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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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So my Shoe design are published on the website of Nike: It's time to talk in detail about the design because on the website of the Nike format does not provide a detailed account. My sneakers are made of completely black material. Some publications wrote that the sneakers have a white and red insert. This is not so. Insert is made of a transparent material. Underneath you can see the red sole. the Laces are closed the two halves with a zipper. That is, can one rebuild the drawcord, and then close it to not get dirty. the Most important: this material is completely reflective. So these shoes in the night the headlights turn into the reflectors and make the wearer noticeable. the Most amazing part: for this...

Hi, Pokrovka! New Cafeterias officially opened at the address: Moscow, Chistoprudny Boulevard, 23, p. 1. Right inside the Library. Dostoevsky. Library, by the way, are incredibly cozy. Barista cafe will be happy to entertain guests and readers of our wonderful coffee, delicious desserts, fresh pastries, salads and lunch daily from 10 am to 10 PM. Closed Mondays. Website: * * * Applications from those who want to open up your Cafeterias taken at

First, the election nikovski video. secondly, don't forget to vote for my design on Yes, you need to register. More feature: you can vote every day for weeks. thirdly, at 18:00 on will be broadcast from the Studio, where I will explain in detail about your design sneakers. #voteartlebedev #airmax

Ladies and gentlemen... TA-da! But don't rush to conclusions. This is only one fifth that made! All the details tomorrow. Friends, tomorrow (Saturday, March 18, 2017) at 18:00 GMT: - the first time I will show your design sneaker for Nike, and will talk about it in detail. - the first time We see the projects created by participants of the project "Revolution air". - live broadcast of the meeting from our Studio will take place on the "Billboard". Salon: Come back tomorrow at 6 PM. #voteartlebedev #airmax

10 years ago we started on Fridays to have some DJs. The tradition caught on. If after one year were still people who came to me with the words "and without that awful music?", since that time, everything changed. And people are waiting for 8 PM on Friday, when you can open some wine and listen to the latest DJ. Or Vice versa - will tighten their belts favorite headphones to avoid distractions from the code. In 2007, acted as the first DJ. Since then they have been more than 400. Today we are opening a completely redesigned section with a DJ on the Studio's website every DJ now has its personal page with a beautiful photo, player, list of performances (if there were more than one) of the tags mustelae and quote. the Full list...

Very soon I will be able to show your design sneaker for Nike. here's a little story about how it was done. basically, my acquaintance with Nike was started in 2008, when I participated in the project "Football\\art". In an internal presentation that looked something like this: Then I came up with outdoor soccer with a gold frame. And any game state at any time looked like art. All this was exhibited in Basel and Milan. Later in the same year, I was the first in Russia received the first custom-Nike-ID, on which was written, at my request, "They are tired". This irony is quite consistent with my sense of beauty a decade ago. it's been almost 10 years. And here I am again bought myself two pairs of shoes for nikovsky expedition in Vologda...

The Internet has no most of the knowledge that experts have in their heads. For them this post. In this post experts declare, what makes sense to them contact (for example: "Talk about ATM" or "Ask any questions about bitcoin"). non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get a response from specialists (for example: "Why the machines stopped making convex bumpers?" or "Why do cars make a tach that size, since almost no one knows how to use?"). Experts, scholars, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all guests wander interest groups. It is a buffet.

I haven't had time to write a post about the loud dianovsky the dryer like a miracle happened: in the Studio wrote a letter to the official representative Dyson. the fact of the letter is not surprising, we write letters to many representatives of different companies. what was Surprising was the content of the letter: representative Dyson offered for free to replace the loud motor of the dryer for quiet. Came and replaced. And now the dryer was not silent, of course, but five times more quiet than it was. And it was possible to endure. a Beautiful end of a beautiful story.

I was in the headquarters of a variety of American companies. Of them all at Nike the biggest campus that I have met. Here is located the 5000. And the area continues to be built and expand. Green lawn among the houses is a football field. the Outside of the building look neutral. At least, it was built in the 90s. All new buildings, according to the draft, will already be vypendrezha. Main entrance: In the lobby there is a small exhibition most crazy and insane models. It will never go into production, but nobody can accuse the designers what they've tried everything. In the centre is a pond with ducks. They cool quack. the closed Field. But to run and test products allowed is sacred. It is winter time, please note. the Territory is so huge that it makes...

A List of people and companies that are curled, decorated, stuffed, entertained, entertained, watered, fed, gifts and pleasing to our girls before the 8th of March: all Recommend! the Following set of companies willing to help us to hang out, will take place in September, when we will prepare to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of the Studio in October.

If there's one secret to long-lasting relations it is this: the first hour after the spill need to be silent. Many people come to understand the importance of this secret on his own. Someone asks you not to talk to him before your first Cup of coffee, someone to read the first newspaper, someone to jog with the dog. But all variations of the same phenomenon: after waking up your body better by himself, without distraction. This allows you to gather your thoughts, save vital forces, to put the brains usual, and only then can you begin to live the day. This is true for any partner, in any combination. Even for a legless gay vegans.

History once again reminds us that good design always come from two sides - on the part of the designer and the customer. Both should try "self" does not happen. the First experience of cooperation with the Studio was unsuccessful designers presented sketches that did not like the guide. The project wanted to close, but intervened Prokhorov. "I watched the Lebedev website since 1997, when the Internet in Belarus was in its infancy. I wondered why they weren't successful. Suddenly, we somehow set a task, or designers, we do not understand". Prokhorov went to management and insisted to give the Studio a second chance. He Packed in a suitcase all the designs, devices, prototypes and samples, and flew to Moscow. "I wanted to fully immerse them in our problems...

A Lot of people were funny about the fact that any asshole would have drawn instead of the red one M another. And now a new sign is placed on the schemes at stations and in town on all new and upgraded stations. it was And so it was: But now This is the question of how important a simple but strong design (see a Little life hack. Under the letter M on the new signs shown in color lines, which can be accessed via that particular entrance.

I Have one feature that progresses with age. My brain is able to synthesize sentences that are given out either through speech or through the letter. The idea is that they are completely different channels (there is also a special channel to "think about myself"). So, I have while writing it fails. And the words that were supposed to go in it, go directly in the form of commands to the fingers. And the quality assurance Department, which is supposed to catch the jambs, remains untapped. the result is this spell is dyslexia. Or something like the Belarusian language. floor Goszakaz trolebus If a built-in orfograf bdel, such errors could appear. But the brain saves power and does not involve the intermediary, and immediately turns words into letters. And my...

In this post - all the interesting VIDOS, klipeshnik and videos that have appeared lately, you are advised to watch. At the first level - only video. How to use this post: put the laptop on the dinner table, walk into the post, clicking straight on all VIDOS and stick.