thought - well, OK, it happens. When we print the second edition, all recovered, and declare the share exchange. books in immaculate. And what? We released the second edition in which ALL the page numbers in the TOC were generally taken from the pussy. So I'm waiting for the third edition to beautiful to speak. in the meantime, what we have are two or more topical example. We spent a year making and produced a fantastic poster, "Land", which shows the real proportions of countries and continents, Islands and territories. After printing, it...

Regular readers will remember that my house lives a totally awesome roommate Lena. It is the New year is decorated with all the apartments bells, summer or puts a box of strawberries with a note "help yourself, she washed". the other day found in the stairwell is another fine example of good neighborliness. Under the note was a gift box with four banks sprat and plug in the kit. Yum.

Poster unknown movie. the Award "Order of the Turtle" on the building of the post office, 1931, Sverdlovsk. the Design of the bypass channel may 1, 1932 on the theme "Capitalism in the grip of a crisis" of the artist E. I. Liskovich. Moscow, Gorky Park. 1937 Leningrad. Nevskiy Prospekt. 1990

My readers will remember that I went to explore Argentina over the Christmas break. My ethnographic notebooks swell from the records: - in Argentina no pickles - On the slips of credit card you need more than signatures to write the number of your document - have Dinner after 10 PM and until the hour of the night - In a public bathroom doors without locks or closed - All the finest toilet paper, you have six layers to put that finger in the ass to get - All the plumbing - brand "ferrum" - any hotel will be forced to fill out a questionnaire instead of having to scan your passport - No cold coffees, teas, familiar brands (like Haribo). Everywhere sugary biscuits and a very weak selection of products - If parked at the ramp - then the pedestrians resent...

I Recently tried arugula. of Course I tried it plus or minus for the past fifteen years. Arugula salad, arugula from the side of the plate as a decoration, in such form and in such form. But I recently tried a real rocket. The leaves, which taste the same intense, like it's a spice like horseradish or mustard. True arugula vigorous taste, with what can not be confused. That is what it is and began to grow, not for the fact that leaves double-crossing, form and horse price tag. that we sell in stores - this is a parody arugula, photogenic soulless clone. She has no taste. It is unclear why this sad fiber we need to love and why to pay for it such money. the same applies to other vegetables. If to drive off from Moscow for a hundred miles, suddenly a tomato...

How to ensure that the man stayed at home? As ensure that he didn't come out in inetik? How to ensure that he is not being stupid in the morning!? what if he forces his wife to log into their accounts and asks her to answer that something is a violation of the ban on access to the Internet?

When I was in Japan, I realized that I am Japanese. I also hate it when on public transport can hear the phone ring, and I'm out into the hallway to talk, so as not to confuse the neighbors with their conversation. When I was in Turkey, I realized that I was Turkish. I also love to sit on a chair in the middle of the sidewalk and drink coffee. When I was in Argentina, I realized that I was Argentinian. I also love to eat dinner at 11 PM. But I'm not Albanian, Somalian and Saudi Arab.

There are things in popular culture to criticize, to hate, to deny and despise. for Example: double-sided business cards. Or the carpet on the wall. Or the word "call". But the majority does and gets genuine pleasure. What else will make the list?

In an ideal town should be: - the water (river, sea, lake), - the difference in terrain (hills, hills, mountains), - the old architecture (with better BC, but also of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries to come). Nalchik, Canberra or Vinnitsa equally despise. And Torzhok, Vologda and I like no less than Rome and Porto.

Filmstrip (Soviet comics) 1960 about the future (our year). it is Curious that the main factor is the ability of scientists to change the climate at the touch of a button. At the same time 50 years ago could not imagine that everyone will have their own newspaper and will not have to fight for a reversal of the whole crowd. Found otskanit and Sergey Pozdnyakov,