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How to get a life of your dreams.

How to get a life of your dreams. -

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In an ideal town should be: - the water (river, sea, lake), - the difference in terrain (hills, hills, mountains), - the old architecture (with better BC, but also of the XIX - beginning of XX centuries to come). Nalchik, Canberra or Vinnitsa equally despise. And Torzhok, Vologda and I like no less than Rome and Porto.

Filmstrip (Soviet comics) 1960 about the future (our year). it is Curious that the main factor is the ability of scientists to change the climate at the touch of a button. At the same time 50 years ago could not imagine that everyone will have their own newspaper and will not have to fight for a reversal of the whole crowd. Found otskanit and Sergey Pozdnyakov,

EPTA! Missed anniversary. the First post of the second round of the LJ published 22 December 2006. Thus we can assume that ten days ago, come the tenth anniversary Cozy Garasaki. (I also led LJ, year type 2000 and 2004 - precisely I do not remember. But it was only in the past.) Thank you readers for reminding me! For you try, the bunnies are mine.

In this post - all the interesting VIDOS, klipeshnik and videos that have appeared lately, you are advised to watch. At the first level - only video. How to use this post: put the laptop on the dinner table, walk into the post, clicking straight on all VIDOS and stick.

Quite often we come across solid, good, regular and nezaezzhennaya LJ. The more pleasant it was to find Blazek jescid , leading him from time immemorial. it Seems like the girl lives in England, but not without a pleasant basket of skepticism, analysts, attention to the news of the homeland, a good knowledge of English, a certain impartiality, polittechnological and just a pretty sober view of life. Well, for example: Or

Who is the most fair judge? Is there such a person? Or at least accurate to the court, state or country someone? keep hearing this corrupt, this biased, this Basmanny, this just a cunt. And who then normal, good, honest, fair judge? the Last time I heard good words about king Solomon, but it was 3000 years ago. And now there is, if not legendary, just to be honest - and the known - the judge?

New Magazines opened at the VDNKH Central alley, at the far pavilion on the right side of the main entrance. Weekdays open from 12:00 to 20:00, on weekends and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00. Cm. also in Addition to Studio items and editions in Magazines sells books on the history and architecture of ENEA and handmade goods created in the Building of Handicrafts, and Souvenirs of the exhibition. to Help Santa Claus in choosing a gift for the New year you can still all the rest of our own and partner stores from St. Petersburg to Odessa:

Every year in the Studio is new year's eve party. And every time the question arises: how is better to water, feed and entertain people? this year there were new, original and successful solution - you need to call those he wants us to water, feed and entertain. The result exceeded all expectations. Details, pictures, contacts and the names of the partners are promised eternal page on the website of the Studio: Recommend that those who have passed our selection, watered, fed and entertained us: Alcohol a Fort — wine Provin — wine Jean-Jacques — wine the Bread and wine — wine rust — sparkling , Submitter strong the 77 Brewery — beer Hotbox — beer Bezalkogol Fiuggi — water gas Baikal water Red bull — energy drink...

While I cook promised a big post with photos and details about the partners of our last Friday of the Christmas Studio party, sabiana to visit the beautiful Masha Plotnikova ( mplot ) threw their pictures. We work well and rest well, this idea.

Post that tactile markings are not wanted (, supported by those to whom the layout is intended. Among them, the editor of "Your Sobesednik" for deaf-blind Natalia Kremneva (she can't hear or see, but it reads cozy LJ and FB). In support of this magazine on the Planet held a fundraiser. As options for acquisition is now available among our products are:!post70487

We Have in the Studio opened a New kitchen. We now have more varied and tastier. to Try can those who are working or interning in the Studio (and special guests). Chefs work strictly without gloves, because it's more hygienic and tastier. And caps in normal kitchens never wear. chef Viktor Lobzin. Photographer: Igor Fadin.

To Make the ribs of the hood in the form of a logo, so in the cold season, the contours of the sign manifested. Nikita Davydov, 18.02.2016 a Us patent registered by the company Ford. THERMAL TRANSMISSION STRUCTURE FOR CREATING HEAT GENERATED GRAPHICS ON EXTERNAL VEHICLE PANELS United States Patent Application 20160361966 Publication Date: 12/15/2016 Assignee: Ford Global Technologies, LLC (Dearborn, MI, US)

In this post everyone looking for music, movies, books, etc. the Principle of the application is simple: in the kament need to specify that you are looking for. Other readers have the opportunity to respond to you, because someone always knows and remembers. Example: casefilm, where three men come to town, there are lost and looking for each other. Comedy. Huh? , etc. Seek and find.

In Ekaterinburg In one of the Khrushchev on the Sacco and Vanzetti put a big glass door. Looks fucking great. "...According to him, one tenant was very upset due to the fact that he was going to put a glass door that would break it. But then he admitted that he began every 20 minutes to look out the window and watch as a door. - there was an interesting effect, he began to think that his door. We have, as it happens, the comfort zone is limited to his apartment, and there in the entrance - still, everything is someone else's, and you spit, and take out the trash. And now his comfort zone was extended to the entrance. If she walks in and in the yard, then neighborhood, then city, then people will think that this is our city, and will stop littering, he...

One of the most senseless poebene in the world - tactile markings. I hate her from the first day it appears. This disease is sick Moscow and the whole of China, Japan and Australia. And I have never in my entire life have not seen a single person who would use tactile markings to the destination. Let's say, that a blind man fingered her wand. Therefore, in the winter this shit is: And no one complains, because simply no one is stupid.