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Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six.

Help Spider-Man defeat the Sinister six. -

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If today, 9 March, you'll meet a man who believes that in the court of ordinary Monday, so here's a typical non-local. Because in Russia fucking weekend in honor of the fact that yesterday was the 8th of March, but at the same time Sunday. The tradition of generosity requires overlapping pies, occupying one pirogoeth be divided into two clearly different pie. So today is a day off. And normal guys in the world don't know it. Because today a normal working day. Only local thumps.

Recently one of my readers went on a magical form of search for the cheapest flights on page And I haven't found Kostroma. Kostroma is, the airport is there, fly there, and after the form is not. A reader wrote to me and after two days Kostroma appeared in the results. Exotic office was found and added to the search results. Offers readers a fascinating game: find the airport, where you can buy a ticket online, which is missing in my magical form. You can search right here: Make search better for the common good and the increasing amount of air travel! At there are two magic search form. Magic will therefore save money to anyone who uses them. If the conventional system is an unhappy man looking for...

Excuse me. I read the novel "Fifty shades of grey". Sometimes, of course, had to turn the pages, but in General I read it more closely than in school time "Dead souls". Rare poebot. When the author was too fascinated by the description of the bourgeois pleasures - time type description the expensive leather of the sofa were forced myself not to give up. a Curious system of values flops. Like, the main people there are fabulously rich. However, Baba sees Apple's laptop not as a gift but as kilograms of gold, which then regularly returns. Shit, seriously? Dude can't laptop Baba his to give? What the rogue in the States. The biggest stupidity is the translation of the name. The book is called "Fifty Shades of Grey". Gray is the surname of the main character...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet on the streets of Moscow the latest beautiful and convenient design information boards in the paid Parking zones. Now rings denoting tariff zone and the device Moscow streets, will serve as a reliable guide in the world civiilian paid Parking. Some citizens Express their opinion directly on the new narrow plates that are made much wider than the column, so as not to interfere with passersby.

In this post - all the interesting vidosa, klipeshnik and videos that have appeared recently that you recommend to see, but in the format of cowbow. At the first level - only Koby. How to use this post: put the laptop on the table for dinner, go to post, click successively on all Coby and stuck.

People are rapidly losing the ability to perceive a large and complex texts. Today someone overpower the novel is simply impossible, even many article to master cannot. I Think that in the near future Newspapers and magazines will turn into sets of cards that can be read in any sequence. Each card is a paragraph of text. Why bother? All information available thesis. Better in one sentence. twenty years from now this post will be able to master only professors. Normal people will read the text type "Newspaper of the future = the set of cards" and all this to be satisfied.

I have noticed one strange feature luxury hotels. Than luxurious hotel, the higher the chance that the toilet will not brushes. photo: the hotel "Four seasons", Moscow, opposite the Kremlin. When you're alone in your shame learns only the maid. And if you're not one? Here's a shot of the couple room on their honeymoon, shit in the toilet and to clean something and nothing. Or how to act according to the plan of the hotel? To collect all the toilet paper so nothing stuck? To wind the paper on hand and clean Cherkasy on faience? And if Sucralose down to the elbow, that is, to dive? Or leave as is " dear, today I so looked? as soon As the degree of pathos in the hotel down, brush immediately appears. All hotels up to one-star have the brush in the kit. Maybe...

Pizzarelli - the science of the urinals. Pizzarelli constantly studying the urinals, invent new processes, develop the theory and improving practice. the Latest invention in the field of urinals is a special insert, made of plastic in the urinal. With such an implementation of even the most pryzgoda model becomes much more hygienic - it won't fly (if Segun to aim accurately, of course). the Insert is made of white or transparent plexiglass.

What do you know about small business? do you Have a familiar small entrepreneur? Did someone you know has support from the state as a small employer? I Have full confidence that this is all some muddy Pizzaballa. Will rubelite me.

Forgive you, mudache. Today Amnesty - all banned rabbanan. For nesveduyuschih check that the tradition every year to rabbanut in a cozy Gigaset idiots got on Russia called "forgiveness Sunday" (in honor of yesterday's PRS VSC). Ask any grandmother.

If you see that any café gives desserts for Chekin, and any store gives a discount for like or repost, you know - before you classic losers. feel free to use the stupidity of the losers, because they still will be closed soon. the Only reason someone something for free gives is the reason is not the desire of business to attract customers. The reason is the stupid desire of marketers to justify their miserable existence. So as a marketer in life is not a penny earned (salary not believe), then he doesn't mind fighting him the owner of a clothing store to give a 10% discount on clothing. The marketer does not know, how hard are these 10%. Therefore, it is not a pity to give a random dude that would never come. And if you come, then the store will be closed...