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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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Attentive readers Cozy Garasaki remember what I tried in my favorite BEAC to have a virtual card to it to make automatic payments (since the virtual map is theoretically harder to steal than real). Background: I fucked up his normal map. Probably just forgot it at the restaurant in an envelope with the delivery. And blocked. At the time, I thought that when I lock the card in BEAC, I'm blocked and all the money in it. It was a strong lesson. But I survived and coped. Started a new map. And at the same time applied to the virtual card. it Turned out that the savings Bank makes a virtual map of the WEEK, BITCH, FUCK. History: read My post a staff response to scratching the assholes at the top bloggers. And I immediately after the publication received a call...

Friends, let with some delay, to introduce you to the best apps for iPhones and androids - Sitemapper. This is absolutely brilliant (though slightly imperfect from the point of view of convenience and clarity) prog for routing from one point to another in a familiar or an unfamiliar city. - you just need to download and use. for Free. And incredibly.

People are really afraid of transparent entrances, so they zasrali brains mythical security metal doors. the Quintessence of phobias in one photo - all-glass entrance lobby and tightly to a wooden wall on a metal frame. You could fuck with the leg on the glass and break into the entrance! Aaaaaa! And capture concrete stairs! Or piss on the Elevator door! Or share needles in the stairwell on the third floor, where nobody sees! Or thump under the hatch on the roof on the 16th floor! But it's all right - the door is opaque, the enemies will come out. We will protect the on-door speakerphone, fuck! However, it is possible to wait until someone comes in or goes out of the house, but it's not so scary sounds. The main thing - to put up a barricade. at the same...

In a stunning archive of Thomas Hammond ( there was one photo which I saved for dessert. Filmed in the late 1950s. here's a poster making fun of Pyatigorskaya, V. L., born 1940, who works at the farm "Gravitas", and lives on the street Chkalov, 45, 12 sq. In the eyes he says "rock" and on the shirt - "made". And, in fact, a satire: Demba thin soul Leash sport VIN Mauger, Primate. Taqiy for the brand "made" in the United States Sell USA: i dad nd mother. By the way, a certain stratum of the Komsomol Fuckers in the Ukraine tradition under the pretext of patriotism to publicly call for violence is quite a still alive, only change the reasons: Little is known about the building of the gang "Gravitas". Accidentally it...

In Saudi Arabia in any restaurant has two zones - for families and for single men. In the family area a man can enter with children or wives. In the area for single men includes all sorts of workers and I. Zones for single women does not happen, bggg. If the restaurant is not very big, he has still two doors. And then the room divided by a wall into two parts. The wall rests directly in the rack. I left with lone workers. the Cashier gives the orders and others.

Search engines for many years taught people to the fact that the query need to ask without a question mark that does not coincide with the way people communicate with each other. Algorithms of the future will distinguish the questions ("where is the nearest hospital?") from declarative sentences ("the hospital Malaya Bronnaya"). the question about the sensitivity and intelligence of the algorithm. the Next level is not just to recognize the question mark as "?", and to understand that the sentence is a question. the Conditional Siri should be able to distinguish "tomorrow at 10:30" from "tomorrow at 10:30?" and give different answers - "is" or "Yes." Now on the market, no one shows. Still curious how different it able to understand the voice of today's...

Curious how people have arranged perception. Like, on the one hand, the main holiday - New year. And on the other gradually creeps up Christmas. Forbade both. But then allowed it, and then another. however, today, the New year is 2017. Like, it's the year of the birth of Christ. At the same time the number stands Santa Claus, the symbol is not very Orthodox. And trees at the edges of the characters are purely pagan. And on the left looms the logo - "a magical journey to Christmas". And on the right the logo "Christmas light". the idea, in a blue robe with a beard needs to be Jesus Christ, but in such a way shoot all designers and put all involved. to Eat popcorn and continue monitoring.

One Japanese 76-year-old grandfather didn't have money for photoshop. He began to draw that he was on the computer for free. All this is done in the program Microsoft Excel. In the table. Where accountants all over the world numbers are. this video about the process:

The Internet has no most of the knowledge that experts have in their heads. For them this post. In this post experts declare, what makes sense to them contact (for example: "Talk about PVC" or "Ask any questions about the difference between particleboard and MDF"). non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get a response from specialists (for example: "Why Mercedes no touchscreen?" or "Why have Subaru's in the doors make the top box?"). Experts, scholars, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all guests wander interest groups. It is a buffet.

In General, the entire series with trump and Putin funny: Why do we have a satire? Well, Federal channels will not allow censorship to take such. But why the Ukraine or the Baltic States will not remove something funny for us?

Few moments there was silence, then the panel on the front of the console slowly came to life. They blinked to sample lights, and immediately fold in wink with a businesslike pattern. A panel of communications issued a buzz. — Good morning, said Deep Thought at last. — Good morning, o Deep Thought, — said Lunkwill us nervously. — Did you find... uh... well... — the Answer to your question? kindly helped him a Deep Meditation. Yes, I've found. Programmers started shaking from impatience. Their expectation was not in vain! — the Answer exists? whispered Fuhg. — There is, — confirmed Deep Thought. — all? On the greatest question of Life, the Universe, and everything? — Yes. two scientists entire life preparing for this moment. Their whole life was a...

On 7 March this year our Studio will be a traditional expression of love and care to all girls in the Studio. And we have in the Moscow office about eighty. We have to give flowers, take in, get a massage, my hair, when all kladochka, sugaring, and whatever else girls like. Before the new year, we invited companies and people to the amusement of the whole Studio turned out very well ( This time the set is limited to eight participants. This means that everyone will receive more advertising (which will always be hanging on our website and in this blog), but also the choice is very biased. hanging out with the guests on New year's will not, and will be entertainment throughout the day (to work-that too is...

"Dirt in Ekaterinburg this year will be to study comprehensively, the administration has allocated 1.8 million rubles on research aimed to identify the sources of pollution." the Students recommend to study and savings two materials: Russian drist. the Maintenance of streets clean. What was known in 1912, which today is unknown in any Russian city.

For Many years Aeroflot aircraft arrives at the airport in new York to the same dock at a gate. the flight attendants And came up with fun - they mold the jet bridge wall stickers from the kit for business class "do not disturb" and "Wake me up for [food]" in a checkerboard pattern. Moreover, red stickers for many years had vicwest to complete illegibility, and the green is quite noticeable.

Today completed another farcical trial of Alexei Navalny. The judge read out instead of a new sentence the text of the old sentence. Including old words of witnesses, though this time they pronounced new words. In short, show. I guess the main thing is Alex will remain at liberty, but did not guess what the verdict will be guilty. As we were arguing with Alex for a bottle of red dry wine with me (and Ksenia Sobchak, Alexei a bottle of white :-). I put a Magnum (1.5 l) Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 winery Oleg Repin. This is the last wine poured into Crimea in the Ukraine. Now the winery bottles of Russian wine. (The pictures of Pinot Noir, right under the arms no, but it looks exactly the same.) Small historical digression. Any wine tastes better with a legend...