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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Most people never look up, where a lot of interesting and beautiful. They look at his feet. And don't see anything there, although interesting and beautiful under my feet is also always full. What is the meaning to come to the station of Kiev to see the mosaic when the main beauty on the floor?

In connection with the constant new versions, the editors do not have time to follow the meaning. for Example: "Apple Pay is supported in all phones beginning with iPhone 6 and older" (jellyfish). Friends, over the sixth, or fifth, fourth, third and first. They won't be able to support. Or, "in 2015, anyone with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 as well as Windows Phone 8 and older, will be able to download Windows 10 for free" (Lamunion). Not older, and under EPTA. those born before, the older and the version numbers have less. Nicholas I was born earlier Nicholas II, Nicholas I therefore older, though the figure he and less. the Christmas love these two lines: is Outdated, as the Robot 6, when the Robot 8 is. the Robot 8 is always under Robot 6!

Russia. Vorogovo village of Turukhansk district of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Meeting first in a season of passengers of the ship "Valery Chkalov" on the Yenisei river. the Sudan. The pyramids of the Northern cemetery of Meroe. Meeting first in a season of tourists arriving by jeep to spend the night in tents in the desert.

All lie. Media pussy. Russians and Americans driven propaganda to their advantage. On TV disinformation. What is really happening in Syria? Who is fighting whom and for what? Who bombed the convoy? Who bombed the hospital? Who is right? Who is the last condom? Only in kamentah to this post all the real truth.

A very special relationship of Turkey to children. Children love to unconsciousness. Their - clear. But all the other people too. Rare the Turks did not Pat on the head. Moreover, with the children of foreigners still has some distance (you never know how their parents will react), and with their do not stand on ceremony. the Scene at the airport. A Turkish family with a baby passes a metal detector. The Pope holds a bobblehead. The employee conducts a metal detector around the Pope, then put the device under his arm, smiles widely and pats the baby's cheek. Checked type. the aircraft of the Turkish airlines at the beginning and end of the flight announcement on the loudspeaker begins: "Ladies and gentlemen, dear children!"

Sometimes you wonder. Things that are obvious, intuitive, ubiquitous in third world countries, absolutely unknown in civilized countries (obviously, the first world is Europe, the second world - that's us). Take, for example, a taxi. And take, for example, Bangladesh - the most densely populated and poor country. That we will see any Bangladeshi on the street? This: This motorcycle/rickshaws. There are myriads of them (a big fucking number). Each poorest Bangladeshi moves around the city on a rickshaw. Rickshaw is public transportation. Their task is two pennies throw it to the block. it would Seem, why in the contemporary European cities, this simple model - and a cheap mass public transportation a couple of blocks away - was not widespread? I have no...

* * * Advertising in the cosy Gigaset * Text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * Hello! the seven of Us (mom, dad, son 10, daughter 8, daughter 6, daughter 2.5 and son is 1.5), we have a bare concrete rectangle with an area of 134 sq. m with a ceiling height of 3 m and four Windows in the residential complex Avenue 77 and we need helpers to make him a yacht. Why a yacht? We love them (and expect you to also go), and my mother is a licensed skipper. The yacht's small, but a lot of places and all sorts of "stash" is very necessary. The boat is not made of cinder blocks – and we need ideas for non-standard materials for construction. Why help? We don't know how to do a 3D walkthrough project, design, supply and exhaust ventilation...

In Moscow, I found another historic sign that is in need of restoration. By coincidence, a sign showed up on the same house on Malaya Bronnaya, and Pharmacy by the readers managed to restore ( the Details and information given in the transfer of funds - on the website don't forget to make at least a small contribution to our city was even more beautiful.

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm where the dude went summer tobogganing in flour from a surplus of money? , etc. Seek and find.

Absolutely awesome website, Craigslist. I never saw his ads, not heard anything about its owners, and often buy there any thing, type of furniture for the cafe. Yesterday went to visit an old friend, who for 5000 RUB. I bought a computer "Microsha" with the serial number 000001. Moreover, he took him not for a room, and for the shape of the buttons - they were not just rectangular, as in "Technique - youth" - with round protrusions.

The Substitution rules. I here scratched turnip, and decided the feedback from the participants and partners next week publicnet. And here - only make videos with the answers to the questions. Stock up on popcorn, I say almost three hours. Kate Marysina answers questions: Sasha Kozlov answers questions: Arkady Sobolev answers questions: the Partner of the expedition is a trademark of "Dad". Dad - "THIS is OUR FOOD!": salami and sausages. Sponsors Ethnographic Expeditions: Delfay develops and produces suspension components and steering, air conditioning system and engine cooling, brake systems, components for diesel engines, fuel systems, and diagnostic equipment. All that is needed for this expedition...

Recently in the Moscow metro has updated all schema lines. We work daily to transport the schemes of Moscow, but major releases happen once a year. the Circuit lines of the Moscow metro 3.0 - Basova. Wagona. Kruglaja. Vestibula. MCK. Linear led. Well, the most beautiful than we have pleased the passengers, metro is new graphics for screens above the doors on some lines where these trains go. This is a new picture with the elephant, which illustrates careful while closing doors (painted Zhgun).

Many countries have banned talking on a cellphone behind the wheel. I believe that this order is total idiocy and udobstvo. Because talking on speakerphone is more stupidity. So I just pressed the phone shoulder to ear. And no COP in any country to me not fuck yet.

Every time you see the title mention that this or that event blew up the Internet in front of you is the stupidest and most boring thing. "New photo panties top blogger blew up the Internet!" - the dumbest and most boring thing. "the Guy blew up the Internet its a joke" is the stupidest and most boring thing. "the Divorce of DOE and Tuckenhay blew up the Internet" is the stupidest and most boring thing. Learn to calculate the work and not waste time on it.

The Substitution rules. Night. Vologda oblast. Forest. Broken road. On the sides of the impure force sits, their business deals. We're in the "Turquoise house" in the village of Nikolskoye. This is a house-hostel-Museum, which was founded by Marina Kosheleva. She cooks, she lays, she says. The whole exposition is devoted to one way or another to the poet Rubtsov, who in this village lived in an orphanage. In the "Turquoise house" was the fastest wifi for our entire expedition. And Andrey Koshelev we took off and posted the gallery on Facebook: Kate draws at every opportunity. Each illustration takes four to five hours of pure time. Kate draws all in photoshop on...