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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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From terminal E (where trains arrive) to terminal D drive electric cars. Drivers take 100 rubles in his pocket, so the business blossoms magnificent color. I wonder how much money goes to the airport authority for the fact that healthy men have the opportunity beeping all day at the unfortunate passengers who rented the electric car?

In this post - all the interesting VIDOS, klipeshnik and videos that have appeared lately, you are advised to look through. At the first level - only video. How to use the information in this post: put the laptop on the table at dinner, you go to post, click in a row on all the VIDOS and stick.

All the holidays - a product of a certain ideology or religion. Well, when the ideological load of the holiday is reduced to zero (the New year), it is bad when a holiday becomes a test of "friend or foe". this year, when the degree of universal insanity has reached unprecedented heights, we are releasing a poster on both the may festival (you know all the shops and restaurants are required to register their showcase to the public holidays?), which is amazing calmness, cheerfulness, neutrality and universality, but it underlines our equidistance from all politicians, priests and assholes. the Poster is intended for placement in our offices, stores and cafes in Moscow, Kiev and new York.

Russian people - the people of the winner. the Russian State Duma in the first reading a government bill on a total ban GMO Source: Deputati fearless fighters with bourgeois science, inspired by the divine blessing, was cast in granite his first word. Played an important role in lifting morale banners with the image of comrade Lysenko. it is known that in the rosy tomato from the garden Baba the film has no genes. And something we all grew up, got up on his feet. We don't need no genes in vegetables. Awosika planted and is growing a nice crop. Filthy capitalists wanted our land long-suffering Orthodox to defile his damn mutants, but we got all the people to protect, and the enemy can't pass. In the...

The Story about the trip - Novinka! Rooms, lofts, apartments and houses on the site Airbnb. And way hotter than heartier, much cheaper than hotels. to Rent a room or apartment to Tasmania for one, two, three, or thirty-three nights -

The Story about the trip - "Desyat thousands of years bird shits on Nauru, to get a rich Deposit of phosphates. Nourry blew phosphates for a couple of decades." Liked the story? Write on Novinka! Rooms, lofts, apartments and houses on the site Airbnb. And way hotter than heartier, much cheaper than hotels. to Rent a room or apartment in Moscow for one, two, three, or thirty-three nights -

One of the most brilliant folk crowd management techniques - implicit imperative, expressed in the form of a generalized personal suggestions and belonging to the group of illocutionary speech acts. Inexperienced janitor commands the flow of people: - Go left! ' who are you, so here they be? This is a definite loss and the emergence of a conflict situation. Experienced people always avoid the imperative and use generalized personal phrases, so as not to get in the fucking cunt: - Pass on the left! in fact, this shape makes the commander invisible, because in order to hear "I'm the same as you, just giving you the message". This is a secret weapon for personal protection in an aggressive environment. - Kaliningrad, posadočkoj pass! it is Clear that this is...

Artemiy Troitsky mixed by Artemy Lebedev 16:30. Museum center "worker and collective farm girl", prospect Mira, Moscow the Woman, who asked a question from the audience, took the journalist to a screeching halt. - Tell me, why the monorail line crosses the "red" thread? - asks the participant. - Because it's your Studio has developed subway map. Is Artemy Lebedev! - shouting from the audience. - Yes, it still wasn't me, " says Trinity. Maria Usoltseva Source:

What memories do you have about the USSR? What was good, what bad? What salary were you or your parents? Were you in the queue? Whether had access to the orders table? Have vouchers? Whether there was a car in the family? Was there a phone at home? do you Like what we have again the hymn as in the USSR? If you have not found the USSR, it is still interesting to know what you think about it.

* * * Advertising in the cozy Gigaset * text provided by the client * Publication generously paid * * * the Residential complex "Vershinino village is located in the mountainous area, right next, 2 minutes walk, metro station Nagornaya, which is considered to be the less busy Moscow metro station. The house and the entire infrastructure of the complex stands the company "Vedis Group", founded in 1991. They build fairly quickly, but the main and important thing very efficiently. the Entire residential complex "Vershinino village" includes four apartment buildings, a garage at 521 car, DOE elementary school classes, sports fields and playgrounds. At the moment, completely put the first LCD case, which have already moved and continue to move people. In April...

The Story about the trip - Novinka! Rooms, lofts, apartments and houses on the site Airbnb. And way hotter than heartier, much cheaper than hotels. to Rent a room or apartment In the Solomon Islands one, two, three, or thirty-three nights -

In this post, specialists declare, on what issues makes sense to refer to them (for example: "Answer the questions on Autonomous weather stations or Ask any questions about paleontology"). the non-experts ask questions, the answers to which cannot move to find in search engines, expecting to get an answer from experts (for example: "Delicious whether penguins?" or "How to safely pass the storm on the ship?"). Experts, experts, professionals, doctors, engineers, musicians, photographers, designers, architects, scientists, chemists, physicists, geologists, philologists, philosophers, Theosophists - all the guests disperse groups of interest. It's a buffet. P. S. the Comments on the first level links are erased. The link may only be in the response. The...

Was terrible, dull, oppressive, dusty, scary, unpleasant space under the stairs. Except that mops there store. A lamp hung in the rhythm of steps and beauty. Cozy, comfortable, private, private, attractive place. Show examples of how the shit you can make candy.

With today's prices on all international air tickets dropped by 10.4%. How to fly to any city? Drive in this form the name, you find the best bargains, fly. No need to go to any ticket office, it's fucking incredible anachronism. All have been happening without the participation of women intermediaries. If you lose the link to this post, remember permanent address: Po address working magic a search form. Magic, as they save money for anyone who uses them. If in the conventional system the poor man is looking for the expensive and very expensive hotels, in our forms search is carried out in dozens of systems. the Search is performed immediately on dozens of systems, Cass and booking services. Each purchase...

Status of many people leaves a mark, you get used to it. A teacher who is accustomed for the life, that everything is and always refer to him by name and patronymic, when meeting is "Mr. Jackson". Although his brother, say, he will forever remain the earrings. The same doctors, superiors, duovista, generals, etc. In today's post we desacralize statuses. Let's blow off all pompous, returned to the ground sobbing. The format is like this: take a well known and respected person and present it in an informal setting. Queen Victoria - Ministry of sound. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev - Dynasty. Patriarch Kirill - Kirill. Simplify great. Your move.