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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Today is the last day of voting If you voted before, but today it is possible to cast a vote. Thanks for the support! news local history. Updated project descriptions and added a gallery on the projects page of Revolutionarv:

Smartphones are born naked, but to go with them than Apple or Samsung became the father considered indecent. At the same time, more and more people in the world who carry their phone without a case, film, bumper, case or cover. This is the smartphone nudists. they Say that soon Facebook will ban those who puts photos of your phone without the sheath because it is as interesting and as unseemly as the naked female breast.

I love jokes that are built on complex sounds, actions, pictures. Cannot be written. More precisely, they can be described in words, but it will be more like the recipe for a complex dish. Here is the I love. for Example, an anecdote about a drunken pig of a husband. Or about the one-armed, who in a public toilet asked two pennies to call (Soviet spill yet). Or about johnny that dad in the bathroom to finish the house. If you remember and can describe - Welkom in comments.

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm, an old type of Polish where the boy's hand grows to 50 meters as necessary? , etc. Seek and find.

Real hypocrisy is when the left publishing rubs us about how important it is to accept yourself for who you are. Curves, oblique, legless, brainless - they are just like us. Even better than that. Take them. And then, when we in the greens believe we are stoked for what we need this season to choose the right handbag. EPTA, if you need to be supraplus, that's fine podoidet any Gonnosuke of transition, what the fuck is there to choose, nah! Take what was given - take a bag for what it is. one-Legged dancer is the norm. A backpack with a single shoulder strap that's marriage. This is not in contradiction, my dear?

12 Years ago the designer Studio by the name of Evgeny Kazantsev hung on a pillar in the graphic design Department mabanckou old unwanted coat. And pinned the top one of Chinese models of Ridibundus ( with a smiley face in the opposite direction. It was one of the failed samples, which the Chinese send a lot and willingly. it has been 12 years. We moved to a new office, we have changed everything. But there are eternal values in the graphic design Department for inexplicable reasons is still hanging uebanskaya coat with a broken sample of the Chinese smiley. Maybe she'll outlive us all. the Fuck, why? And that's it. PS by the Way, Ridibundus was coined by designer Nikolay Vershinin and first released in 2006. Still...

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * While we fight germs by using antibacterial Soaps, the bacteria within us are building entire cities. In the human gut is home to tens of trillions of bacteria — and, as a rule, do not threaten the health of people. All because bacteria do not have to fight, it is sufficient to monitor the balance of the ecosystem of their cities and a diverse population. How to do it says Atlas and the test "the Genetics of the microbiota". What do bacterial "Metropolitan areas" living germs of the most different "professions": designers, entrepreneurs, builders, plumbers, mechanics, cleaners — there are several hundred species of gut bacteria. Together they perform...

So my Shoe design are published on the website of Nike: It's time to talk in detail about the design because on the website of the Nike format does not provide a detailed account. My sneakers are made of completely black material. Some publications wrote that the sneakers have a white and red insert. This is not so. Insert is made of a transparent material. Underneath you can see the red sole. the Laces are closed the two halves with a zipper. That is, can one rebuild the drawcord, and then close it to not get dirty. the Most important: this material is completely reflective. So these shoes in the night the headlights turn into the reflectors and make the wearer noticeable. the Most amazing part: for this...

Hi, Pokrovka! New Cafeterias officially opened at the address: Moscow, Chistoprudny Boulevard, 23, p. 1. Right inside the Library. Dostoevsky. Library, by the way, are incredibly cozy. Barista cafe will be happy to entertain guests and readers of our wonderful coffee, delicious desserts, fresh pastries, salads and lunch daily from 10 am to 10 PM. Closed Mondays. Website: * * * Applications from those who want to open up your Cafeterias taken at

First, the election nikovski video. secondly, don't forget to vote for my design on Yes, you need to register. More feature: you can vote every day for weeks. thirdly, at 18:00 on will be broadcast from the Studio, where I will explain in detail about your design sneakers. #voteartlebedev #airmax

Ladies and gentlemen... TA-da! But don't rush to conclusions. This is only one fifth that made! All the details tomorrow. Friends, tomorrow (Saturday, March 18, 2017) at 18:00 GMT: - the first time I will show your design sneaker for Nike, and will talk about it in detail. - the first time We see the projects created by participants of the project "Revolution air". - live broadcast of the meeting from our Studio will take place on the "Billboard". Salon: Come back tomorrow at 6 PM. #voteartlebedev #airmax

10 years ago we started on Fridays to have some DJs. The tradition caught on. If after one year were still people who came to me with the words "and without that awful music?", since that time, everything changed. And people are waiting for 8 PM on Friday, when you can open some wine and listen to the latest DJ. Or Vice versa - will tighten their belts favorite headphones to avoid distractions from the code. In 2007, acted as the first DJ. Since then they have been more than 400. Today we are opening a completely redesigned section with a DJ on the Studio's website every DJ now has its personal page with a beautiful photo, player, list of performances (if there were more than one) of the tags mustelae and quote. the Full list...

Very soon I will be able to show your design sneaker for Nike. here's a little story about how it was done. basically, my acquaintance with Nike was started in 2008, when I participated in the project "Football\\art". In an internal presentation that looked something like this: Then I came up with outdoor soccer with a gold frame. And any game state at any time looked like art. All this was exhibited in Basel and Milan. Later in the same year, I was the first in Russia received the first custom-Nike-ID, on which was written, at my request, "They are tired". This irony is quite consistent with my sense of beauty a decade ago. it's been almost 10 years. And here I am again bought myself two pairs of shoes for nikovsky expedition in Vologda...

The Internet has no most of the knowledge that experts have in their heads. For them this post. In this post experts declare, what makes sense to them contact (for example: "Talk about ATM" or "Ask any questions about bitcoin"). non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get a response from specialists (for example: "Why the machines stopped making convex bumpers?" or "Why do cars make a tach that size, since almost no one knows how to use?"). Experts, scholars, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all guests wander interest groups. It is a buffet.

I haven't had time to write a post about the loud dianovsky the dryer like a miracle happened: in the Studio wrote a letter to the official representative Dyson. the fact of the letter is not surprising, we write letters to many representatives of different companies. what was Surprising was the content of the letter: representative Dyson offered for free to replace the loud motor of the dryer for quiet. Came and replaced. And now the dryer was not silent, of course, but five times more quiet than it was. And it was possible to endure. a Beautiful end of a beautiful story.